W1GET-10 messages

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KD2NFC W1GET-10 01/07 08:36:48z Reply awesome thanks!{QY}06
W1GET-10 WXBOX 01/07 04:48:34z Send another weatehr query{07}
W1GET-10 KD2NFC 01/07 04:12:01z Send another I see your message.{06}
WXBOT W1GET-10 01/06 20:01:40z Reply d High 10F{NT}05
WXBOT W1GET-10 01/06 20:01:35z Reply 2 Miles NE Moosup CT. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,Col{NS}05
W1GET-10 WXBOT 01/06 20:01:31z Send another weather query{05}
WXBOT W1GET-10 01/06 19:56:55z Reply Error, unable to get a forecast for location 21.76783/78.87167{NR}04
W1GET-10 WXBOT 01/06 19:56:54z Send another test{04}NQ
W1GET-10 WXBOX 01/06 19:56:25z Send another Weather Query{03}
WXBOT W1GET-10 01/06 19:55:14z Reply Error, unable to get a forecast for location 21.76783/78.87167{NQ}02
W1GET-10 WXBOT 01/06 19:55:13z Send another test{02}
W1GET-10 WX1BOX 01/06 19:54:47z Send another test{01}