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W0SV-15 SWEEP-3 09/20 03:04:10z Send another YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL GO AWAY{IR}
W0SV-15 N0MQL-9 09/20 03:03:45z Send another GO AWAY{IQ}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-5 08/31 22:26:09z Send another It dadgun sure does... BRO!{IJ}
KU5MC-5 W0SV-15 08/31 22:25:45z Reply See if it works still.{2
N0ANC W0SV-15 08/29 20:23:00z Reply not seeing any RF activity yet. but looking good on server{51
W0SV-15 KU5MC-11 08/29 15:05:25z Send another Beaconing via APRS-IS, including in the background!{JA}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-11 08/29 15:05:13z Send another Beaconing via APRS-IS, including in the background!{IZ}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-11 08/29 15:03:30z Send another 3rd time...{IY}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-11 08/29 15:03:14z Send another testing...{IX}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-11 08/29 15:03:13z Send another COMING FROM THE CLUBHOUSE{IW}
N0ANC W0SV-15 08/27 16:42:32z Reply sexond test{46
N0ANC W0SV-15 08/27 16:42:20z Reply test{45
W0SV-15 KU5MC-9 08/26 21:30:11z Send another testing testing{IZ}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-9 08/26 21:07:39z Send another ONCE AGAIN, FROM W0SV{IY}
KU5MC-15 W0SV-15 08/26 20:51:16z Reply I GOT THAT QUICKER THAN ALL GET OUT{0C}XQ
W0SV-15 KU5MC-15 08/26 20:50:54z Send another FROM W0SV TO KU5MC{XQ}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-7 08/26 20:36:31z Send another from the clubhouse{XP}
W0SV-15 N0ANC 08/26 19:28:19z Send another Coolish.Couple of tweeks and I said a couple of prayers :){AL}
N0ANC W0SV-15 08/26 19:18:57z Reply Texting is working (is what i meant to say) {63
N0ANC W0SV-15 08/26 19:17:03z Reply i believe it's working. {61
W0SV-15 KU5MC-9 08/26 19:05:04z Send another from the clubhouse{AJ}
W0SV-15 KU5MC-2 08/26 19:00:08z Send another learn to spell{AI}
KU5MC-2 W0SV-15 08/26 18:59:44z Reply From moisture phone {1
N0ANC W0SV-15 08/24 00:59:09z Reply APRS Text message TEST{25
W0SV-15 KU5MC-9 07/31 15:26:40z Send another practicing{YA}
WHO-IS W0SV-15 07/31 15:21:40z Reply format is an invalid command!{44}XZ
W0SV-15 WHO-IS 07/31 15:21:40z Send another BGLKWX{XZ}
KC0TAF-15 W0SV-15 07/23 20:01:14z Reply Can you get messages?{M0001
W0SV-15 K9MP-9 07/21 23:07:16z Send another Jello{QT}