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KK0ECT-9 W0MBH-1 08/21 13:09:43z Reply howdy{10
KK0ECT-9 W0MBH-1 08/21 13:09:10z Reply i{9
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/16 16:23:08z Reply If you loose your head today, I may be able to help! {8
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/16 16:22:44z Reply I see you! {7
K7AVV-5 W0MBH-1 08/14 05:01:10z Reply howdy{1
W0MBH-1 K0LAI-9 08/13 17:41:13z Send another Hi Larry{ON}
W0MBH-1 KK0ECT-9 08/12 23:38:54z Send another Hi Eric{TY}
W0MBH-1 KK0ET-9 : 08/12 22:08:41z Send another i Eric{TX}
W0MBH-1 KK0ECT-9 08/12 22:08:37z Send another Hi Eric{TX}
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/11 21:09:31z Send another AWE GEE WHIZ YOU ARE NO FUN{LJ}
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/11 21:08:29z Reply I only look for intelligent looks, not heads. Sorry! {6
W0MBH-1 W0ORR-9 08/11 20:50:00z Send another ?APRSP
W0MBH-1 K1TJ-7 08/08 00:15:09z Send another Hi Tom{IY}
W0MBH-1 K0BAN 08/07 13:59:27z Send another Thats good. Have a good one.{KX}
K0BAN W0MBH-1 08/07 13:54:18z Reply thk MBH tok son to work{0
W0MBH-1 K0BAN 08/07 13:53:34z Send another Morning Phil. I see your kenwood works just fine{KW}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 18:07:41z Reply 73 for now!{22
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 18:06:55z Reply yeah it is on my todo list. i also have an igate{21
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 18:06:16z Send another I can let you go and chat agn l8r. 73 for now.{US}
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 18:04:53z Send another Hokay. Willis WA5VRL uses a D72 and compys. His works just great.{UR}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 18:03:56z Reply I will figure that out one of these days{20
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 18:00:29z Send another Awe gee whiz. Hokay Just wanted to ask. I use compys{UQ}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 17:58:57z Reply HT buttons. not fast to type{19
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 17:58:18z Send another R U using a computer with ur HT or H & P with the HT?{UP}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 17:55:17z Reply very good!{18
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 17:53:52z Send another Very quiet. Trying to decide lunch myself.{UO}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 17:52:36z Reply probably not. need to figure out lunch! hows your morning?{17
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 17:49:41z Send another At least. Thats good. going to get another?{UN}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 17:48:15z Reply one cup down! {16
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 17:46:16z Send another Saw u and wanted to hi. Had ur coffee this AM?{UM}
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 17:45:22z Reply good morning!{15
KO6RM-7 W0MBH-1 08/06 17:44:26z Reply Good{14
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/06 17:43:46z Send another Hi Jeremy{UL}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 20:25:04z Send another 970 988 9459{JJ}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 20:19:07z Send another i know u r home now. {JI}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 20:17:42z Send another sure do. when and where{JH}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 19:46:30z Reply i forgot my phone at home{05
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 19:42:05z Reply do you still want to visit?{04
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 19:33:36z Reply hey mike im off work{03
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/05 14:29:58z Send another 73{JG}
KB0JWR-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 14:28:46z Reply 73{38
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/05 14:28:03z Send another Drive carefull and see u when you get back{JF}
W0MBH-1 WA5VRL-1 08/05 14:03:59z Send another AAACCCKKK!!!!{JE}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 12:17:33z Reply i think were trimming in golden today{02
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 12:15:27z Send another Hokay Have a good day on the clock.{PE}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 12:15:17z Send another Morning. Had ur coffee yet{PD}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 12:12:10z Reply nope ill get some on the clock in about an hour{01
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 01:29:01z Send another NP at your convenience{DL}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 01:03:35z Send another Woirks for me{DK}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 01:02:05z Reply i have work at 0645{00
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 01:01:40z Send another breakfast at Golden Corral in the AM{DJ}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 01:00:33z Reply ill let u know{99
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 01:00:06z Send another 988 9459. and we can go from there. unless you may wanna do+{DI}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 00:59:20z Send another Hokay so lets plan for tomorrow some time good for you call me 970+{DH}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/05 00:57:58z Reply i am but need to run home to greeley to let the dogs out{98
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 00:46:05z Send another 970 988 9459{DG}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/05 00:43:56z Send another Hi are you off work now{DF}
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:11:06z Send another It sure is!{DE}
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/04 22:10:36z Reply THAT should be good enough. {5
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:09:58z Send another I do see yo now{DD}
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:09:06z Send another Now you showed up. Your symbol is a blue phone{DC}
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/04 22:09:03z Reply Now you should see me! {4
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 22:08:48z Reply ill let you know when i get off work theres a panera at centerra{97
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/04 22:07:51z Reply I don't have the GPS on right now, so Im in the ocean! :( {3
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:06:51z Send another Yes you are{DB}
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:05:42z Send another I have your location in the ocean off the coast of Africa{DA}
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:05:15z Send another position in correctly. Thats ok though{CZ}
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:04:59z Send another I'm using RF. I dont have you on my screen. You dont have your+{CY}
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/04 22:03:38z Reply Are you using the radio, or just the computer on the internet? {2
W0MBH-1 N7GES-5 08/04 22:02:00z Send another Nope and good stuff on getting this to work Kevin.{CX}
N7GES-5 W0MBH-1 08/04 22:01:10z Reply Good afternoon! Still haven't found it yet? {1
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/04 21:56:30z Send another I can see you on APRS{CW}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/04 21:56:18z Send another Works for me. Tell me where and time. Got new toys to show. D74{CV}
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/04 21:54:54z Send another meet at centeria someplace?{CU}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 21:53:32z Reply oh im in longmont right now. could do coffee tomorrow afternoon{95
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/04 21:50:32z Send another I can head that way in just a minite. Where to meet. or wanna+{CT}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 21:49:01z Reply sure im in greeley now{94
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/04 21:48:10z Send another It's going long time. Wanna get together for a cuppa some time{CS}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 21:46:58z Reply hey mike just leaving work in firestone. hows life?{93
W0MBH-1 W8XAL-9 08/04 21:44:22z Send another Greetings to you Dave and Wendy{CR}
W0MBH-1 K0LAI-9 08/04 21:43:21z Send another Hi Larry. Have a good weekend{CQ}
W0MBH-1 KO6RM-7 08/04 15:06:50z Send another Good Morning{CP}
KB0JWR-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 13:06:33z Reply 73{37
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/04 13:06:12z Send another 73{CO}
KB0JWR-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 13:05:23z Reply :] off 2 work{36
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/04 13:05:16z Send another rite and have a good day{CN}
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/04 13:01:41z Send another Have a good day though{CM}
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/04 13:01:06z Send another Terrible{CL}
KB0JWR-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 13:00:45z Reply wow{35
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/04 12:59:58z Send another I have to wait 30 min after morning meds to get coffee AACCKK!!{CK}
KB0JWR-9 W0MBH-1 08/04 12:58:53z Reply Morning Mike{34
W0MBH-1 KB0JWR-9 08/04 12:57:20z Send another Morning Matt{CJ}
W0MBH-1 WA5VRL-1 08/03 20:55:32z Send another hi d710{EM}EK
W0MBH-1 WA5VRL-1 08/03 20:55:24z Send another back on the 710 lemmie know{EL}EK
W0MBH-1 WA5VRL-1 08/03 20:55:13z Send another Hi{EK}EK
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH-1 08/03 19:58:34z Reply ACK{EK}EJ
W0MBH-1 WA5VRL-1 08/03 19:58:13z Send another Hi There{EJ}
W0MBH-1 WA5VRL-1 08/03 18:29:33z Send another hi{LW}
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH-1 08/03 14:24:07z Reply ^g{BM}HK
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH-1 08/03 14:23:07z Reply Can you get on 447.700?{BL}HK