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W0ARP W0MBH 09/10 20:04:57z Reply how's it going ?{MG}IZ
W0MBH W0ARP 09/10 19:45:26z Send another Hi Wayne{IZ}
W0MBH W :Hi Way 09/10 19:37:50z Send another e
W0MBH K0LAI-9 09/06 15:50:29z Send another Hi Larry{CU}
W0MBH W0DDZ-9 09/05 14:02:40z Send another Hi Dave{BE}
W0MBH W0ARP 09/01 11:27:10z Send another you are up early Wayne. This is before breakfast{KU}
W0MBH N7GES-5 08/31 20:15:12z Send another If darkness is overrated so is sleep{QS}
W0MBH N7GES-5 08/31 15:21:00z Send another HoKay. See you then{QR}
N7GES-5 W0MBH 08/31 15:20:33z Reply Just getting ready to hook up the RF system. Going to be awhile.{5
W0MBH N7GES-5 08/31 15:20:04z Send another Yes I can tell. {QQ}
N7GES-5 W0MBH 08/31 15:19:32z Reply Hi! Yes, I'm still through the internet also. {4
W0MBH N7GES-5 08/31 15:18:25z Send another Hi Kevin. This is through the inet{QP}
W0MBH K0BAN 08/29 12:23:12z Send another Hi Phil. Gimmie a call 970 988 9459 for coffee{AF}
W0MBH K0BAN 08/28 19:58:49z Send another when?{QM}
K0BAN W0MBH 08/28 17:04:44z Reply starbuck for coFFeeb{5
W0MBH WG0AT-7 08/28 16:44:47z Send another I love your callsign{QL}
W0MBH K0BAN 08/26 01:49:31z Send another When do you wanna go?{KH}
W0MBH K0BAN 08/26 01:46:54z Send another TTTTHHHHBBBBPPPP!!!!!{VW}
K0BAN W0MBH 08/26 01:46:34z Reply starbucks{4
W0MBH K0BAN 08/26 01:46:33z Send another Why{VV}
W0MBH K0BAN 08/26 01:45:51z Send another What Store{VU}
W0MBH K0BAN 08/26 01:43:13z Send another What Store{VT}
K0BAN W0MBH 08/26 01:42:28z Reply Mike Go to the sTore{3
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/24 22:30:01z Send another Gud PM Dave{NE}
W0MBH KB0JWR-9 08/24 14:34:33z Send another Good Luck Matt and 73{RZ}
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/24 12:43:45z Send another Morning Dave{RY}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/23 23:25:18z Send another I see that the METHOD digi now has a call sign on it.{NP}
W0MBH KK0ECT-9 08/23 18:18:17z Send another Hi Eric Saw your msg{NO}
KK0ECT-9 W0MBH 08/23 18:17:19z Reply eric{13
KK0ECT-9 W0MBH 08/23 18:16:14z Reply this{11
KK0ECT-9 W0MBH 08/23 18:16:02z Reply is{12
W0MBH W0ARP 08/23 14:06:58z Send another Morning Wayne. Had your coffee yet?{XZ}
W0MBH KK0ET-9 : 08/23 13:56:08z Send another reetings Jeremy{XY}
W0MBH KK0ECT-9 08/23 13:55:26z Send another Greetings Jeremy{XY}
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/22 22:51:53z Send another Take the rest of the day off{HX}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/22 13:06:41z Send another Have you had your coffee yet? I JUST got mine{MX}
W0MBH W0ARP-3 08/21 20:58:34z Send another Hi Wayne. Your messages finally came through{SC}
W0MBH W0MBH 08/21 20:30:53z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
W0MBH W0MBH 08/21 20:30:53z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
W0MBH W0MBH 08/21 20:30:53z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
W0MBH W0MBH 08/21 20:30:53z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
W0ARP W0MBH 08/21 18:01:57z Reply of these anymore.
W0ARP W0MBH 08/21 18:01:57z Reply operated my N0NHJ but I don't think he actually takes care of any+
W0ARP W0MBH 08/21 18:01:57z Reply it's Gating according to it's raw data. The comment indicates it's+
W0ARP W0MBH 08/21 18:01:57z Reply symbol. UI-View can do both but the Path sez it's a KPC-3+ and+
W0ARP W0MBH 08/21 18:01:57z Reply The Status sez Method is a UI-View I-Gate but the symbol is a Digi+
W0MBH WA5VRL-7 08/21 16:49:50z Send another Right{SB}JM
WA5VRL-7 W0MBH 08/21 16:22:12z Reply ALL QUIET UP HERE... Waiting for the exodus after the event...{JM}SA
W0MBH WA5VRL-7 08/21 15:43:25z Send another Gotcha{SA}
W0MBH W0DDZ-9 08/21 14:33:02z Send another Hi Dave. Are your wheels turning correctly?{RZ}
W0MBH KK0ECT-9 08/21 14:30:25z Send another Hi Eric{RY}
W0MBH KK0ET-9 : 08/21 13:09:51z Send another ck10
W0MBH KK0ET-9 : 08/21 13:09:19z Send another ck9
W8XAL-9 W0MBH 08/21 13:01:45z Reply we'll get together soon!{09
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/21 13:01:18z Send another works for me{RX}
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/21 12:58:44z Send another APRS works great etc. Wanna show you toys!!{RW}
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/21 12:58:19z Send another Wheeeee. I have one of those Kenwood D74 with my new laptop.+{RV}
W8XAL-9 W0MBH 08/21 12:56:38z Reply yeah sorry. been busy was listening to air band for greeley weld AP{08
W0MBH W8XAL-9 08/21 12:53:57z Send another I've missed seeing you{RU}
W0MBH KB0JWR-9 08/21 12:52:44z Send another On the way to work?{RT}
W0MBH KB0JWR-9 08/20 17:58:22z Send another Hi Matt. Whatcha doin? Monitoring 275{VM}
W0MBH METHOD 08/20 16:19:42z Send another What is your call sign?{VL}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/20 15:44:00z Send another Uses the same symbol that you do{VK}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/20 15:43:38z Send another south of Salida{VJ}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/20 15:43:08z Send another sign shown! It shows up just {VI}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/20 15:43:01z Send another Hi Wayne. Do you know who that "METHOD" is. There is no call+{VH}
KB0JWR-9 W0MBH 08/20 01:16:29z Reply Hi{39
W0MBH KB0JWR-9 08/20 01:16:10z Send another Welcome back{KY}
W0MBH KB0JWR-9 08/20 01:16:02z Send another Hi Matt{KX}
W0MBH K0PRB 08/19 12:57:40z Send another On Your Way?{KW}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/19 00:23:07z Send another Get your scripts ok?{HY}AG
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 20:09:15z Reply are you receiving this, your not acking
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 20:02:44z Send another digi up to me. Mormal for strange hops{HX}AG
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 20:02:31z Send another The WX near me AC0KA beacons WX info close to me and hops to N0AUX+{HW}AG
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 20:02:08z Send another The WX near me A0KA beacons WX info close to me and hops to N0AUX+{HW}AG
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 14:53:32z Send another beacon.see if it is clean please and let me know{HV}AG
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 14:52:42z Send another Hey Wayne I set the radio beacon to manual so it shouldnt+{HU}AG
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 13:10:15z Reply W0MBH>T0RTPV,WIDE2-2,qAR,W0UPS-10:'q]-/]= Looks like+{AH}HT
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 13:00:49z Send another don't know why.{HT}AG
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 13:00:39z Reply W0MBH>T0RTPV,WIDE2-2,qAR,W0UPS-10:'q]-/]= Looks like+{AH}HS
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 13:00:30z Send another I get several APRS bursts that are really long and round about and+{HS}AG
W0MBH W0ARP 08/18 12:59:40z Send another I finally got it figured out. Radio beacon is set to manual.{HR}AG
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 12:59:34z Reply W0MBH>T0RTPV,WIDE2-2,qAR,W0UPS-10:'q]-/]= Looks like+{AH}
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 12:58:30z Reply Radio beacon was at 17:41 2017-08-17 18:41:11 DT:+{AG}
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 12:58:18z Reply Radio beacon was at 17:41 2017-08-17 18:41:11 CDT:+{AG}
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 12:58:09z Reply sign is going so many hops ? Colorado can be challenging. last+{AF}
W0ARP W0MBH 08/18 12:56:53z Reply Sorry, been gone all day, dealing with other stuff, which call+{AE}
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH 08/18 01:23:46z Reply losing for tonite. Have a good simplex net. 73 for now.{AG}FW
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH 08/18 01:23:38z Reply Closing for tonite. Have a good simplex net. 73 for now.{AG}FW
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH 08/18 01:01:11z Reply Listening to ARES net. Have one announcement.{AF}FW
W0MBH WA5VRL-1 08/18 01:01:02z Send another Simple fix. Good{FW}AE
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH 08/18 01:00:23z Reply Good idea. WX beacon was TN reset. OK now... 73{AE}FV
WA5VRL-1 W0MBH 08/18 01:00:06z Reply Good idea. WX beacon was TNC reset. OK now... 73{AE}FV
W0MBH WA5VRL-1 08/18 00:59:55z Send another What happened to ur WX station. Power failure?{FV}
W0MBH WA5VRL-1 08/18 00:58:51z Send another Fixen dinner.{FU}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/17 20:17:06z Send another When you can, would you check and see how clean my beacons are?{LS}
W0MBH WA5VRL-1 08/17 17:09:55z Send another What Voices. The Babel monsters on 275{LR}
W0MBH W0ARP 08/17 16:52:58z Send another Question. Why do so many hops go so far to get to an individual?{LQ}
W0MBH K1TJ-9 08/17 16:27:31z Send another Hi Tom{LP}