VU3FUN-9 messages

fromtotime message
VU3FUN-9 VU2YEP 06/07 07:12:41z Send another test{3
VK4GO VU3FUN-9 06/05 06:02:25z Reply ?ver?
VK4GO VU3FUN-9 06/05 06:02:02z Reply ?ping?
VU3FUN-9 VU2YEP-2 06/04 05:45:18z Send another are you able to track me on APRS {10
VU2YEP VU3FUN-9 06/04 05:45:18z Reply AA:Thank you for your message, currently away from the Machine.
VU3FUN-9 VU2YEP 06/04 05:44:46z Send another hello are you able to see me? {2