VU2ZKC messages

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VU3DSJ-5 VU2ZKC 07/04 15:37:43z Reply Good morning. {4
VU3DSJ-5 VU2ZKC 07/03 05:06:08z Reply still stuck in khodiyar ?{3
VU3DSJ-5 VU2ZKC 07/03 04:42:07z Reply Hi Good morning. {2
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/27 13:44:04z Send another ok{17
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/27 13:41:13z Reply how are you zkc?{WJ}
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/27 13:22:02z Send another i am all good{16
VU2ZKC VU3DSJ-5 06/25 11:24:08z Send another thats good. enjoy the digital aspect of the hobby.{2
VU3DSJ-5 VU2ZKC 06/25 10:01:31z Reply Hi, Good afternoon. I have just received passcode today .{1
VU2ZKC VU3DSJ-5 06/25 09:24:06z Send another hi DSJ{1
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/25 04:44:45z Send another ok good night and wishes 73{15
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/25 04:44:45z Send another finally{14
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/25 04:44:45z Send another finally{13
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 16:52:45z Reply yes finally{PM}
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:24:48z Send another se u LTR{11
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:24:44z Reply ok bye dear
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:24:32z Send another ok{12
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:24:09z Send another copy{4
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:23:50z Reply ok bye dear jkk
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:23:34z Reply ok bye dear//
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:23:14z Send another ahmmm। I hope its working now, what you think? next is garbageh ufu{3
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:23:01z Send another bye for now{10
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:22:04z Send another any RX report there?{2
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:21:29z Send another hi{1
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:21:07z Reply ...
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:20:56z Send another ok{6
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:20:46z Send another क्या आपको यह दिख रहा है?{5
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:20:46z Reply fdgfdg fdgfdgf dgfdgfdghfd gfd gfdfgdfg
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:20:46z Reply yyiuyuiy uyuiy uyuiyi uyuiyui yiudfgd f fdfg dfgdfgdgfd fdf dfdg+
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:20:46z Reply 985899658856 hjhjh jh jhjkhjkh jkhjhfrtrt tr edf rtyru yuyt+
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:20:19z Send another ye sahi h{9
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:20:11z Reply 985899658856
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:19:51z Reply 9858996588
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:19:36z Send another Jio{8
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:18:45z Reply mujhe to h pt iokj
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:18:08z Reply mujhe to h
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:17:37z Reply 23
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:17:30z Reply 123
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:16:43z Reply a also
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:16:00z Reply i also think its good
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:15:04z Reply ok
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:14:58z Reply yes you are good
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:13:35z Send another any hope{3
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:08:45z Send another all good{2
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/23 15:00:19z Reply ok{XG}
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:00:10z Send another ok{9
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 15:00:02z Send another hi{10
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 14:58:55z Send another ki{4
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 14:58:46z Send another good{7
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 14:57:48z Send another hi{8
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 14:57:32z Send another do you copy my msg{3
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 14:57:26z Send another suno{6
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-10 06/23 14:56:23z Send another do you copy me?{2
VU2ZKC-9 VU2ZKC 06/22 16:20:38z Reply hi{5
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC 06/22 10:01:29z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC 06/22 10:01:29z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC 06/22 10:01:29z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC 06/22 10:01:29z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-9 06/22 09:47:45z Send another all good{XN}
VU2ZKC-9 VU2ZKC 06/22 09:44:48z Reply copy{6
VU2ZKC-9 VU2ZKC 06/22 09:30:49z Reply how do you copy{4
VU2ZKC-9 VU2ZKC 06/22 09:27:43z Reply hi tester{2
VU2ZKC-9 VU2ZKC 06/22 09:27:07z Reply hello test this is msg{3
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-9 06/22 09:26:49z Send another ok{JX}
VU2ZKC-9 VU2ZKC 06/22 09:03:05z Reply hi do you copy my signal?{1
VU2ZKC VU2ZKC-9 06/22 09:02:53z Send another hi{PW}
VU3NHK-7 VU2ZKC 06/20 15:01:21z Reply os{3
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/16 04:44:36z Reply hijkdd{4
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/16 04:44:29z Reply hello{3
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/16 04:44:07z Reply hello{2
VU2ZKC-10 VU2ZKC 06/16 04:42:39z Reply helo{1