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VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/19 21:21:22z Send another bye 73{47
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/19 21:21:04z Send another wx here yesterday top 35c{46
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/19 21:20:48z Reply Thanks, we'll try... 73{3
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/19 21:19:00z Send another ok have a nice day ..{45
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/19 21:18:34z Reply Cold, overcast , and about +8C... not very interesting{2
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/19 21:16:00z Send another ok Mate how is the WX now ?{44
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/19 21:15:18z Reply Driving to Launceston today{1
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/19 20:51:40z Send another What happen today ?{43
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/19 20:51:14z Send another GM Bruce{42
VK4GO VK4AA-10 10/19 04:36:00z Send another we can chat here Sam{41
VK4AA-10 VK4GO 10/19 00:15:57z Reply art please call sam 0429900700{1
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:31:14z Send another [AA] Sorry Im out the Radio room now !!{40
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:31:12z Reply OK{8
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:30:25z Reply cheers and 73{7
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:29:12z Send another was here today 35c{38
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:28:53z Send another Ok Bruce cul 73{37
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:27:53z Reply I use FBLite on my phone,no spam,no ads...{6
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:26:51z Send another I use FB all 15 years from the start{36
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:25:40z Send another to many spam and people what I not want !!!{35
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:24:12z Reply I don't have trouble with it{5
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:21:42z Send another FB{34
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:21:34z Send another FC is big shit !!{33
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:18:55z Reply What happened now???{4
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:17:14z Send another I deleted complete Facebook{32
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/18 05:16:35z Send another Hi wow !!{31
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:08:42z Reply I am in St Helens, its bloody cold and nearly snowing{3
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/18 05:07:40z Reply G'day Art...{2
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/17 21:51:09z Send another GM Bruce{30
VK4YM-6 VK4GO 10/17 20:29:27z Reply rej29
VK4GO VK4YM-6 10/17 20:29:22z Send another hello Mark{29
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/17 20:22:28z Send another test{28
VK4GO VK4VBU-3 10/17 20:21:07z Send another hi{27
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/14 22:19:12z Send another Hi copy me ?{26
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/14 20:25:57z Send another ?ping?
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/14 20:25:37z Send another GM Bruce{25
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/14 05:25:01z Send another I can see you now in Tassie{23
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/13 04:59:24z Send another I see you on the airport{22
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/13 04:59:09z Send another Hi Bruce{21
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/12 22:04:28z Send another ok Bruce{20
VK2EM-5 VK4GO 10/12 21:36:23z Reply On the bus to Newcastle then train to Sydney{1
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/12 21:26:40z Send another have a safe trip{19
VK4GO VK2EM-5 10/12 21:26:13z Send another hello GM {18
VK4GO VK2EM-15 10/12 21:20:05z Send another hi{16
VK4GO VK2EM-9 10/12 21:20:01z Send another test{17
VK4GO VK2EM-9 10/12 21:19:38z Send another hi{15
VK4GO DU8BRS 10/10 04:30:53z Send another hi{14
VK4GO VK4ZTG-5 10/07 20:41:40z Send another how are you there ?{13
VK4GO VK4ZTG-5 10/07 20:41:22z Send another hi Terry{12
VK4GO VK8NSB 10/07 03:27:48z Send another Hi Stui{11
VK4GO HS4SCY-1 10/05 00:29:23z Send another hello{10
VK4GO HS4ROI-1 10/04 21:12:06z Send another hello Nut copy me ??{09
VK4GO HS4ROI-1 10/04 21:11:41z Send another hi{08
VK4GO HS4MJX-5 10/04 19:36:59z Send another hi{07
VK4GO HS4POQ-1 10/04 19:36:29z Send another test{06
VK4GO VK8JG-15 10/04 04:16:02z Send another hi{05
VK4GO HS4MJX-5 10/03 05:42:50z Send another hello copy me ?{04
VK4GO HS4MJX-5 10/03 05:42:40z Send another hi{03
VK4GO VK2DVZ 10/02 21:06:36z Send another Hello Ross{02
VK4GO DU8BRS 10/02 04:13:24z Send another hi Eric copy me ?{01
VK4GO DV3KLT 10/02 04:11:19z Send another hi{00
VK4GO VK4RDL-3 10/01 22:47:19z Send another hi{99
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:43:38z Send another ok bye{98
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/30 20:43:29z Reply I have to go jogging back after 1 hour {32
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:43:19z Send another same like you and me{97
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:43:07z Send another yes but they using also PI-Star{96
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/30 20:42:37z Reply maybe on the mmdvm board{31
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:42:31z Send another I have no clue how they get this frm MMDM board ?{95
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:41:40z Send another I try to find out how and way the icon is Earthquake{94
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/30 20:40:52z Reply yes{30
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:40:13z Send another do see now Luzon DMR sttions ?{93
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/30 20:39:49z Reply yes{29
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:39:23z Send another Do copy my filter settings ?{92
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/30 20:38:58z Reply go mate{28
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 20:37:38z Send another gm mate{91
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/30 04:39:13z Send another hi copy me now ok ?{90
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:49:26z Send another 73 Cul bye I go to fix my Lawn Mower {89
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:48:24z Send another ok good{88
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:48:09z Reply I see it mate thanks{25
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:47:31z Reply opening my yahoo{24
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:47:00z Send another you can use my filter settings{87
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:46:41z Send another you got it ?{86
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:46:28z Reply ok mate thanks{23
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:46:15z Send another see you inbox email now{85
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:46:03z Send another I just send you a email{84
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:45:55z Reply yes{22
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:45:42z Send another do you copy me here ?{83
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:34:01z Send another no stations answer my 5153 CQ CQ{82
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:32:35z Send another I am now on 5153 DMR{81
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:32:13z Send another wow nice{80
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:31:40z Reply ok somebody from vk give us dr-1x repeater{21
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:31:11z Send another ok 5153 it try later{79
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:30:36z Send another is on a CD with it{78
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:30:21z Send another it need the special drivers for it{77
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:30:04z Reply yes and tg 5153{20
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:29:34z Send another what is the most best talkgroup 5151 maybe ???{76
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:29:11z Reply if I have the wires-x HRI-200 do you know how to set up it{19
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:28:23z Send another I try to tell them but still the same{75
DU8BRS VK4GO 09/29 22:27:52z Reply yes {18
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:27:21z Send another I think they using the wrong icon{74
VK4GO DU8BRS 09/29 22:26:57z Send another many have a earthquake beacon icon on{73