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VK4GO VK7DIK 09/19 20:16:47z Send another hi{59
VK4GO ZL1ZLD 09/18 21:46:21z Send another hi{58
ZL1ZLD VK4GO 09/18 21:46:01z Reply Path - VK4GO>APU25N,TCPIP*
VK4GO ZL1ZLD 09/18 21:45:59z Send another ?APRST
VK4GO VU2IB 09/18 21:21:29z Send another ok it fine{57
VU2IB VK4GO 09/18 21:21:06z Reply AA:Thank you for your message, currently away from the Machine.
VU2IB VK4GO 09/18 21:20:47z Reply 2020/05/01 21:21: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 0.0/0.2%
VK4GO VU2IB 09/18 21:20:35z Send another hello{56
VK4GO VK4AB-13 09/14 21:01:36z Send another test{55
VK4GO ZL2AJ 09/08 23:46:37z Send another hello{54
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 06:24:13z Reply That radio look nice. {35
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:36:49z Send another cul 73{53
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:36:38z Send another ok{52
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 05:35:41z Reply sold my DMR gear, was not interested {34
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 05:34:53z Reply No, will have a look {33
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:34:46z Send another Kydera 300{51
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:34:30z Send another Search the net{50
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:34:12z Send another see the new DMR radio{49
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 05:34:12z Reply My shack is really looking great now{32
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:33:57z Send another wow !!{48
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 05:33:10z Reply Now have FTDX101D and IC9700 {31
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 05:32:55z Reply what u up to {30
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 05:32:21z Send another ok {47
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 05:31:25z Reply Just playing DX {29
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/29 03:26:38z Send another hello{46
VK8NSB VK4GO 08/29 01:35:13z Reply Morning Art , Good, & U ?{28
VK4ZZ VK4GO 08/28 20:53:54z Reply UI-View32 V2.03 - http://www.UI-View.com
VK4GO VK4ZZ 08/28 20:53:54z Send another ?ver?
VK4GO VK4ZZ 08/28 20:53:37z Send another GM Gavin{45
VK4GO VK4ZZ 08/28 20:53:17z Send another hi{44
VK4GO VK8NSB 08/28 20:50:17z Send another GM Stu how are you ?{43
VK4GO KL7SRK 08/27 21:49:14z Send another hello{42
VK4GO KL7JHR-10 08/27 21:48:15z Send another Hi from Australia{41
VK4GO KL7JHR-10 08/27 21:47:55z Send another hoi{40
VK4GO KL7AA-15 08/27 21:45:11z Send another hi{39
VK4GO DU6KRS 08/27 04:02:49z Send another test{38
VK4GO TF3AO-13 08/25 22:20:42z Send another hoi{37
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/25 21:51:15z Send another hi{36
VK4GO TF3GS 08/25 05:58:38z Send another hello om{35
VK4GO TF3GS 08/25 05:58:22z Send another hi{34
VK4GO VK4YA-5 08/23 23:37:54z Send another hi{33
VK4GO DU8AYB-10 08/23 04:38:39z Send another hi{32
VK4GO 9Z4RG-1 08/17 21:21:25z Send another hi{31
VK4GO DU8AYB-10 08/17 04:06:55z Send another hello copy me ?{30
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 08/16 22:03:00z Send another hi{29
VK4GO DU6XZ-N 08/16 20:48:18z Send another hi{28
VK4GO DU8BRS 08/16 05:32:12z Send another great Mate{27
VK4GO DU8BRS 08/16 05:31:58z Send another [AA] Sorry Im out the Radio room now !!{26
DU8BRS VK4GO 08/16 05:31:57z Reply yes{22
VK4GO DU8BRS 08/16 05:31:08z Send another copy ok here{25
VK4GO DU1UGZ 08/15 22:43:31z Send another my name is Art in Australia{24
VK4GO DU1UGZ 08/15 22:41:52z Send another how are you ?{23
VK4GO DU1UGZ 08/15 22:41:38z Send another hi{22
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/15 22:37:40z Send another hi paul{21
VK4GO VK8JG 08/15 22:36:42z Send another hi{20
VK4GO VK3REB-1 08/14 21:06:54z Send another hi{19
VK4GO VK4ZPK-1 08/13 22:19:02z Send another hi{18
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/09 03:48:09z Send another 73 cul{17
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/09 03:47:31z Send another hello paul{16
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/09 03:47:08z Send another hi{15
VK4GO VK8ZKZ 08/08 23:36:55z Send another hoi kaz{14
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/07 22:14:59z Send another hi{13
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/07 21:01:41z Send another gm paul{12
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/07 01:48:54z Send another [AA] Sorry Im out the Radio room now !!{11
VK4FNTH VK4GO 08/07 01:48:51z Reply I was away from the radio. {3
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/07 00:57:54z Send another Copy me Paul ?{10
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/07 00:57:33z Send another hii{09
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/06 21:56:33z Send another [AA] Sorry Im out the Radio room now !!{08
VK4FNTH VK4GO 08/06 21:56:32z Reply cool. just had a quick internet search. looks like a nice Radio.{2
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/06 21:35:10z Send another mini size{07
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/06 21:34:26z Send another Kydera model 300{06
VK4FNTH VK4GO 08/06 21:31:49z Reply good morning. what make and model?{1
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/06 21:22:28z Send another I order a new DMR radio{05
VK4GO VK4FNTH 08/06 21:21:57z Send another gm{04
VK4GO VK4EA-9 08/05 23:35:14z Send another hi{03
VK4GO VK4AIM 08/05 21:55:07z Send another hello{02
VK4GO VK4EA-9 08/05 20:38:22z Send another hi{01
VK4GO VK4ZZ 08/03 21:52:26z Send another GM Gavin{00
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 06:49:49z Send another test{99
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 06:48:54z Send another copy now{98
VK4GO VK4EA-5 08/02 06:47:55z Send another hi{97
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 04:33:39z Send another yes i see it{96
VK4EA-4 VK4GO 08/02 04:28:42z Reply stopped now at camp, can you see my mobile - VK4EA-9?{784B6
VK4EA-4 VK4GO 08/02 04:28:08z Reply driving{ECB4C
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 04:14:42z Send another hi{95
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 03:43:40z Send another hi{94
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 03:41:41z Send another copy me ?{93
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 03:39:58z Send another using here UI-View software'{92
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 03:39:35z Send another Name is Art iin Atherton{91
VK4EA-4 VK4GO 08/02 03:39:15z Reply gidday{BA289
VK4GO VK4EA-4 08/02 03:38:59z Send another hello {90
VK4GO VK8ZKZ 08/01 21:55:43z Send another hello{89
VK4GO DU1UGZ 08/01 21:21:43z Send another test{88
VK4GO DW3EBG-10 08/01 21:16:20z Send another GM from Australia{87
DU9HKD-5 VK4GO 08/01 05:34:33z Reply hi' am good' am alive' am very healthy{5
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 08/01 04:21:52z Send another how are you{86
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 08/01 04:21:37z Send another hi{85
VK4GO DU1UGZ 08/01 04:05:21z Send another how are you ?{84
VK4GO DU1UGZ 08/01 04:05:09z Send another hi{83
VK4GO VK4ZZ 07/31 21:29:48z Send another GM Gavin{82