VK3TBN-9 messages

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DF1CHB-3 VK3TBN-9 03/31 12:01:43z Reply PONG! ;-){BV}
DF1CHB-3 VK3TBN-9 03/31 09:02:17z Reply ?PING?{BT}
F4ACU-7 VK3TBN-9 03/29 21:56:48z Reply Time to go to bed. Have nice day with kids. 73{67
F4ACU-7 VK3TBN-9 03/29 21:45:55z Reply ?APRS{66
VK3TBN-9 F4ACU-7 03/29 21:43:36z Send another u too mon ami ! {1
F4ACU-7 VK3TBN-9 03/29 21:33:25z Reply Good luck :){65
VK3TBN-9 F4ACU-7 03/29 21:27:23z Send another wife has gone left me with kids :< {0
F4ACU-7 VK3TBN-9 03/29 21:26:58z Reply Are u going for walk ?{64
F4ACU-7 VK3TBN-9 03/29 08:34:15z Reply 73 Pete{62
VK3TBN-9 F1MHV-9 03/27 08:27:54z Send another u there? {0
QRZ VK3TBN-9 03/16 08:55:43z Reply No Matches Found for VK3TBN{VI}
ISS VK3TBN-9 03/16 08:54:06z Reply AOS 12h10m (2059z) NE^6{VH}
VK3TBN-9 QRZ 03/16 08:49:28z Send another VK3TBN{3
VK3TBN-9 ISS 03/16 08:49:28z Send another ?{0
ISS VK3TBN-9 03/16 08:49:17z Reply AOS 12h11m (2059z) NE^6{VG}