VK3FUR-15 messages

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VK3FUR-15 VK5QI-7 08/07 04:18:05z Send another Btw you can send messages to this when the car is moving{5
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/06 00:05:14z Send another 89c5b012 eggs lost in transit so far: 4{67
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/05 23:44:37z Send another 89c5b012 💦:✅, 🍔:✅, ⛽:✅, 🔋:✅{66
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/05 23:32:21z Send another 9a1d0389 leaving lake aerodrome today{65
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/05 23:01:49z Send another 89c5b012 mew mew mew{64
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/05 07:03:20z Send another 9a1d0389 still alive{62
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/04 03:03:53z Send another 9a1d0389 probably camp at well 6 tonight{58
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/04 03:03:36z Send another 89c5b012 probably camp at well 6 tonight{57
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/03 09:20:24z Send another 89c5b012 at well 4a. Will camp here tonight{56
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/03 09:19:59z Send another 9a1d0389 at well 4a. Will camp here tonight{55
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/03 03:30:26z Send another 89c5b012 not sure where we will camp tonight{54
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/03 03:29:15z Send another 9a1d0389 Well 2 visited, onwards to Well 2A{51
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/03 03:28:42z Send another 9a1d0389 not sure where we will camp tonight{53
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/02 07:03:53z Send another 89c5b012 listening on 14.317 again{50
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/02 07:03:39z Send another 89c5b012 was trying winlink on 30m so had 30m aprs disabled{49
VK3TBN-4 VK3FUR-15 08/01 10:46:27z Reply Hello?{8A3E0
VK3TBN-4 VK3FUR-15 08/01 05:55:53z Reply How is your trip going?{03BF5
VK3FUR-15 VK3FUR-3 08/01 02:39:07z Send another Test {2
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/01 01:24:01z Send another 9a1d0389 waffles have been had. Onwards to Norseman{48
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 08/01 01:23:16z Send another 89c5b012 waffles have been had. Onwards to Norseman{47
VK3TBN-4 VK3FUR-15 08/01 00:21:20z Reply How is the trip going? Your making good time!{05642
EMAIL VK3FUR-15 07/31 09:04:07z Reply Email sent to vk5qi@rfhead.net{25
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 07/31 09:02:46z Send another 89c5b012 @here mew{46
VK3FUR-15 EMAIL 07/31 09:02:06z Send another vk5qi@rfhead.net this is probably easier{6
VK3TBN-4 VK3FUR-15 07/31 08:45:06z Reply You have made good time, how was the Nullarbor Plains?{9EBAC
VK3TBN-4 VK3FUR-15 07/31 08:22:02z Reply Hey how is the trip going?{56170
VK3FUR-15 VK5DW-15 07/31 04:08:51z Send another Hai!{1
VK3FUR-15 VK8MT-15 07/31 03:12:42z Send another Hello!{1
VK5QI VK3FUR-15 07/30 01:03:15z Reply ?APRSP
VK5QI VK3FUR-15 07/30 01:02:12z Reply testing using aprsis32
VK5QI VK3FUR-15 07/30 01:02:04z Reply testing using aprsis32{CE}
VK5QI VK3FUR-15 07/30 01:01:59z Reply test
VK5QI-7 VK3FUR-15 07/30 00:45:37z Reply Test using direwolf{2
VK5QI-7 VK3FUR-15 07/30 00:14:50z Reply Test via 30m aprs{1
vk3fur-15 DISCRD 07/02 04:52:13z Reply 89c5b012 meow meow meow{03}
vk3fur-15 DISCRD 07/02 04:52:07z Reply 89c5b012 meow meow meow{02}
VK2BSD-5 VK3FUR-15 07/01 04:47:33z Reply boop{D3892
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 07/01 04:33:23z Send another 89c5b012 listening on 7045LSB{26
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 07/01 04:29:43z Send another 89c5b012 no phone reception on the beach XD{25
DISCRD VK3FUR-15 07/01 02:44:28z Reply [ZL4KYH-15:89c5b012] mow mow
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 07/01 02:17:50z Send another 89c5b012 rawr{24
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 06/18 06:53:49z Send another 89c5b012 lost cell again{23
DISCRD VK3FUR-15 06/18 06:38:03z Reply [ZL4KYH-1:89c5b012] dirty car!
VK2GPU-10 VK3FUR-15 06/17 03:14:38z Reply Hope the drive is going well!{2
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 06/12 00:31:19z Send another 89c5b012 mew{22
VK3FUR-15 DISCRD 06/11 22:12:30z Send another 89c5b012 oops forgot to set -15{21
VK2GPU-10 VK3FUR-15 06/11 05:16:01z Reply Hope the drive is going well!{1
ZL4KYH-5 VK3FUR-15 06/11 02:18:04z Reply Mow mow! How is trip?{1