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VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 01/01 04:45:50z Reply Ah, a car park well-covered by my igate. Happy home improvement!{5A584
VK3AT-2 VK2VRO-15 01/01 04:43:05z Send another Hi from bunnings{51
VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 01/01 04:37:16z Reply Hi from Healesville{FE45D
VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 12/28 03:49:20z Reply Hello mobile Bradley!{7896F
VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 12/27 01:52:21z Reply Must be in range of a TXing igate now{4F2A8
VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 12/27 01:52:14z Reply Just started getting ACKs from you :D{1068D
VK2VRO-7 VK3AT-2 12/27 01:49:11z Reply How copy?{45
VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 12/27 01:46:29z Reply Back in business I think!{42550
VK2VRO-15 VK3AT-2 12/27 01:37:19z Reply Back in business I think!{6C144