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VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/19 15:47:25z Reply good morning Nick{58
VE7NCD-4 VE7NCD 05/15 01:06:15z Reply Sup?{18B78
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 05/14 02:51:57z Send another have a good one Tak! 73!{3
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/14 02:42:32z Reply gonna grab dinner. 73s Nick{57
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/14 02:40:55z Reply that rain shower was quite sudden{56
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 05/14 02:39:28z Send another water in my headset, we're wet but enzo is having a good time!{2
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/14 02:35:15z Reply much clearer audio now{55
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/14 02:27:31z Reply hey Nick at QE PARK{54
CF7UCK-9 VE7NCD 05/14 02:09:58z Reply yeah right{09
VE7NCD CF7UCK-9 05/14 02:09:31z Send another 0% chance of rain, the forcast said{1
CF7UCK-9 VE7NCD 05/14 02:07:04z Reply yeah, damp on the field!{08
VE7NCD CF7UCK-9 05/14 02:05:04z Send another evening hiro! its a little damp on the field!{0
N1SU-9 VE7NCD 05/13 02:25:47z Reply Gee, I wish we had one of them doomsday machines.
VE7NCD VA7FC 05/12 23:00:40z Send another OH SHIT RED ALERT! mag 6.6 EQ in the solomon islands 2253z{0
NR0Q-5 VE7NCD 05/12 20:15:41z Reply so that might not go through,maybe this will :D{2
NR0Q-5 VE7NCD 05/12 20:01:23z Reply 😁{1
VE7NCD VA7FC 05/12 20:00:21z Send another Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!{1
VE7NCD VA7FC 05/12 19:36:17z Send another dear soldier thanks for keeping us safe god bless{0
VE7NCD VA7FC 05/12 06:19:56z Send another test{0
VA7FC VE7NCD 05/11 20:08:34z Reply test{04
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/05 03:10:45z Reply you too Nick{53
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 05/05 03:10:34z Send another have a good night Tak!{1
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/05 03:10:16z Reply oh yeah. just noticed the rain now{52
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 05/05 03:07:49z Send another nice evening for ball & radio. starting to rain, time to bail!{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/05 03:02:23z Reply nice evening for QE park{51
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 05/04 01:04:10z Send another steveston never disappoints :){1
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/04 00:35:20z Reply very good Nick and you?{50
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 05/04 00:26:48z Send another heya how ru Tak?{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 05/04 00:06:44z Reply good Sunday afternoon{49
VE7NCD CF7UCK-9 05/02 03:15:24z Send another evening hiro!{1
VE7NCD VA7UCK-9 05/02 03:07:59z Send another hope ur having a good one!{0
VA7UCK-9 VE7NCD 05/01 02:02:57z Reply howdy nick{07
VE7NCD VA7UCK-9 05/01 01:57:36z Send another howdy hiro!{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/27 02:44:02z Reply I was at Iona beach yesterday.very nice sunset{48
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 04/27 02:42:03z Send another hi Tak! nice evening in steveston! have a good one!{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/27 02:18:53z Reply good evening Nick in Richmond{47
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 04/23 03:31:35z Send another ha we doubled! no luck hearing you on simplex.{2
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/23 03:25:34z Reply things good. I went to QE few times and met Hiroshi{46
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 04/23 03:24:09z Send another how are thing in Marpole? made it to QE park on Monday.{1
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/23 03:21:19z Reply likewise Nick{45
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 04/23 03:20:32z Send another evening tak! good to hear you on the air!{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/23 03:19:27z Reply hey there Nick{44
VE7NCD VE7PMD-9 04/22 22:00:41z Send another chasing shoey's boat by car? have a good one!{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/22 01:53:20z Reply hello{43
VE7NCD VA7CQ-9 04/18 04:02:48z Send another have a nice night! 73, Nick.{1
VE7NCD VE7NV-8 04/18 03:13:38z Send another evening Tak!{0
VE7NV-8 VE7NCD 04/15 02:20:53z Reply good evening Nick{42