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VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 18:09:33z Reply way overdue for some warm-weather{16
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:29:22z Send another getting warmer as we go N.{14
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:28:40z Send another rgr. gettong{13
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 17:28:13z Reply probably wet and heavy :({15
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:27:45z Send another maybe snow too :({12
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 17:26:56z Reply warming up for the weekend{14
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:26:22z Send another rgr getting close now. still cold!{11
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 17:24:27z Reply Homeward bound{13
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/03 20:49:17z Reply Flashback Diner.....good food?{12
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:07:22z Reply rr{11
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/02 00:07:08z Send another rgr.. gotta chow down. cul.{10
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:06:11z Reply nice winter day for a change{10
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/02 00:05:47z Send another rgr almost perfect. looks not bad @ home..{9
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:04:36z Reply looks like you're having really nice weather down there{9
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/02 00:04:12z Send another hi from boca rotan!{8
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:02:59z Reply good evening Gord{8
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/01 23:56:59z Send another Gd eeevening Dale{7
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 22:11:17z Reply Good afternoon Gord{7
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:25:22z Reply rr{6
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:25:17z Send another hdg 4 bkfst cul!{6
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:25:17z Reply a couple more days of cold weather{5
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:24:34z Send another sunny here too high and 30.{5
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:23:52z Send another ,not too bad then..{4
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:23:49z Reply mostly clear skys{4
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:23:17z Reply -14 here this morning{3
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:22:40z Send another gm Dale 22 deg c this am.. {3
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:03:56z Reply Good morning Gord{2
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 02/27 15:38:57z Send another waiting 4 plane.. loads of fun{6
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 02/27 14:08:35z Send another GM Jack nice wx at gfk so far..{5
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/03 15:43:54z Reply ?ping?{1