VE4DRC-9 messages

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VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 07/26 14:47:00z Reply Was planning to do some spraying today, too muddy now.{07
VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 07/26 14:46:28z Reply Rgr nice break for the summer time..{06
VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 07/26 14:29:41z Reply Nice morning though for sure..{05
VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 07/26 14:27:30z Reply Catching up on some pprwrk..{04
VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 07/26 13:50:30z Reply GM Dale, some rain last night..{03
VE4DRC-9 VE4GLS 07/09 15:26:14z Send another rr{2j}70
VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 07/03 23:16:13z Reply Good evening.. pizza time on the prairies..{70
VE4DRC-9 VE4GLS 07/03 22:49:28z Send another test message{2i}66
VE4GLS VE4DRC-9 06/26 13:32:04z Reply Guess dale is at the lake today? :){66