VE4DRC-14 messages

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VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/21 14:59:13z Reply Rgr.. catch u in a bit..{16
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/21 14:57:00z Send another ok sounds good{86
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/21 14:56:37z Reply Think we're good for 9:45ish..{15
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/21 14:56:07z Send another rr{85
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/21 14:55:35z Reply Rgr! Think paula wants to come so she can wash the "tank"..{14
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/21 14:54:37z Send another Looks like a java morning{84
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/21 14:53:09z Send another just cloudy here{83
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/21 14:51:55z Reply GM Dale, bit foggy...{13
VE4GLS-10 VE4DRC-14 01/14 16:24:17z Reply good morning Dale{1
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-10 01/14 16:23:49z Send another test message{1
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/14 15:24:13z Reply catch u in a bit..{05
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/14 15:23:56z Send another ok{82
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/14 15:23:12z Reply Likely 10:15ish agn, will chk the neighbours en-route..{04
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/14 15:22:32z Send another time?{81
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/14 15:22:24z Send another yes sir{80
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/14 15:21:32z Reply Abt the same here. maybe an inch. Good day for Java...{03
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/14 15:20:52z Send another Looks like an inch or so here{79
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/14 15:20:15z Reply GM Dale, nice snowy day!{02
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/14 15:19:55z Send another Good am Gord{78
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/07 15:13:22z Send another Sounds good{77
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/07 15:12:40z Reply Thinking eta maybe 10:20ish..{88
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 01/07 15:12:07z Reply GM Dale.. Can do java, but hv to chk neighbours place first..{87
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 01/07 15:06:46z Send another Good am Gord{76
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:29:11z Reply C U in a bit..{80
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:28:56z Send another rr{75
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:28:42z Reply Looks like we r good for java... 10 should work fine..{79
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:27:15z Send another ok{74
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:27:07z Send another no problem{73
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:27:07z Reply I'll see wehat the boss says...{78
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:26:46z Reply maybe a bit cold to go for jave though..{77
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:26:39z Send another r u good for 10:00ish{72
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:25:46z Reply Tank is plugged in.. tacoma is inside it'll start..{76
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:24:48z Send another I guess no java :({71
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:24:06z Reply Have to do that with the gmc truck too, otherwise kills battery..{75
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:22:54z Reply No was new last winter. Should hv disconnected it. {74
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:22:09z Send another oh oh. battery must have been old{70
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:21:10z Reply Went to start the car yesterday, battery froze solid... :({73
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:20:29z Send another it's to be expected this time of year{69
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:19:42z Reply Rgr on that! Oh well, the cold makes us tougher!{72
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:18:51z Send another wish we were in Fla{68
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:18:37z Send another Home{67
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:18:25z Reply R U at home or in Florida? :){71
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:17:06z Reply -33.4 here. 15km wind. SHould be good ice on river now..{70
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:15:50z Send another yes sir. temp at home -31{66
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:15:03z Reply Yep.. bit of a chill in the air. Think we're at -45 windchill..{69
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:14:04z Send another just a little frosty{65
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/30 14:13:31z Reply GM Dale, nice cool morning.. :){68
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/30 14:12:42z Send another Good morning Gord{64
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:59:35z Send another rr{63
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/17 14:59:10z Reply Rgr. Will catch u in a bit @ Chickenland :){36
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:58:39z Send another sounds good{62
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/17 14:58:31z Reply Thinking 9:45ish?{35
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:57:56z Send another rr{61
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/17 14:57:49z Reply Rgr. Paula wants to go this am too.{34
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:57:34z Send another Good morning for java{60
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/17 14:57:34z Reply Nice to see what blue sky looks like again...{33
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/17 14:57:00z Reply Rgr -8 here sunny too!{32
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:56:45z Send another near 0 and sunny{59
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:56:25z Send another Looks it's going to be a nice day{58
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/17 14:55:29z Reply GM Dale slept in this am hi hi!{30
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/17 14:54:19z Send another Good morning Gord{57
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:18:00z Reply catch u in a bit..{24
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:17:48z Send another ok{56
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:17:45z Reply 9:50ish should work..{23
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:17:05z Reply Guess she wants to bake. (better if I am away for a bit) :){22
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:16:21z Send another 10-4{55
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:15:55z Reply Brb, checking with Paula..{21
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:15:27z Send another yes sir{54
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:15:01z Reply Yes, but soon improving.. Java time on the prairies?{20
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:14:20z Send another yup she's a little low in the horizon{53
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:13:21z Reply Guess that's ok. Not much sunshine these days even when clear..{19
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:12:37z Send another and sunny for tuesday{52
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:12:09z Reply Rgr, maybe the doom = 5cm snow forcast! :){18
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:11:36z Send another gloom and doom{51
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/10 15:11:00z Reply GM Dale another grey day looks like...{17
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/10 15:05:15z Send another Good morning Gord{50
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/03 15:12:22z Reply C U in a bit..{00
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/03 15:10:44z Send another rr{49
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/03 15:10:11z Reply Rgr java would be just fine! :) 9:45?{99
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/03 15:08:33z Send another Good morning for java{48
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/03 15:07:10z Reply Rgr, but downhill later this eve, frz rn...{98
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/03 15:06:12z Send another Looks like it's going to be a nice day{47
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 12/03 15:03:30z Reply GM Dale u might hv to do some flying this am!{97
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 12/03 15:02:22z Send another Good morning Gord{46
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 11/26 15:13:44z Send another Good am Gord{45