VE4DRC-14 messages

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VE4DRC-14 VE4HZ-9 10/21 14:48:32z Send another ?ping?{1
VE4DRC-14 VE4MHZ-9 10/21 14:13:37z Send another ?ping{1
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/21 13:25:28z Reply C U then.. {97
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/21 13:25:11z Send another rr{26
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/21 13:25:02z Reply Looks like 9:30 works.{96
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/21 13:23:45z Reply Rgr it sure is.. will see what the Boss says.. :){95
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/21 13:22:46z Send another good morning for java{25
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/21 13:22:21z Reply Rgr might get field wrk done this week...{94
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/21 13:21:59z Send another Forecast looks good{24
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/21 13:21:02z Reply GM Dale! Another clear sky day.. bit frosty though..{93
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/21 13:20:36z Send another nice sunny morning {23
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/21 13:20:21z Send another Good morning Gord{22
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/14 13:45:59z Send another :){21
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/14 13:45:39z Reply See u in an hour.. :){88
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/14 13:45:00z Send another rr{20
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/14 13:44:27z Reply 9:45ish?{87
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/14 13:36:27z Send another Roger that{19
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 10/14 13:36:08z Reply GM Dale.. Think it's almost java time on the prairies!{86
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 10/14 13:35:43z Send another Good morning Gord{18
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/30 13:48:32z Send another rr{17
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/30 13:47:16z Reply Will take the -5 and meet Paula there.. c u there..{78
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/30 13:41:46z Reply :) Rgr..{77
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/30 13:41:36z Reply 9:30 ish?{76
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/30 13:41:27z Send another 9:30ish{16
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/30 13:40:48z Reply Paula had to wrk, should be done by 9 or so I think..{75
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/30 13:40:03z Send another rr{15
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/30 13:32:58z Reply GM Dale.. Java time on the prairies?{74
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 14:20:05z Send another rr{14
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/23 14:18:28z Reply hdg out shortly, hz-9 mbl. c u @ 10.{66
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:47:55z Send another rr{13
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/23 12:47:41z Reply C U then..{65
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:46:58z Send another sounds good{12
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/23 12:46:38z Reply Maybe 10ish..{64
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:44:25z Send another time?{11
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:44:11z Send another java sounds good{10
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/23 12:43:06z Reply Rgr that! Might hv 2 do java ltr? Likely not lake wx 2day!{63
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:41:41z Send another hopefully not for another month{9
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/23 12:37:59z Reply No snow here, but only 2c never know..{62
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:37:43z Send another way to early{8
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/23 12:37:24z Send another GM Gord. Yes it does. We had a little mixed snow last night{7
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/23 12:30:29z Reply GM Dale feels like winter here before fall...{61
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 09/13 01:21:26z Reply Path - VE4DRC-14>APDR14,TCPIP*
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 09/13 01:21:24z Send another ?ping?{6