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VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-9 03/17 14:32:07z Send another Have to install that big knife option for the truck this morning {1
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/17 13:29:24z Reply catchb u in a bit!{58
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/17 13:27:34z Send another ok sounds good{74
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/17 13:27:16z Reply 9:15 should work for us..{57
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/17 13:25:53z Send another What time works for you{73
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/17 13:25:01z Send another Roger that{72
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/17 13:24:43z Reply So much for VFR.. Guess it's java time..{56
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/17 13:24:12z Send another Spoke to soon. Fog just rolled in{71
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/17 13:24:10z Reply Guess that's acceptable. At least wind is light this am..{55
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/17 13:23:32z Send another Heading to near 1 above{70
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/17 13:22:51z Reply GM Dale yes sure is, -10 though.. {54
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/17 13:22:15z Send another nice bright and sunny morning{69
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:50:02z Reply C U in a bit..{53
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:49:18z Reply oops that wasn't for aprs hi hi..{52
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:48:50z Reply 68.1.150{51
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/10 13:48:48z Send another rr{68
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:48:25z Reply 9:30 should work.. {50
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/10 13:45:38z Send another what time works for you{67
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/10 13:43:24z Send another rr{66
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:43:00z Reply Javaa time o the prairies?{49
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:41:57z Reply Feels like we r back in FL except when we look outside! :){48
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/10 13:38:55z Send another Feels like we lost an hour of sleep{65
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/10 13:38:09z Reply GM Dale seems early!{47
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/10 13:35:12z Send another Good morning Gord {64
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/09 20:33:35z Send another 😎{63
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/09 20:33:26z Send another long overdue for these temperatures{62
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 03/09 20:32:34z Reply Yes not much snow here.. -2c is noce though..{46
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 03/09 20:15:18z Send another looks like that snow just missed us{61
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 18:09:33z Send another way overdue for some warm-weather{16
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:29:22z Reply getting warmer as we go N.{14
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:28:40z Reply rgr. gettong{13
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 17:28:13z Send another probably wet and heavy :({15
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:27:45z Reply maybe snow too :({12
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 17:26:56z Send another warming up for the weekend{14
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/07 17:26:22z Reply rgr getting close now. still cold!{11
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/07 17:24:27z Send another Homeward bound{13
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/03 20:49:17z Send another Flashback Diner.....good food?{12
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:07:23z Send another rr{11
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/02 00:07:08z Reply rgr.. gotta chow down. cul.{10
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:06:11z Send another nice winter day for a change{10
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/02 00:05:49z Reply rgr almost perfect. looks not bad @ home..{9
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:04:39z Send another looks like you're having really nice weather down there{9
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/02 00:04:12z Reply hi from boca rotan!{8
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 03/02 00:02:59z Send another good evening Gord{8
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 03/01 23:56:59z Reply Gd eeevening Dale{7
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 22:11:17z Send another Good afternoon Gord{7
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:25:22z Send another rr{6
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:25:17z Reply hdg 4 bkfst cul!{6
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:25:17z Send another a couple more days of cold weather{5
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:24:34z Reply sunny here too high and 30.{5
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:23:52z Reply ,not too bad then..{4
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:23:49z Send another mostly clear skys{4
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:23:17z Send another -14 here this morning{3
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC-14 02/28 12:22:40z Reply gm Dale 22 deg c this am.. {3
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS-5 02/28 12:03:56z Send another Good morning Gord{2
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:30:28z Reply Think they connect via cell tower..{44
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 15:22:10z Send another are they all wifi cams{60
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:18:50z Reply Notice most hydro-program solar arrays, same problem..{43
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:13:48z Reply next trip to town! :){42
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:13:40z Reply Yes solar panel is covered with snow. No pwr. Hv to bring broom{41
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 15:06:08z Send another Looks like Morris cam has been down since jan 29{59
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:05:06z Reply Yes it's well sheltered there now lots of trees to the N and W.{40
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:04:27z Reply Hv one cam pointed SW can see nearby yard trees but just barely.{39
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 15:04:26z Send another looks like low level drifting{58
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 15:04:01z Send another just checked out the hwy 75 & hwy 305 webcam{57
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 15:02:38z Send another just blowing around here{56
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 15:02:21z Send another same here. snow stopped an hour ago. {55
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 15:00:26z Reply think it stopped snowing here vis bit better in the yard.{38
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 14:59:07z Send another lol{54
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 14:58:12z Reply Need to brush up on my spelling.. back to grade school!{37
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 14:54:48z Reply Yes so far. Likely hdg out that mosning..{36
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 14:53:49z Send another weather forecast looks good for Wednesday {53
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 14:53:31z Reply Believe so if wx is good. Might be tuesday if wx an issue..{35
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 14:52:53z Send another you guys headed south on Wednesday {52
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 14:49:59z Reply Highway 75 closed so I guess no java this am..{34
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 14:49:48z Send another Just checking out the "bin cam"{51
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 14:49:23z Send another rgr that{50
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 14:47:42z Reply Rgr.. good time to so south..{33
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/24 14:47:16z Send another Good morning Gord. A couple nice days and back to deep freeze{49
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/24 14:45:53z Reply GM Dale, nice morning for a blizzard..{32
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:56:05z Send another rr{48
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/17 14:55:32z Reply See u in a bit..{07
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:54:07z Send another sounds good{47
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/17 14:53:51z Reply 9:50 think would work..{06
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:53:13z Send another time?{46
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/17 14:52:54z Reply Rgr chickenland?{05
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:52:35z Send another yes sir{45
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/17 14:50:47z Reply Temps seem stable for next 2 weeks.. but that could be erronious..{04
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:50:28z Send another But a good java morning{44
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:44:58z Send another Nice and sunny. Just need a few degrees warmer{43
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/17 14:42:52z Reply GM Dale nice morning!{02
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/17 14:35:09z Send another Good morning Gord {42
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/10 14:55:26z Send another rr{41
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/10 14:54:27z Reply c u in a bit..{95
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/10 14:54:20z Reply Cross - platform comms this am :){94
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/10 14:53:47z Reply 9"45 should work.. time to let the truck warm up..{93
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/10 14:52:21z Send another time?{40
VE4DRC-14 VE4GLS 02/10 14:51:10z Send another Good morning for coffee{39
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/10 14:50:18z Reply Paula is up so guess we could do java..{92
VE4GLS VE4DRC-14 02/10 14:50:15z Reply Rgr.. looking forward, but might snow too... {91