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VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:39:41z Send another 👍{305
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:39:26z Reply Need it for monitoring marine channels during floods..{50
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:39:02z Reply Doesn't tune 2m ham band very well but works fine at 156MHz{49
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:38:03z Send another tune{304
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:37:51z Send another did you turn it up for 2 m{303
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:36:59z Reply Yes, like 7ft long whip. looks like never used.{48
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:36:00z Send another vhf?{302
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:34:56z Reply Picked up a nice marine antena at hamfest, works great!{47
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:34:24z Reply Rgr we were too far away to really tell how severe they might be.{46
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:26:29z Send another and Hecla{301
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:26:00z Send another looks like Riverton might have got to hit hard{300
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:25:36z Send another probably just missed us by three or four miles{299
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:23:05z Reply Good yo umisseed it!{45
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:22:50z Reply We could see the puffy clouds coming back from Austin..{44
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/14 14:21:34z Send another Not too bad. Missed all the bad stuff yesterday {298
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/14 14:20:22z Reply Good AM Dale nice weather up north?{42
VE4DRC VE4GLS-5 08/07 14:27:42z Send another good morning from the Arnes Farmers Market{24
VE4GLS-5 VE4DRC 08/07 14:26:48z Reply Gd Morning from Chickenland{1
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 13:41:40z Send another rr{297
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 13:41:15z Reply Heading out now.. {40
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 13:16:31z Send another rr{296
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 13:16:22z Reply Rgr. have a couple phone calls then chk into net then good to go.{39
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 13:15:48z Send another 9ish sure{295
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 13:15:24z Reply Sounds good, usual time?{38
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 13:15:14z Send another yes sir{294
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 13:14:52z Reply Java time on the prairies?{37
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 13:14:18z Send another no sir{293
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 13:14:05z Reply U hdg to the lake today?{36
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 13:10:38z Send another rr{292
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 12:55:24z Reply Drizzly this am here.. good day for java..{35
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:48:01z Send another 73{291
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:47:57z Send another rr{290
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:47:23z Reply tomorrow..{34
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:47:20z Reply Oh well.. likely saves some gas etc. Getting late maybe catch u{33
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:32:40z Send another not yet....been using the wife's car to go to the lake{289
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:31:16z Reply New wheels must almost be ready for first oil change?{32
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:28:10z Send another :){288
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:27:16z Reply Got it in early July, a mini-split. Works very well.{31
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:27:00z Send another Window unit or mini split{287
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:26:33z Send another Did you just add the AC unit{286
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:24:19z Reply Cool in the shack now with the AC going!{30
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:24:00z Send another rr{285
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:23:41z Reply Rgr, they keep getting it in that line...{29
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:20:56z Send another Looks like they got it bad at Winnipeg beach- Netly creek{284
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:19:36z Reply Lucky.. Looked like a bad one.{28
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/03 02:18:30z Send another just missed us{283
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/03 02:16:25z Reply Did u get a storm at ur northern locale?{27
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/02 23:05:44z Send another lol{282
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/02 20:49:08z Reply Oops... may have seen that on the news. Bet he got a raise!{26
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/02 20:09:44z Send another A local RM hoe operator smacked our standpipe.{281
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/02 20:08:33z Send another We made the news last week. A sewage spill up at spruce sands. {280
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/02 19:20:59z Reply We haven't had a lot of rain, just rains every day..{25
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/02 18:37:53z Send another haven't had any rain in the last 2 days here in town{279
VE4DRC VE4GLS 08/02 18:37:34z Send another good afternoon Gord {278
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/02 13:26:36z Reply GM Dale, nice morning.. Wet here rained overnight..{24
VE4GLS VE4DRC 08/01 21:50:31z Reply Gd afternoon Dale.. Just got bnack from a train ride..{22
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/29 13:57:39z Reply Found u, almost at the beach!{19
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/29 13:54:11z Reply Haven't checked the map u up north?{18
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/29 13:53:52z Reply GM Dale yes beautiful morning, lots of dew..{17
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/29 13:38:18z Send another :){277
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/29 13:38:12z Send another feels like a normal summer morning {276
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/29 13:37:36z Send another Good morning Gord{275
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/28 14:51:24z Send another gloomy here too{274
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/28 14:51:10z Send another Good morning Gord{273
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/28 12:48:54z Reply Seems to be affecting my spelling..{16
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/28 12:48:17z Reply GTM Dale, another greay morning here..{15
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 15:21:13z Send another rr{272
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/26 15:21:06z Reply CUL!{11
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/26 15:20:59z Reply Delivering bales at 11am have a truck load to go out..{10
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/26 15:16:22z Reply Rgr. Quite different from last year!{09
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 15:16:04z Send another the last 3 months {271
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 15:15:51z Send another I don't think there's been a week that's gone by Without Rain in th{270
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/26 15:14:31z Reply Rgr, 20.1mm here. yard is quite wet/mucky.{08
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 14:49:05z Send another we had about 10 mils overnight{269
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 14:45:54z Send another got to like these nice moderate temperatures{268
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 14:30:42z Send another yes sir...just heading out for my walk{267
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/26 14:27:06z Send another Gm Gord..same here{266
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/26 13:20:42z Reply Almost an inch of rain here last night..{02
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:08:47z Send another rr{265
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:08:41z Reply CUL!{01
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:08:20z Reply Can do bkfst one day if u are around town..{00
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:08:02z Send another rr{264
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:07:51z Reply Sounds like Paula wants to go for bkfst.. Guess I'll hv to run.{99
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:07:30z Reply All good! {98
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:07:01z Send another and in the color I wanted{263
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:06:51z Send another they had three identical Tacoma SR5{262
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:06:21z Reply Lucky they had one in stock.. maybe ppl are canceling orders?{97
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:05:03z Send another pick this one up in Portage la Prairie{261
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:04:48z Send another it was hard to find one{260
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:03:57z Reply Have to check it out one of these days.. Looks good!{96
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:03:32z Send another yes 2022{259
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:02:54z Reply I don't see an antenna on it though...{95
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:02:22z Reply Cool! Brand new?{94
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:02:05z Send another SR5{258
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:00:38z Reply Guess I read ur mind on that one! Good stuff. What model?{93
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:00:18z Send another I sent you a text{257
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 14:00:10z Send another also I pick myself up a little truck{256
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 14:00:08z Reply Did u get another vehicle?{92
VE4GLS VE4DRC 07/24 13:58:43z Reply I'm sure you'll be getting used to it... ;){91
VE4DRC VE4GLS 07/24 13:58:08z Send another yep still feels like a holiday{255