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VE4GLS VE4DDW 02/20 04:37:15z Reply Ouch! Hope u r ok!{27
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/20 03:57:44z Send another Surgery next week and could take 6 weeks recovery{65
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/20 03:47:32z Send another 444.725 T3A{64
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/20 03:46:23z Send another VE4SCU running on my home vertical{63
VE4GLS VE4DDW 02/10 14:34:32z Reply Rgr that's for sure!{89
VE4GLS VE4DDW 02/08 12:32:38z Reply That's the fellow in St Pierre? Awsome!{88
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/08 02:56:31z Send another Setup a sked on 52 tonight from Niverville and have him S3 here{60
VE4DDW VE4SMA-3 02/08 02:55:11z Send another ?APRST
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/08 02:55:03z Send another Got him his 1st contact{62
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/08 02:53:58z Send another from his HT in the house{61
VE4DDW VE4GLS 02/08 02:52:28z Send another Been chatting with VA4SRK via email{59
VE4DDW VE4BCN-1 01/24 00:48:08z Send another ?APRSS