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VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/14 01:27:45z Reply uhf.{29
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/14 01:25:07z Send another ok digital Vhf?{16
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/14 01:24:52z Reply can get digital if you like. might take a minute or so..{28
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/14 01:24:25z Send another hope shes ok. Voice somewhere?{15
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/14 01:24:07z Reply Rgr hi Jack had to go to Winterpeg to check on Paula's Mom..{27
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/14 01:23:44z Send another Busy people!{14
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/14 01:23:37z Send another I saw that you were up is usu sunday coffee place and then Wpg.{13
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/13 23:22:24z Reply city..{23
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/13 23:22:17z Reply Hi Jack been a busy wknd hr.. wasn't sure when we wud get back frm{22
VE4AOD VE4MHZ-14 01/12 04:39:08z Send another It's dark out there!{12
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/10 12:20:21z Send another GM JD. What u working on today?{11
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/05 15:13:16z Reply Gd morning.. nice day for fishing..{09
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 16:39:56z Send another Guten Morgen herr Gord. How u today?{10
VE4AOD VE4CWF 01/01 16:29:40z Send another Happy New Year to you and yours Chris.{09
VE4CWF VE4AOD 01/01 16:08:47z Reply GM Jack. Happy New Year.{37
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/01 15:59:20z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,VE4SMA-3*
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/01 15:59:19z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 15:59:18z Send another ?APRST
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 05:00:29z Send another qsl nighty night{08
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/28 04:52:48z Reply Going horizontal catch u tomorrow!{03
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 04:40:02z Send another after all the snowblowing today and more for tomorrow yes I agree!{07
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/28 04:25:56z Reply Guess we have a winter this year... complete with snow...{02
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 04:25:16z Send another I am a sooth sayer progosticator and a predictor of future events.{06
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 04:25:00z Send another more shovelling in the future...{05
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 04:24:48z Send another very{04
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/28 04:08:32z Reply Bit windy out there though..{01
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/28 04:08:01z Reply Yes good eeevening..{00
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 04:07:10z Send another Gooooood eveningk!{03
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/28 02:38:34z Reply Gd eeevening Jack!{97
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/28 00:47:02z Send another test 1{02
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/26 03:24:41z Send another Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!{01
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:21:48z Send another cheers!{00
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/24 16:21:31z Reply Rgr might make the drive interesting! Cheers!{91
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:20:49z Send another a hot toddie minus the honey lemon and heat. That works.{99
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:20:05z Send another all at the same time...bonus!{98
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:19:59z Send another could be useful.{97
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:19:50z Send another a lawn tractor works too. Of course if she used a snowthrower she{96
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/24 16:19:27z Reply Rgr enjoy the java catch u later!{90
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/24 16:19:21z Reply :) Also have a snowmobile as an option...{89
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/24 16:19:12z Reply She is vegging in the basment right now..{88
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:18:45z Send another time for java..Talk ltr..{95
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:17:57z Send another take a vehicle with the heater on. Thats just me though..{94
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:17:47z Send another running is not good for a bad cold. Tell her to either walk or{93
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/24 16:17:07z Reply 2day.{87
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:16:53z Send another oh oh. Sorry to hear that..{92
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/24 16:16:35z Reply Rgr think paula has to run to Morris for meds.. has a bad cold{86
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:14:16z Send another went out early to do groc shopping. Zooooo!{91
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/24 16:13:00z Send another Guten morgen JD.{90
VE4AOD VE4MHZ-14 12/24 00:53:17z Send another Howdy!{89
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/23 04:20:45z Send another know..{88
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/23 04:20:36z Send another because my HF antenna was being silly at 20m and 10m. Why I dont{87
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/23 04:19:46z Send another yup. Was outside for part of the day saying bad words{86
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/22 23:22:53z Reply GE Jack nice wintery Christmassy day...{78
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/22 20:59:20z Reply Roads open drive with care.
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/22 20:59:13z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,MB2*
VE4AOD VE4CP-9 12/22 20:58:34z Send another Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!{85
VE4MHZ-14 VE4AOD 12/16 17:10:06z Reply Sorry I'm driving! CUL!
VE4AOD VE4MHZ-14 12/16 17:09:58z Send another Gooooooood morning!{84
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/16 16:42:07z Send another it's a good day for tender vittles!{83
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/15 22:50:13z Send another yup.{82
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/15 20:23:23z Reply Hi Jack u mean the 145.19 repeater?{71
VE4AOD VE4CRK-9 12/15 20:18:01z Send another Have a safe trip!{81
VE4AOD VE4CRK-9 12/15 20:17:24z Send another Hv a safe trip!{80
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/15 20:16:02z Send another howdy. The Winkler repeater right beside me is working right now.{79
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/14 02:02:05z Send another yup!{78
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/14 01:58:54z Reply Rgr almost like fall... :){70
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/14 01:05:46z Send another supp to be quite warm the next two days!{77
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/12 13:52:59z Send another yup a good time for java talk ltr toodlee doo{76
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/12 13:35:58z Reply GM Jack nice and foggy this am. {69
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/12 12:04:12z Send another help.{75
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/12 12:04:05z Send another AND used at pfahls home health care in winkler who may be able to{74
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/12 12:03:49z Send another gm jd. good luck searching for wh chair. pls consider checking new{73
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/11 02:17:25z Send another and of course a calibration to each too! Then it works jusssst fine{72
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/11 02:17:10z Send another assign a proper com part to EACH analyzer with the same program{71
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/11 02:16:57z Send another Maybe if a fellow would do that he would realize that he has to{70
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/11 02:16:34z Send another It always helps to RTFM!{69
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/10 23:50:31z Send another It always helps before saying bad words and turning the air blue to{67
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/10 02:33:01z Send another yes I do. Supp to meet gerry on 146.52{66
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/09 22:54:39z Reply Should see it now..{68
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/09 22:49:54z Send another beauty.{65
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/09 22:47:22z Reply test{67
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/09 22:00:12z Reply Rgr antenna done now net time..{66
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/09 20:23:05z Send another So what is Gord doing today? Done with antenna wiring?{64
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/02 00:50:05z Reply Rgr not the place to be when that happens..{57
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/01 22:12:28z Send another Saw the video and pics. Roads just sorta swallow vehicles..{63
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/01 22:12:04z Send another shudder the thought. Yes I heard about Alaska's.{62
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/01 20:05:54z Reply GA Jacques.. Another nice day except for the earthquakes..{56
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/30 16:11:56z Reply Sorry I missed ur call. Shouod be in and out of the shack..{55
VE4MHZ-14 VE4AOD 11/29 21:59:16z Reply APU25N
VE4AOD VE4GLS 11/29 18:21:37z Send another Snowy snowy snowy and expect poss of freezing drizzle. {61
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/29 18:15:49z Reply Hdg ur way after stop in Emerson this pm. Hws rds ur way?{53
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/26 16:53:13z Reply Stopping in Morris first though..{52
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/26 16:52:28z Reply Hi Jack will be hdg out shortly. Taking the 1/2 ton..{51
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/20 15:36:17z Reply What's up in Vinklerstadt 2day?{45
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/20 15:35:36z Reply OS comes on a DVD... :({44
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/20 15:35:08z Reply Thought I had a spare but guess what...{43
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/20 15:34:58z Reply GM FJ.. Need a sata optical drive for new computter config..{42
VE4GLS-9 VE4AOD 11/20 02:23:33z Reply APU25N,VE4SMA-3*,MB2
VE4AOD VE4GLS 11/18 19:48:39z Send another GA JD. What u up to today?{60
VE4GLS VE4AOD 11/17 04:46:56z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,VE4SMA-3,VE4BCN-1*