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VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/22 02:14:27z Send another Which radio is GLS-5?{82
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 01/21 21:52:56z Reply hi Jack just a test.{2
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/21 21:34:47z Reply Rgr.. Breakfast for lunch.. can't say no to that! :){19
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/21 21:31:28z Send another Exc acks!{81
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/21 21:31:14z Send another Ok well ruth has decided to whip (me) up an omelette!{80
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/21 19:57:22z Reply Likely visiting Mom at 4, should be open after 5..{18
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/21 19:57:05z Reply Gd after noon Jack.. Not sure what's going on later..{17
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/21 19:54:53z Send another so whats for supper tnite gord?{79
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/21 00:26:19z Reply Just got back from winterpeg... Survived..{12
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:37:32z Send another prob get slapped..{78
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:36:38z Send another I m gonna go upstairs to wisit the wife for awhile.{77
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:36:12z Send another My guess is u r outisde hard at work.{76
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:35:30z Send another So whats in the feedbag for tonight?{75
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:34:10z Send another Whats new is Morrisville?{74
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:33:58z Send another Quixk acks!{73
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 20:33:45z Send another no too diddlee bad!{72
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/20 18:41:57z Reply Gd afternoon Jack... Nice day in Vinklerastadt?{11
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/20 18:40:59z Send another test test test{71
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/18 04:54:19z Reply Should be good to go..{10
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/18 04:23:37z Send another test{70
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/18 04:22:00z Reply Gd evening jack looks like both the horizontal & vertical are{08
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/18 04:21:07z Send another wanna digi voice?{69
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/18 04:20:55z Reply working FB! :){09
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/18 04:20:28z Send another I live in the twilight zone...{68
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/18 04:20:10z Send another howdy sir{67
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/18 03:33:08z Send another we control the vertical. {66
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/18 03:28:22z Send another This is a test. It is only a test. We control the horizonatal and{65
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/16 18:42:28z Send another ping a ling a ling a ling{64
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/16 18:40:13z Reply Pingalingaling..{07
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/16 18:39:26z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,TCPIP,VA4CQD,VE4GIL-3,WIDE1,WIDE2-1*
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/16 18:39:21z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/16 16:33:41z Reply local server at
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/16 16:33:38z Send another ?APRSS
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/16 16:32:56z Send another ?APRST
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/16 16:31:42z Send another GM JD. Lots of stations on the map using diff antenna. Must be the{61
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 01/16 13:24:38z Reply gm fj!{1
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 20:54:17z Send another test{60
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 20:20:21z Send another test{59
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 20:19:51z Send another test{58
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 19:51:33z Send another test{57
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 19:50:48z Send another test{56
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 15:42:09z Send another One day it will get warmer!{51
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/15 15:38:02z Send another GM JD.{50
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/12 17:25:58z Reply thawing-out now...{01
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/12 17:23:46z Reply Rgr, was out blowing snow with the walk-behind.. requiring some{00
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/12 17:08:25z Send another yup. just got bk from getting groceries. a bit chilly..{49
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/12 14:19:29z Reply GM FJ, another crunchy morning once again...{99
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/11 18:09:18z Send another dont know curiousier and curious-er{48
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/11 18:08:51z Reply Strange wonder why didn't wrk yesterday..?{98
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/11 17:57:14z Send another also wpg stns and sma-3{47
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/11 17:56:43z Send another Yes I see ur home and mobile stations{46
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/11 15:01:30z Reply R U seeing my icon on ur map 2day?{97
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/11 14:55:12z Reply closed..{96
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/11 14:55:08z Reply Not much snow, maybe 2". Visibility abt 1km. Not sure why 75{95
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/11 13:29:01z Send another still windy here...{45
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/11 13:27:23z Send another did you get alot of snow or is it the blizzard condtns?{44
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/11 12:39:31z Reply GM FJ.. Looks like we r homebound this am...{94
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/09 15:41:22z Reply Wind is a bit raw... but it is warming up temp-wise..{93
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/09 15:13:29z Send another Goooooooooooood morning Gord! Nice day so far just cloudy.{43
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/07 20:52:47z Send another well thats good! Hope everything works well.{42
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/07 19:48:44z Reply Hi jack just got down from tower. Not bad up there...{92
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/07 19:46:17z Send another yes!{41
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/07 19:22:15z Reply Wx almost good enough for antenna wrk! :){91
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/07 18:56:15z Reply Might go up shortly & switch out that 2.4G ant with the L-band..{90
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/07 18:37:34z Reply GA Jack nice day, warmer & not too windy..{89
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/07 18:20:39z Send another Hows it going today Gord?{40
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/07 18:20:21z Send another 1 2 3{39
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 20:45:42z Send another for now at least.{38
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 20:45:23z Send another well it worked. {37
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 20:45:05z Send another testing w a diff antenna{36
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 19:36:18z Send another will be down the basement for awhile yet..{35
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 19:35:56z Send another worked last night now back to super tight....arghhhhhhhh!{34
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 19:35:36z Send another took apart an mfj versa tuner to lube the unductor selector.{33
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 19:35:05z Send another ran around this am doing errands.{32
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/02 19:34:48z Send another yes vy windy hr too.{31
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/02 19:23:02z Reply Gs afternoon Jack.. Warmer but too bad so windy!{86
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 16:53:37z Send another I am baaaaaaccccccccccccck{30
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 16:47:34z Send another back in a few minutes...{29
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 16:46:59z Send another Sunny at least.{28
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/01 16:46:29z Reply Only -24 here. Nice morning not windy so far..{85
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 16:40:25z Send another Yes I think so. It is only a paltry -32C{27
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/01 15:56:46z Reply GM FJ 2018 looks survivable so far.. :){84
VE4GLS VE4AOD 01/01 06:15:15z Reply Yes Happy New Year!{83
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 06:14:29z Send another Happy New Year!{26
VE4AOD VE4GLS 01/01 05:02:49z Send another Yes and tx for the wisit! You guys hv a great happy new year 2018!{25
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/31 16:58:20z Send another guten morgen msr le gord{24
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/30 14:13:08z Reply GM Dale.. Nice cool morning.. :){67
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/30 01:06:42z Send another hello????????{23
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/30 01:05:48z Send another u there gord??{22
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/30 01:04:34z Send another Hi wanna do voice and if so gimme one sec ok?{21
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/30 01:04:16z Reply Hi Jack hope yo have it figured out...{66
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 21:43:10z Send another it once and lost it now so gotta re learnm arrrggh{20
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 21:42:18z Send another I am trying to learn how to program offset into morris freq i did{19
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 21:41:59z Send another AAAAAAAAAARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggh{18
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 21:09:14z Send another progr up for morris..{17
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 21:08:27z Send another that sok I will try calling you once i get this flanging thing{16
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/29 21:08:02z Reply Sorry went away for a bit... {65
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 20:49:39z Send another Hi JD u around?{15
VE4AOD VE4GLS 12/29 17:46:58z Send another ok{14
VE4GLS VE4AOD 12/29 17:46:46z Reply Got the radio on CDN now, was off earlier.{64