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VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/16 14:21:25z Reply The TOM-3 digi appears to be working fine..{63
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/16 01:42:40z Reply Sure catch you there..{62
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/16 01:40:33z Reply Sure catch yo uthere..{61
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/16 01:40:30z Reply Windy though...{60
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/16 01:25:49z Send another yup wanna do voice on digital?{93
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/16 01:25:23z Send another tomorrow cooler.{92
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/16 01:25:14z Send another yes it was a nice day and {91
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/16 01:25:14z Reply Quite a difference from yesterday.{59
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/16 01:24:58z Reply Gd evening... Nice cool day out east and here...{58
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/16 01:22:36z Send another welcome home monsieur le gord!{90
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/13 16:41:24z Reply Rgr already 28C heating up!{57
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/13 16:39:20z Send another GM JD almost GA!{89
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/13 01:44:13z Send another thats great. voice??{88
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/13 01:43:29z Reply Just need to enter callsign for site etc..{52
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/13 01:43:17z Reply GE Jack yes it works well. Have a radio & TNC rdy to go.{51
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/13 01:42:44z Send another quick acks..{87
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/13 01:42:28z Send another good that it works ok{86
VE4GLS-9 VE4AOD 07/13 00:29:18z Reply g{3
VE4GLS-4 VE4AOD 07/12 19:10:53z Reply Seems 2 B working ok...\{70
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/12 19:05:47z Reply Just setting up a TNC-X, it's my spare hope it works..{50
VE4GLS-4 VE4AOD 07/12 19:00:13z Reply Just testing a TNC ...{69
VE4GLS-4 VE4AOD 07/12 18:59:35z Reply Hi Jack!{68
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/12 18:58:21z Send another testing{85
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/11 20:38:12z Send another if you get my drift{84
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/11 20:38:00z Send another therefore "cleanup" on aisle 3....{83
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/11 20:37:42z Send another tremendous thunderclap today after lunch. mustve been close{82
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/11 20:37:22z Send another re cleanup on aisle 3{81
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/11 01:36:58z Send another just got home was out for a drive. H.o.t.{80
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 21:39:11z Reply back in the shack.. 31C and sun is HOT out there!{45
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/10 20:06:47z Send another great!\{79
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 17:56:32z Reply Yes they were all to spec or better...{44
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/10 17:03:34z Send another hope ur antennas were a-ok{78
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 17:02:49z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,TCPIP,VA4CQD,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1*
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/10 17:01:56z Send another was out running round this am doing prescr groc etc etc etc{76
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/10 17:01:47z Send another QSL on antenna tester fab you lous!{75
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/10 17:01:03z Send another you were testing but no response{74
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/10 17:00:16z Send another I replied last night at exactly the time{73
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 14:05:27z Reply Analyzer working great checked my antennas...{43
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 14:05:17z Reply Gd morning Jack, very nice morning here... bit of rain overnight..{42
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 14:05:04z Reply Where's Jack this evening?{41
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/10 14:04:56z Reply test{40
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/08 21:17:31z Send another qsl{70
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/08 20:57:04z Reply Hdg out shortly, likely taking paula's car, look for gls-5{39
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/08 20:50:23z Reply Rgr, good tropo with hot humid conditions...{38
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/08 20:41:25z Send another boy oh boy aprs signals are stronger lately!{69
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/08 04:00:58z Send another got interference here{68
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/08 04:00:55z Send another I am getting a constant S3 signal on this frequency...dont know{66
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/08 03:34:41z Reply Rgr.. Paula and I were mowing earlier today. Was hot here too..{37
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/08 02:37:06z Send another tooooo doggone hot esp for mowing the lawn{65
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/08 00:51:38z Reply GE Jack nice tepid weather in Vinklerstadt?{36
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/06 22:20:04z Reply Might do some telescoping tonight if it clears...{35
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/06 20:32:09z Send another abt that though!{64
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/06 20:31:24z Send another so whats new over there today? Nothing here. Something to be said{63
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/05 02:33:51z Send another lawn!{62
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/05 02:33:08z Send another darn wx is looking good! That means wifey expects me to cut the{61
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/04 15:59:19z Send another I think abt 6/10ths{60
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/04 12:44:28z Reply How much rain did u get? Abt 10mm here..{34
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/04 12:29:29z Reply early pm..{33
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/04 12:13:01z Reply All over now. Bit of drizzle, should break up later this am or{32
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/04 11:28:39z Send another yes and l.o.u.d. too{59
VE4GLS VE4AOD 07/04 09:38:14z Reply Bad storm near you...{31
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/04 05:09:07z Send another looking for 50 ohm 1% carbon comp non wire wound axial resistors{58
VE4AOD VE4GLS 07/04 05:07:46z Send another yup. busy day!{57
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 16:16:50z Reply rgr might have plans later. Where would work for u?{29
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 16:14:17z Send another two?{56
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 16:14:13z Send another u prefer lunch to0 a supper? If so what time works best for you{55
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 15:50:53z Reply The Boss thinks that would be a good idea. Lunch?{28
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 15:50:49z Reply Might be... Have to talk to the boss...{27
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 15:38:29z Send another too bad u guys werent up for tender vittles somewhere today{54
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:46:23z Send another likewise!{53
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:46:06z Reply Rgr ditto ttly & have a fine day!{26
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:45:33z Send another toooooodleeeeee dooooo{52
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:45:10z Send another so true...well sir java time otp i will 73 we gone!...{51
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:44:35z Reply Rgr, delayed satisfaction on those impulse purchases... :){25
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:43:40z Send another yes but wont ship until after..{50
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:43:10z Reply There is always on-line shopping! :){24
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:42:20z Send another i suppose so but takes away from being retired!{49
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:41:53z Reply Think so, Nice for them to have a holiday anyway...{23
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:40:51z Send another stores closed monday i guess?{48
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:40:41z Send another always is on a farm{47
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:40:16z Reply Not sure. Lots of little jobs...{22
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:39:55z Send another so what you working on today{46
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:39:32z Send another wow yes that was great{45
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:39:12z Reply Think it was 42mm. Just right. {21
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:38:32z Send another how much rain did you say you got at farm?{44
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:37:41z Send another havent looked out the window.{43
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/30 12:37:28z Send another gm jd{42
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/30 12:37:01z Reply GM Jack bit of fog and cloud here very humid..{20
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/29 17:48:53z Reply Sure catch u on CDN..{19
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/29 17:14:30z Send another good stuff...voice?{41
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/29 17:14:11z Reply 42mm rain! Drought aleviated for a week or so...{18
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/29 17:13:57z Send another Stupiod me 42 mm rain wow so grass is gonna green!{40
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/29 17:13:21z Send another 42mm grass???{39
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/29 14:50:53z Reply 42mm grass is really greening up!{17
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/29 14:48:49z Reply Puddles mostly gone already.{16
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/29 14:26:53z Reply GM FJ lots of rain last night here. {15
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/29 02:58:16z Send another and a whole lot out in sask{38
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/29 02:57:43z Send another some stuff coming up north near Boissevain{37
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/29 02:57:27z Send another thats the problem{36
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/29 02:56:36z Reply Weeds will always grow! {14