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VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/14 01:12:12z Send another quick acks!{13
VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/14 01:11:58z Send another 1 2 anda 3{12
VE4GLS VE4AOD 10/11 03:17:39z Reply Gd eeevening..{83
VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/11 02:15:40z Send another test{11
VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/11 02:14:32z Send another test 1 2 3{10
VE4AOD VE4GLS-5 10/09 00:11:18z Send another Welcome back G & P.{09
VE4AOD VE4GLS-5 10/08 16:20:12z Send another c u when u get hr!{06
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 10/08 12:51:56z Reply hdg east shortly..{4
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 10/08 12:51:35z Reply gd morning Jack.. hdh{3
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 10/06 14:48:23z Reply sure thing!! Cod is best!{2
VE4AOD VE4GLS-5 10/06 02:17:33z Send another I suppose u are eating fish then????!{03
VE4GLS-5 VE4AOD 10/06 01:11:11z Reply supper time on the Fraser river{1
VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/05 02:54:03z Send another we are hdg for wpg tomorrow. Wx sounds somewhat poor.{01
VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/05 02:53:08z Send another hope you have a safe drive. Dont drink and drive. Dont even putt.{00
VE4GLS VE4AOD 10/05 01:56:29z Reply Gd eeevening Jack.. shud c us hdg N @ 5:30am or so..{82
VE4AOD VE4GLS 10/05 01:09:48z Send another u guys hv a safe flight.{99
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 18:33:46z Send another sell it as junk. That is what I do for that brand!{98
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 18:33:37z Send another sionce it is a certain brand of car, paint it a rust colour and{97
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/30 18:33:09z Reply sell time..{81
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 18:33:08z Send another yes I saw u on the map{96
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/30 18:32:59z Reply Was cleaning up the car.. it gets a safety tomorrow am then{80
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/30 18:32:05z Reply Rgr back home now..{79
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 15:08:47z Send another just noticed paula is at work and you are in Never never vile.{95
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 15:07:50z Send another weekends until around 5pm but this was from Europe.{94
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 15:07:35z Send another Ruth finished watching her golf this am. usually it is on the{93
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/30 15:07:01z Send another yup. I was up before sun up.Days sure are shorter.{92
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/30 13:02:33z Reply brightening up now! {73
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/30 12:03:42z Reply Gm Jack nice dark morning...{72
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 17:41:53z Send another all done and reassembled and works even!{91
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/24 17:22:05z Reply Will clean fuel line & tank..{71
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/24 17:21:53z Reply some of that nethyl through the system b4 new gas..{70
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/24 17:21:35z Reply Does it have a drain for the carb bowl? If so leave it off and run{69
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 15:11:25z Send another remember how to reassemble???Haha i shouldnt laugh!{90
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 15:11:13z Send another carb is with my old timers memory after cleaning will i{89
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/24 11:57:50z Reply Try the methyl hydrate first.. {68
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:09:35z Send another then a tear down.{88
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:09:28z Send another first run it again with sea foam. If no significant change{87
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:09:10z Send another I think I am gonna tear down that carb tomorrow. I will try to{86
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:05:17z Send another Thats why I never answered earlier...{85
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:05:08z Send another went to another.{84
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:04:20z Send another I noticed earlier that you had said an email intended for me but{83
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:03:33z Send another I think fall has arrived!{82
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:03:17z Send another here. It was held at the high school cafeteria.{81
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/24 03:03:07z Send another yup. just got in awhile ago from a birthday party for a guy out{80
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/23 22:30:32z Reply Gd eeevening Jack nice wx for the birds... maybe ducks...{67
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/22 21:43:45z Send another bit smoother but it sure isnt there yet!{79
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/22 21:43:36z Send another I hv been sea-foaming my carb. Maybe its me but i think it runs a{78
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/21 13:28:29z Reply rgr wx net time cul..{57
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/21 12:41:23z Send another talk w u ltr JD.{77
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/21 12:40:36z Send another time for cupajack!{76
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/21 12:40:16z Send another just make sure you take a well deserved rest.{75
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/21 12:39:37z Send another not sure how much we got.{74
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/21 12:32:41z Reply GM Jack 14mm here field wrk on hold..{56
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/18 16:48:11z Send another Prob not but will be interesting over time to note.{73
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/18 16:47:57z Send another I found another permatexbeauty. did u notice any difference yet?{72
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/18 16:14:23z Reply Just finished the second rod. It's abt 3m away from the first..{54
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/18 16:13:44z Reply Everything is now well grounded... {53
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/18 14:56:40z Send another gm jd. Hows it going with the grounding??{71
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/15 16:14:05z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,MB2*
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/15 16:14:00z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/15 16:13:57z Send another ?APRST
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/13 13:46:50z Reply Rgr on the java... ttyl!{52
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/13 12:53:55z Send another catch u on air later gord.!{70
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/13 12:53:47z Send another TIME NOW!!{69
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/13 12:51:39z Send another rain to go and either relax or do maintenance. as for me COFFEE{68
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/13 12:51:16z Send another where it was headed. i guesss you hv a bit of time now with the{67
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/13 12:50:54z Send another yup thundered quite a bit. i watched us and cdn radars to see{66
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/13 12:47:52z Reply I see TOM-3 is still on the air!{51
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/13 12:47:20z Reply GM Jack lots of lightning & Thunder all night here.. {50
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/12 01:08:10z Reply :){49
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/11 17:38:29z Send another on or near the tower so it doesnt get broken.{65
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/11 17:38:19z Send another ruth said exactly that this morning. we have to find a place NOT{64
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/11 17:37:47z Reply Gotta put up that rain guage!{48
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/11 17:37:00z Send another yes we got a wee bit hr too.{63
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/11 14:17:17z Reply GM Jack had some drizzle overnight once again..{47
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/09 19:49:05z Reply ve4aod v ve4gls..{46
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/09 19:49:02z Send another yup.{62
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/09 19:48:42z Reply Gd afternoon Jack.. Nice afternoon it would seem!{45
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/08 17:24:51z Send another ok gimme a sec to call u{61
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/08 17:24:32z Reply Can do a check if u like...{44
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/08 17:19:39z Send another am busy piddling round with cables. Trying the icom706MKII on HF{60
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/08 17:18:23z Send another oh ok.{59
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/08 17:16:24z Reply Gd afternoon Sir Jaques! busy working on the computter..{43
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/08 16:56:58z Send another so what r u working on today??{58
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/07 13:55:02z Reply until next week I guess..{42
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/07 13:54:56z Reply Lots of green in the stuff that's left though so hv to wait {41
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/07 13:52:48z Reply Got about 100ac soybeans off yesterday. Worked well..{40
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/07 13:50:19z Reply GM Jack bit cloudy hr 2day. Not a bad morning though..{39
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/04 04:59:58z Reply test.msg{38
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/04 04:29:13z Reply local server at
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/04 04:29:13z Send another ?APRSS
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/04 04:29:06z Reply Path - VE4AOD>APU25N,TCPIP,VE4ZIM,VE4EMB-3,VE4GIL-3*
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/04 03:25:36z Send another it works gord!{56
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/02 15:56:41z Reply We r hdg out shortly. Catch u on the road!{37
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/02 02:04:48z Send another Yes.And theres always a but..{55
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/01 19:01:24z Reply You 'll have a nice short lawn now! :){36
VE4GLS-9 VE4AOD 09/01 17:15:28z Reply '}{4
VE4AOD VE4GLS 09/01 17:13:26z Send another Whats so nice abt it? Ruth made me CUT THE GRASS! Arrghhhh! haha{54
VE4GLS VE4AOD 09/01 13:26:07z Reply Gd morning Jack.. Nice morning for September..{35
VE4AOD VE4GLS 08/31 02:57:43z Send another test{52