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VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/25 12:41:38z Reply Take care!{65
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/25 12:41:34z Reply outside stuff.{64
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/25 12:39:26z Reply for sure. Guess it's oil change day today today, too wet for other{63
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/25 12:38:35z Reply Sorry to hear about Ruth, hope they do a good job fixing her up{62
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:58:35z Send another every 2 weeks{57
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:58:28z Send another They had to drain her belly of several litres again. Prob now{56
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:58:04z Send another cant really walk cook etc so rough rough here...{55
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:57:48z Send another Been super super busy with medical related stuff lately. And she{54
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:57:21z Send another Tuesday.{53
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:57:16z Send another Really didnt hear or notice much rain. I guess Ruth starts chemo{52
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:56:58z Send another but more to the east of us.{51
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:56:52z Send another I dont know how much we have recd today. Was thundering earlier{50
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:56:34z Send another wow{49
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/25 03:55:25z Reply Raining here yet looks like another 16mm..{61
VE4AOD VE4GLS 06/25 03:49:46z Send another not vy much I think. Oh well.{48
VE4GLS VE4AOD 06/24 15:17:01z Reply Good morning Jack, get much drizzle last night?{60