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VE3TEJ VE3LSG 09/09 14:18:24z Send another hello there{09
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 09/09 14:17:59z Reply Hello{PP}
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/26 13:09:27z Reply GM Jim!{91
VE3LSG-9 VE3TEJ 08/15 13:34:15z Reply GM Jim{54
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 16:05:12z Send another good to hear{08
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 16:04:48z Reply Jim, everything works here! Thanks again{90
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 15:52:13z Reply :-){89
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 15:52:07z Reply I would have understood{88
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 15:51:52z Send another all good here{07
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 15:51:25z Reply You are a friend,I could have come back at another time{87
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 15:42:55z Send another thats fine{06
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 15:42:39z Reply Just got in. Sorry I messed up your plans! :-({86
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 13:33:08z Send another have you left yet, I have other plans at 10{05
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:26:36z Reply ok, done!{85
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 13:26:13z Send another blueberry, bananna or fruit explosion{04
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:25:27z Reply Jim, what type of muffin?{84
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:19:18z Reply I'll get dressed! lol{83
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:17:49z Reply I'll stay outside too{82
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:16:54z Reply I'll wear a mask!{81
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 13:16:23z Send another ok{03
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:15:53z Reply Ok, I will get you a green tea and amuffin?{80
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 13:14:49z Send another yes you can, don't think I am leaving the house{02
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:13:11z Reply Did you want me to bring the computer over today @ 10am and then{78
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/14 13:11:43z Send another good morning{01
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/14 13:11:31z Reply GM Jim{77
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/13 14:53:47z Send another rr{00
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/13 14:53:25z Reply 446 simp?{32
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/13 14:52:24z Send another yes I am{99
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/13 14:52:04z Reply Jim u up?{31
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/12 22:09:23z Reply Hi Jim. Hope u r feel well!{30
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 08/11 18:32:23z Send another yes I am{98
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 08/11 18:31:34z Reply Hi Jim, are you having fun yet?{00
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:52:50z Reply ok{29
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:51:24z Send another young female, but my origanl appoitment took a while to get in{97
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:50:35z Reply u have a go od dr{28
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:49:06z Send another the surgeon{96
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:49:06z Send another I made the phone call and was in1 week for scan and 2 weeks to see{95
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:47:14z Reply ask him :-){27
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:46:17z Send another who knows{94
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:45:52z Reply some were missed?{26
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:44:43z Send another not unless new stones can form thjat fast{93
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:44:08z Reply thank murphy!{25
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:43:54z Send another months later{92
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:43:50z Send another just funny how things were all fixed and now th pain comes back 3{91
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:42:05z Reply hope it goes well!{24
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:40:35z Send another I had an ultra sound last week and see the doctor on Thursday{90
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:39:55z Reply not good!{23
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:39:04z Send another I have pains back in my belly{89
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:37:26z Reply c'est bon!{22
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:36:41z Send another I am getting bye{88
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:36:16z Send another thats good to hear{87
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:36:02z Reply & u?{21
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 07/20 14:35:07z Reply Barely lol!{20
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 07/20 14:33:35z Send another You still hanging on{86