VA7LM-7 messages

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VA7WLR-9 VA7LM-7 11/27 23:30:38z Reply thanks you too{05
VA7LM-7 VA7WLR-9 11/27 14:52:14z Send another GM have a good week!{1
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM-7 11/25 17:21:25z Reply Yeah for a few, you coming down?{49
VA7LM-7 VE7TMX-7 11/25 17:06:48z Send another You heading to ocean?{27
VA7LM-7 ve7jbx-1 11/25 00:21:18z Send another Testing path from Kitimat.{26
VA7LM-7 ve7jbx-1 11/25 00:17:17z Send another Test msg from Kitimat.{25
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT-8 11/25 00:13:25z Send another Sent JBX msg. Got ack right away.{24
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT-8 11/25 00:05:49z Send another Sent JBX msg. Got ack right away.{23
VA7LM-7 VE7JBX 11/25 00:04:31z Send another Test msg #3{22
VA7LM-7 VE7JBX 11/25 00:01:43z Send another Test msg #2{21
VA7LM-7 VE7JBX 11/24 23:51:13z Send another Test msg from Kitimat. 73{20
VA7LM-7 VE7JBX-1 11/24 23:43:20z Send another test message from Kitimat. 73{19
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT-8 11/24 19:14:18z Send another Hve gud trip Doug. No need reply. 73{18
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT 11/24 03:33:36z Send another ok GE Doug 73{17
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/24 03:33:10z Reply 73 for now{0AC0D
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT 11/24 03:32:50z Send another Ok I was on 80 earlier, but shut down for the night.{16
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/24 03:31:56z Reply Listening to the old farts nets...Hi, Hi{1524E
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT 11/24 03:31:19z Send another It's good to do that for sure.{15
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/24 03:30:33z Reply Just exercising the system{E0E93
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT 11/24 03:29:58z Send another Hi Doug{14
VA7LM-7 VA7MNV-2 11/22 18:40:46z Send another GM Mark...thought u were Waylon hihi{13
VA7LM-7 VA7MNV-2 11/22 18:39:38z Send another Hope you're liking your Mobilinkd!{12
VA7LM-7 VA7WLR-9 11/21 14:41:48z Send another GM hve good day!{11
VA7LM-7 VE7TMX-7 11/18 16:04:09z Send another I told him yesterday to watch aprs{10
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM-7 11/18 16:03:39z Reply I'm free around 10. Maybe Tony wants to come down as well?{48
VA7LM-7 VE7TMX-7 11/18 16:00:53z Send another I may go down agn later also...{9
VA7LM-7 VE7TMX-7 11/18 11:55:19z Send another haha...preventing overlap of icons{8
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM-7 11/18 03:03:46z Reply Camping at coho flats?{47
VA7LM-7 VA7MNV-2 11/15 18:01:01z Send another GM Mark. Hve nice coffee. 73{7
VA7LM-7 VA7MME 11/14 14:33:43z Send another Testing aprs messaging. Hve gud day. 73{6
VE7AV VA7LM-7 11/13 21:44:32z Reply rej5
VA7LM-7 VE7AV 11/13 21:44:15z Send another GA Frank. testing aprs msging. 73{5
VA7LM-7 VE7AV 11/13 21:40:59z Send another GA Frank...testing aprs msging. 73{4
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT-9 11/13 20:52:45z Send another works just fine. good stuff.{3
VE7EPT-9 VA7LM-7 11/13 20:52:01z Reply test from truck{43
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/13 20:41:35z Reply Will try radio from truck in a few minutes.{16EF4
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT 11/13 20:41:29z Send another must be...I'll have to try again some other time and see if it goes{2
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/13 20:40:36z Reply So perhaps issue at Franks' end.{7139F
VA7LM-7 ve7ept-7 11/13 20:40:02z Send another got ur msg all ok here{1
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/13 20:34:52z Reply Received!{E76D3
VA7LM-7 VE7EPT 11/13 20:34:24z Send another Sending test message. Hve gud one. 73{4
VE7EPT VA7LM-7 11/13 20:33:13z Reply Howdy!{851C4
VA7LM-7 VA7MNV-2 11/13 19:51:40z Send another Testing messaging. hve gud day 73{3
VA7LM-7 VE7AV 11/13 18:01:45z Send another GM Frank. Testing messaging. 73{2
VE7AV VA7LM-7 11/13 17:51:20z Reply rej1
VA7LM-7 VE7AV 11/13 17:51:05z Send another GM Frank. Testing aprs messaging. 73{1
VA7LM-7 VE7AV 11/13 17:38:47z Send another GM Frank. Hve gud day! 73{1
VE7TMX-7 VA7LM-7 11/04 16:21:01z Reply Morning Doug. Very wet out today.{46
VA7LM-7 VA7WLR-9 10/30 22:44:16z Send another Beautiful day!{2
VA7LM-7 VE7RKI-2 10/30 16:12:04z Send another Hi Ron...good to see the Igate{1