VA7BWX-9 messages

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VA7BWX-9 K7ORZ-7 10/24 16:09:27z Send another Hello Idaho from CN89 (Vancouver BC Canada) 7 3
VA7BWX-9 K5DCC-7 10/24 16:08:20z Send another Hello Denny from CN89 7 3
K7ORZ-7 VA7BWX-9 10/24 15:03:48z Reply I hear you in Idaho QSL{55
K5DCC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/24 11:52:43z Reply Hello de Denny in NW ARKANSAS{0
VA7SHG-2 VA7BWX-9 10/23 16:00:29z Reply Good morning Brad{99406
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-2 10/23 15:54:50z Send another Morning Bud
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:52:22z Reply AOS 1m59s W SW^39 SE 11m{WM}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:48:37z Reply AOS 4m W SW^39 SE 11m{WL}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:44:53z Reply AOS 5m30s W SW^39 SE 11m{WK}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 10/22 19:44:39z Send another Next Pass{34
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:30:57z Reply AOS 22m41s W SW^39 SE 11m{WJ}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:27:17z Reply AOS 30m41s W SW^39 SE 11m{WI}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:23:28z Reply AOS 34m41s W SW^39 SE 11m{WH}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:19:41z Reply AOS 36m42s W SW^39 SE 11m{WG}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:15:53z Reply AOS 37m42s W SW^39 SE 11m{WF}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/22 19:12:10z Reply AOS 38m13s W SW^39 SE 11m{WE}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/21 15:16:07z Reply AOS 27m30s SW S^76 E 11m{WA}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 10/21 15:16:07z Send another Next Pass{33
VE7LLW-9 VA7BWX-9 10/20 20:40:48z Reply gotit{1
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 10/20 19:56:05z Send another Heard you too bud!
VA7SHG-2 VA7BWX-9 10/20 19:51:13z Reply Heard you via ISS in CN99 Chilliwack, BC CN99
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 10/20 16:43:14z Send another You do know that the ISS amateur radio stuff is going off Oct 21-23{152
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 16:28:58z Reply AOS 3m31s W NW^79 E 11m{VY}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 10/20 16:27:50z Send another Next Pass{32
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 16:20:22z Reply AOS 11m31s W NW^79 E 11m{VX}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 16:17:59z Reply AOS 15m31s W NW^79 E 11m{VW}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 16:14:27z Reply AOS 17m32s W NW^79 E 11m{VV}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 16:13:31z Reply AOS 18m30s W NW^79 E 11m{VU}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 16:13:25z Reply AOS 19m2s W NW^79 E 11m{VT}
VA7BWX-9 NA1SS 10/20 02:52:16z Send another Next Pass{2
VA7BWX-9 VE7LLW-9 10/20 01:14:24z Send another and nicely done! {3
VA7BWX-9 VE7LLW-9 10/20 01:14:09z Send another Wicked bud{2
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 01:08:42z Reply AOS 12h12m (1321z) SE^3{VQ}
ISS VA7BWX-9 10/20 01:08:03z Reply AOS 12h13m (1321z) SE^3{VP}
VA7BWX-9 ISS 10/20 01:08:02z Send another Next Pass{31
VA7BWX-9 VE7LLW-9 10/20 01:07:28z Send another test{1
VA7BWX-9 KK6OTJ 10/18 23:58:11z Send another 7 3 from CN89
VA7BWX-9 WB7VUF-7 10/18 23:57:36z Send another Great to hear from you, 7 3 from CN89
KK6OTJ VA7BWX-9 10/18 21:29:31z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{75
WB7VUF-7 VA7BWX-9 10/18 21:27:27z Reply :Live OP!So.Or. WB7VUF CN82{23
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 10/18 02:59:25z Send another Reply on Saturday
VA7SHG-9 VA7BWX-9 10/18 02:50:18z Reply Testing on Saturday {185
VA7BWX-9 N6UTC-9 10/17 00:50:11z Send another Great to hear from yourself from CN89, 7 3
N6UTC-9 VA7BWX-9 10/16 23:05:58z Reply Greetings from N6UTC de DM03{44
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 10/16 21:11:39z Send another Jim, great to hear from you bud!
VA7SHG-9 VA7BWX-9 10/16 20:23:19z Reply Testing on Friday from Lytton {183
VA7BWX-9 KI7WKZ-1 10/16 17:44:43z Send another Great to hear from yourself and 7 3 from CN89
KI7WKZ-1 VA7BWX-9 10/16 16:35:23z Reply Greetings via ISS!
VA7BWX-9 KC7JPC-7 10/15 19:51:57z Send another Hello from CN89 7 3
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:32:37z Reply dn17{45
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:30:51z Reply dn17{43
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:29:09z Reply dn17{41
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:26:31z Reply dn17{40
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:26:22z Reply dn17{39
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:21:51z Reply dn17{37
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:18:55z Reply dn17{35
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:16:42z Reply dn17{33
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:10:52z Reply dn17{29
KC7JPC-7 VA7BWX-9 10/15 01:10:22z Reply dn17{28
VA7BWX-9 WD9EWK 10/14 19:07:06z Send another Hey from BC Canada CN89 7 3
VA7BWX-9 KK6OTJ 10/14 19:06:15z Send another Hello from CN89 7 3
VA7BWX-9 AA7O 10/14 19:05:17z Send another Hey from CN89 7 3
WD9EWK VA7BWX-9 10/13 23:51:22z Reply Hi! DM42 in AZ {13
KK6OTJ VA7BWX-9 10/13 23:50:32z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{55
KK6OTJ VA7BWX-9 10/13 23:50:31z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{53
AA7O VA7BWX-9 10/13 23:48:00z Reply Hi de PDX, OR - CN85 73{33
VA7BWX-9 KJ7ORZ-7 10/13 20:54:53z Send another Heard in Idaho? Now that is neat! 7 3 from CN89
KJ7ORZ-7 VA7BWX-9 10/13 20:36:27z Reply I hear you in Idaho QSL?{13
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-2 10/13 19:00:26z Send another You are back!
VA7BWX-9 KB6LTY-3 10/12 23:05:36z Send another Hey hey hey and 7 3 from CN89
VA7BWX-9 N0AN-2 10/12 23:05:00z Send another And thanks for digipeating a ton of my beacons 7 3
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 10/12 23:00:56z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
VA7BWX-9 N0AN-2 10/12 22:42:46z Send another Howdy right back & thanks for the message 7 3
VA7BWX-9 KC9YTT 10/12 22:40:30z Send another Hello and the ISS APRS does impress me 7 3 from CN89
N0AN-2 VA7BWX-9 10/12 21:24:29z Reply Howdy
VA7BWX-9 WD9EWK 10/12 20:21:24z Send another Hi right back from CN89 7 3
KI7UXT-7 VA7BWX-9 10/12 19:46:22z Reply TNX for call de DN17.{2
KC9YTT VA7BWX-9 10/12 18:10:23z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
WD9EWK VA7BWX-9 10/12 18:08:52z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {89
VA7BWX-9 KK6OTJ 10/12 00:10:53z Send another I hope your day is going well 7 3. From CN89
KK6OTJ VA7BWX-9 10/11 23:49:13z Reply Woof Woof DM04 QSL? {44
KK6OTJ VA7BWX-9 10/11 23:48:51z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{41
VA7BWX-9 KI7UXT-7 10/11 22:19:38z Send another Hey hey hey 7 3 from CN89
KI7UXT-7 VA7BWX-9 10/11 22:11:47z Reply Hi de DN17 in WA.{3
KI7UXT-7 VA7BWX-9 10/11 22:11:44z Reply Hi de DN17 in WA.{2
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 10/11 21:02:25z Send another Hey Bud! (and thanks for the message)
KI7UXT-7 VA7BWX-9 10/11 20:35:17z Reply Hi de DN17 in WA.{33
KJ7ORZ-7 VA7BWX-9 10/11 20:34:39z Reply 73 DN74{4
VA7SHG-9 VA7BWX-9 10/11 19:19:03z Reply Hi Brad{181
VA7BWX-9 WD9EWK 10/11 18:18:24z Send another Hey hey hey from CN89, Vancouver,BC Canada
WD9EWK VA7BWX-9 10/11 17:21:17z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {70
VA7BWX-9 VA7SHG-9 10/11 16:00:00z Send another test
VA7BWX-9 VA7ES 10/11 05:16:47z Send another I hope all is going well. 7 3 from CN89
VA7BWX-9 KK6OTJ 10/11 05:15:35z Send another Hello and I hope your day is going well 7 3. From CN89
VA7BWX-9 AA7O 10/11 01:35:51z Send another Great to hear from you, 7 3 from CN89
KK6OTJ VA7BWX-9 10/11 00:35:43z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{16
VA7ES VA7BWX-9 10/11 00:35:23z Reply 73 via ISS
AA7O VA7BWX-9 10/10 22:57:49z Reply I HEAR U in OR CN85 via ISS 73{98
KB6LTY-3 VA7BWX-9 10/10 19:43:14z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
VA7BWX-9 KK6OTJ 10/10 19:30:01z Send another Hey Mark, from Brad CN89 7 3