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VE3VVS-5 VA3DVR-14 10/29 23:41:16z Reply ve3vvs{1
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 10/29 11:34:13z Reply look at u up there in the Bay!{F
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 10/24 13:33:33z Send another good morning from chilly northbay{65
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 10/22 23:02:50z Send another good morning from chilly Thunderbay{64
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 10/22 11:37:30z Send another good {63
VA3DVR-14 VE4DS-14 10/16 14:17:15z Send another boo{62
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 10/16 14:16:13z Send another boo{61
VE3NX VA3DVR-14 10/14 18:40:47z Reply PLAYING RADIO 8{7
VA3DVR-14 VE3NX 10/14 18:33:00z Send another howdy{60
VE3NX VA3DVR-14 10/14 18:29:23z Reply hi{6
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 10/14 07:15:11z Send another good morning house{59
VA3VA VA3DVR-14 10/14 00:43:16z Reply Hello from Windsor{71
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 10/14 00:42:03z Send another hi{58
VA3VA VA3DVR-14 10/14 00:36:26z Reply Hello from {70
VA3VA VA3DVR-14 10/14 00:30:14z Reply Hello from {69
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 10/10 16:36:46z Send another good afternoon house{57
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 10/09 00:32:10z Send another home late friday{56
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 10/08 21:59:10z Reply Ys same to u, b home 4 turkey dinner?{21
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 10/08 21:56:11z Send another some. happy thanksgiving{55
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 10/08 21:50:25z Reply R there cute petite fr gals out there also?{20
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 10/08 18:51:43z Reply R there cute tiny fr gals up there also?{19
VA3UG-9 VA3DVR-14 10/06 13:04:36z Reply morning{31
VA3UG-9 VA3DVR-14 10/06 13:03:44z Reply 73{33
VA3UG-9 VA3DVR-14 10/06 12:36:53z Reply out of car in 30 seconds {32
VA3DVR-14 VA3UG-9 10/06 12:34:40z Send another freq{53
VA3DVR-14 VA3UG-9 10/06 12:33:12z Send another rr{54
VA3DVR-14 VA3UG-9 10/06 12:33:03z Send another hi{52
VA3HRA-15 VA3DVR-14 10/03 22:20:55z Reply Hi from cottage country..{1
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 10/03 20:47:09z Reply Can't reply to msg's
VE3GIF VA3DVR-14 10/03 20:47:01z Reply rej51
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 10/03 20:46:55z Send another hi. pick a freq.{51
VE3GIF VA3DVR-14 10/03 18:29:44z Reply rej50
VA3DVR-14 VE3LFS-14 10/03 18:29:42z Send another hi{50
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 10/03 12:05:42z Send another good morning{49
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 10/02 11:14:54z Send another good morning house,{48
VA3DVR-14 VE3XID-1 10/01 18:49:40z Send another APU25N,WA2NAN-1,WIDE1,VE2REH-3,VE3SVC,WIDE2*
VE3XID-1 VA3DVR-14 10/01 18:47:44z Reply ?APRST
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 10/01 14:53:57z Reply morning: have a good day. 88 73{46
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/30 17:08:08z Reply When I looked at 4 a lot of Z's comimg frm the cab..{18
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/30 17:06:22z Reply It's Alive{17
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/29 23:37:06z Reply Enjoy the scenery!{16
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/29 23:36:39z Reply enjoy{15
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/29 23:25:04z Reply [AA] Gone to watch the news...{14
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/29 23:21:56z Send another back to Dartmouth{47
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/29 21:54:03z Reply Ur not, heading out to see the pretties agn?{13
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 23:08:37z Reply Heading up to the KEG..73{06
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 23:04:13z Reply Heading up to the KEG..73{05
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 20:46:37z Reply He's homeward place like home..{04
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 20:34:59z Reply My internet ben down for a spell.{03
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 20:34:06z Reply Ur back in the forest city{02
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 17:44:02z Reply And I retired 7 yrs ago.{00
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 17:37:19z Reply Well I had to, at least for the morning, agree it's nice.{99
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/26 17:27:01z Send another to nice 2 b working{46
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/26 17:12:03z Reply Oh there U R. On the bestr side of the river..{98
K8PNW-9 VA3DVR-14 09/26 15:34:09z Reply Home QTH is Clarkston MI {77
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 09/26 10:58:15z Reply rather be outside to enjoy it. 88 73{45
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 09/26 10:57:55z Reply morning: hope your day goes well. another summer like day.would{44
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 09/26 00:11:21z Send another hi house, have u been out for a rip there wif,{45
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/25 20:13:38z Reply [AA] Away from the keys.{97
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/25 20:13:35z Send another oh so cute{44
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/25 16:30:14z Reply Nw ur talking.. keep ur eyes on the road (-;{96
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/25 16:25:15z Send another yupp. cute little french girls here{43
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/25 16:21:47z Reply U hav a gd snooze?{95
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/24 22:57:24z Reply Off to bed, b bk abt 4 a.m{93
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/24 22:05:44z Reply I didn't get a nap but did get the V8 done..{92
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/24 22:05:37z Reply Well ur moving. but ever so slowly..{91
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/24 21:17:10z Send another laid over in Mtl. load at 1 pm.{42
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/24 18:36:01z Send another out of hours at Trenton, that is if they don't camp ne out in Mtl.{41
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/24 17:33:56z Reply I think u be ready for a nap..I know I am..{90
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/24 12:10:55z Reply I off to wrk. bk abt noon..{89
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/24 12:03:36z Reply GM{88
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/23 21:48:06z Send another 73{40
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 21:25:47z Reply Sup call.. I'll be listen..{87
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 21:17:13z Reply Try that juice in ur next cesar, u never know?{86
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/23 21:14:01z Send another yupp, hear ya. never have liked dill. yum yum pickles are great{39
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 21:03:11z Reply It works for us. can't please everyone..{83
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/23 20:58:40z Send another ceaser yum, dill yuck,{38
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 20:53:43z Reply Makes a great cesar, +dillpickle juice.. {79
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 20:36:10z Reply Vegies all picked washed and clean. ready for V8..yum{78
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 20:33:42z Reply Don't let'em getcha in Catamagoucha{77
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 17:57:01z Reply 73 4 nw{76
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 17:55:16z Reply keep it between the poles..{75
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 17:54:29z Reply Goona go & pick a half bushel of tomato from the garden 4 juice{74
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 17:40:37z Reply Looks like ur headed o N.S{72
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/23 17:30:48z Send another yupp. was out hours. took 8 off, drove 5 mope tonk 8 more delived{37
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 17:16:41z Reply Did u hav a good nap?{70
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/23 17:15:43z Reply Got my day in..{69
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/23 16:40:04z Send another beauty day in NB.{35
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 09/23 10:22:41z Reply morning: have a safe day. 88 73{43
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/22 15:47:02z Reply 73{68
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/22 15:40:20z Send another time 4 a nap{34
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/22 15:37:05z Reply Always next yr..{67
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/22 15:36:16z Send another oh dang{33
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/22 15:35:13z Reply The London Hamfest was Sept 21..I think we missed it..{66
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/22 14:35:20z Send another 73{32
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/22 13:30:28z Reply maybe catca later, being paged..{65
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/22 13:22:40z Reply Sri on fone. gd for u..{64
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/22 13:10:36z Send another i am going 2 try 2 attend{31
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/22 13:09:04z Send another paid tourist, off to nova scotia. u going london flea market sunday{30
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/22 13:07:30z Reply also..{63