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VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 20:51:04z Reply Keep on truckin..I going to mix honey and i a o bejoyful..{59
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 20:20:54z Reply Ur really taking the senic route..{58
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 20:04:51z Reply Don't think my maps r all that great..{57
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 20:00:26z Reply Good lord, ur way over there on 9 east of palmerston..{56
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 19:34:12z Reply Don't come down thro Brussels..Onless u hav 2{55
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 17:22:39z Reply It gets so colourful this time of yr..{54
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/18 17:21:26z Send another leaves r just turning{27
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 17:19:39z Reply 26 and 11 srd..{53
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 17:19:19z Reply We have a mobile home between Meaford and Owensound.. Robucks off{52
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 17:10:07z Reply We like the country up that way also..{51
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/18 17:07:34z Send another once in a while i play tourist{26
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/18 16:17:30z Reply New run? Don't think I have saw you up there before..{50
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/17 16:39:55z Reply ok drive careful..{49
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/17 16:38:04z Send another yupp{25
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/17 16:35:16z Reply Yes, hurts pocket book and mug..{48
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/17 16:33:52z Send another accident on 401 slow{24
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/17 16:32:44z Reply Enjoy ur day..{47
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/17 16:32:00z Send another ouch{23
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/17 16:31:33z Reply I off to dentist in a few{46
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 09/17 16:30:38z Send another Howdy{22
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 09/17 16:30:12z Reply Hi Driver!{45
VE3LSG-3 VA3DVR-14 09/17 12:50:44z Reply Have a good trip Martin! de Russ{NA}
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 09/17 02:49:30z Reply you r on the map. 88 73{40
KC8RWD-14 VA3DVR-14 09/16 12:25:34z Reply GM fr NY{1
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-3 09/15 14:06:47z Send another hi{21
VE3LSG-3 VA3DVR-14 09/15 13:49:16z Reply Hello Marty!{IY}
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 09/12 19:48:04z Send another hi from Thunder bay{20
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 09/12 19:42:00z Reply know what that 88 73{39
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 09/12 11:35:25z Reply Morning: have a good days journey. chilly here this a.m. :( you{38
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 09/09 22:22:27z Send another hello from Northbay. parked the night.{19
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 09/04 03:00:10z Send another hi house{18
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/29 23:24:00z Reply Lucky u..{30
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 08/29 22:12:52z Send another lucky uz. winnipeg 4 me next week{17
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/29 21:39:32z Reply Don't mind me. watch the road..73{29
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/29 21:37:43z Reply enjoy! we off to Sauble Beach for a week..{28
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 08/29 21:34:29z Send another maybe{16
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/29 21:33:48z Reply U goona get the bikes out?{27
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/29 21:31:48z Reply Have a great weekend!{26
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 08/29 11:47:52z Send another Morning{15
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/29 11:46:56z Reply Morning Martin..{25
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 08/28 22:03:11z Send another 73{14
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/28 22:01:10z Reply OFF 2 WATCH THE NEWS..73{21
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 08/28 21:54:36z Send another hi. hone. friday ) london and windsor{13
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 08/28 21:51:24z Reply Where u off to this trip..{19
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/26 11:43:56z Send another good morning house, left Fredericton, enroute to Moncton and Halifx{12
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/26 04:19:08z Reply you tomorrow. hope your day goes well Tuesday. nite. 88 73{34
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/26 04:17:52z Reply your hello was received. don't see you on the map. i will call{33
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/25 20:39:13z Send another hello from Frefricton NB{11
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/25 11:15:22z Reply morning: have a good day. 88 73{32
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/25 05:13:14z Send another nite nite{10
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/25 05:10:52z Reply your on the map. nite 88 73{31
VA3VA-13 VA3DVR-14 08/22 19:37:46z Reply HELLO{0
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/22 09:47:03z Send another foggy morning{8
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA-13 08/22 09:37:15z Send another hi {9
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/22 09:31:33z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{28
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA-13 08/22 04:06:44z Send another hi{7
VA3HRA-9 VA3DVR-14 08/21 12:30:42z Reply ok, tnx 73{10
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA-9 08/21 12:30:04z Send another a little{6
VA3HRA-9 VA3DVR-14 08/21 12:28:34z Reply foggy ur way?{9
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA-9 08/21 12:28:15z Send another hi{5
VA3HRA-9 VA3DVR-14 08/21 12:27:33z Reply Morning Martin..{08}
VA3HRA-9 VA3DVR-14 08/21 11:11:21z Reply MORNING DRIVER,,{03}
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 08/21 09:16:00z Reply Good morning Martin! :-) de Russ{KZ}
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/20 12:05:14z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{26
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/20 12:05:12z Send another bye{4
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/18 18:50:17z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{25
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/18 18:50:15z Send another hi almost done{3
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 08/18 16:43:27z Send another hi{2
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/17 11:32:57z Send another RR c u soon. 73 88 u r up early.{1
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/17 11:27:21z Send another out 4 a rip there bud.{0
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/17 11:14:01z Reply morning: your on the map and beaconing. have a good day. 88 73{24
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 08/17 01:48:53z Send another hihowdy{94
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/17 01:48:19z Send another hi from the Soo{99
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/16 11:20:44z Reply Morning from home. hope your day goes well. 88 73{23
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 08/15 04:43:50z Reply good nite from Ontario. 88 73{21
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/15 01:54:59z Send another hello from Winnipeg{98
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/15 01:54:23z Send another hello from Thunderbay{97
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/15 01:54:20z Send another hello from Thunderbay{96
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 08/14 06:04:48z Send another hello from Thunderbay{95
N8CN-9 VA3DVR-14 08/13 18:07:43z Reply ?APRSP
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 08/13 13:52:02z Reply hi{C
VA3DVR-14 VE3TEJ 07/26 04:53:37z Send another hi{93
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/26 03:56:55z Send another BOO{92
VA3DVR-14 KC2ASA-8 07/25 14:57:53z Send another missed ur mess tiL now.{91
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/24 19:52:52z Send another yes dudet!{90
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/24 17:26:20z Reply dude!!{Z
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/23 18:34:29z Send another whese u at driver?{89
VA3DVR-14 WB3FKP 07/22 15:01:23z Send another hi{88
WB3FKP VA3DVR-14 07/22 14:56:56z Reply hello ! name here is mark{WW}
WB3FKP VA3DVR-14 07/22 14:36:42z Reply hello ! name here is mark{WW}
VA3DVR-14 VA3CC-14 07/21 17:43:10z Send another hi{87
VA3CC-14 VA3DVR-14 07/21 15:25:44z Reply were you at{L
VA3DVR-14 VA3CC-14 07/21 15:22:21z Send another hi{87
VA3CC-14 VA3DVR-14 07/21 15:21:02z Reply hey old fart{K
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/19 01:17:30z Reply you got a dyna. lol{X
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/19 01:07:49z Send another hey! why i was asking, patrick needs a bike{86
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/19 01:05:25z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{05
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/19 01:05:22z Send another 1/2 away from the house now. c u soon{85
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/17 03:26:52z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{04