VA3DVR-14 messages

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VA3DVR-14 VE3TEJ 07/26 04:53:37z Send another hi{93
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/26 03:56:55z Send another BOO{92
VA3DVR-14 KC2ASA-8 07/25 14:57:53z Send another missed ur mess tiL now.{91
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/24 19:52:52z Send another yes dudet!{90
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/24 17:26:20z Reply dude!!{Z
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/23 18:34:29z Send another whese u at driver?{89
VA3DVR-14 WB3FKP 07/22 15:01:23z Send another hi{88
WB3FKP VA3DVR-14 07/22 14:56:56z Reply hello ! name here is mark{WW}
WB3FKP VA3DVR-14 07/22 14:36:42z Reply hello ! name here is mark{WW}
VA3DVR-14 VA3CC-14 07/21 17:43:10z Send another hi{87
VA3CC-14 VA3DVR-14 07/21 15:25:44z Reply were you at{L
VA3DVR-14 VA3CC-14 07/21 15:22:21z Send another hi{87
VA3CC-14 VA3DVR-14 07/21 15:21:02z Reply hey old fart{K
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/19 01:17:30z Reply you got a dyna. lol{X
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/19 01:07:49z Send another hey! why i was asking, patrick needs a bike{86
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/19 01:05:25z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{05
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/19 01:05:22z Send another 1/2 away from the house now. c u soon{85
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/17 03:26:52z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{04
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/17 03:26:48z Send another nite nite{84
VA3FES-10 VA3DVR-14 07/17 00:04:35z Reply slow poke{7
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/16 19:57:17z Reply lazy!{W
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/16 16:16:29z Reply hey!{V
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/16 13:19:37z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{03
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/16 13:19:34z Send another hello{83
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/16 13:19:12z Send another boo! uback yet ?{82
KC2ASA-15 VA3DVR-14 07/15 04:07:12z Reply welcome to the area. Come through here often?{KA}
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/14 18:41:33z Send another yupp made it 2 nj on time{81
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 07/14 16:46:17z Reply Mornin Driver! Are you on schedule?{R
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 07/14 10:05:12z Reply Have a safe trip! :-){JA}
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-12 07/14 10:04:46z Send another hi{80
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 07/14 10:04:25z Reply Hi Martin! de Russ{IZ}
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/14 09:12:23z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{02
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/14 08:49:39z Send another bye{79
VA3DVR-14 VADVR 07/14 08:42:26z Send another bye{78
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 07/12 02:14:43z Send another hi{77
VE3TEJ VA3DVR-14 07/11 20:02:08z Reply your going to be late for supper tonight{16
WX4C VA3DVR-14 07/11 13:53:52z Reply Happy trails{1
VA3DVR-14 KC8MTV-9 07/11 13:47:07z Send another hi{76
KC8MTV-9 VA3DVR-14 07/11 08:47:33z Reply Good morning{9
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/08 11:51:11z Send another good morning house{75
W8OL VA3DVR-14 07/08 11:42:48z Reply ?APRSP
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/06 20:55:16z Send another bridge backed up big time{74
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 07/04 16:58:44z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{01
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 07/04 16:55:16z Send another hello house{73
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 07/03 13:22:32z Send another hey 1 stop, u playin this wknd ? it's big baLls dice run wknd ?{72
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/28 23:01:29z Reply hows the ride going?{1
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 06/27 13:32:47z Send another howdy{71
KE5BFE-14 VA3DVR-14 06/27 02:17:37z Reply HELLO DRIVER{QJ}
W4ITG VA3DVR-14 06/25 13:22:28z Reply try 146.820 pl 110.0{82
W4ITG VA3DVR-14 06/25 13:17:34z Reply OK{81
VA3DVR-14 W4ITG 06/25 13:17:18z Send another howdy{69
VA3DVR-14 W4ITG 06/25 13:17:15z Send another 52{70
W4ITG VA3DVR-14 06/25 12:59:43z Reply MIDARS NC in Vermillion, OH 7.258{80
W4ITG VA3DVR-14 06/25 12:47:40z Reply Gd morn Martin{79
VA3DVR-14 KE5BFE-14 06/19 22:52:23z Send another howdy{68
KE5BFE-14 VA3DVR-14 06/19 22:52:08z Reply *ack ke5bfe
KE5BFE-14 VA3DVR-14 06/19 22:28:49z Reply hello driver{76
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 06/19 02:05:42z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{00
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 06/19 02:05:35z Send another hello house{67
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/19 02:03:58z Send another where u at driver ?{66
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/19 01:36:22z Send another boo{65
K8PNW-9 VA3DVR-14 06/10 16:33:00z Reply Nice ur on APRS today 73 Tom {9
KU1U-4 VA3DVR-14 06/09 20:53:47z Reply good afternoon{16
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 06/05 23:49:37z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{99
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 06/05 23:49:32z Send another hello from Cinci{64
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/04 15:16:43z Reply Dude!{L
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/04 15:15:53z Reply Dude!{L.51ND081
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 06/03 21:51:54z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{98
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 06/03 21:51:49z Send another hi house{63
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-12 06/02 10:11:25z Send another thks Russ 73{62
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 06/02 10:04:48z Reply 73's Martin!{BB}
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 06/02 09:54:43z Reply AA:Ack'd! - 73's - Russ
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 06/02 09:46:23z Reply Have a safe trip Martin! - Russ{BA}
VE3LSG-10 VA3DVR-14 05/30 22:16:21z Reply have a safe trip home!{RZ}
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-10 05/30 22:11:59z Send another hi{61
VE3LSG-10 VA3DVR-14 05/30 22:10:28z Reply ge Martin{RW}
VA3DVR-14 K8PNW-9 05/30 21:46:51z Send another hi always try 2b,{60
K8PNW-9 VA3DVR-14 05/30 21:45:36z Reply Nice ur on APRS today 73 Tom {66
VA3DVR-14 W4ITG 05/29 22:02:03z Send another hody driver, listening over in werterm ny{59
VA3DVR-14 W4ITG-14 05/29 20:45:47z Send another howdy driver, listening fr6 western ny{58
VA3DVR-14 N8VZ-3 05/29 15:15:38z Send another Hi{57
N8VZ-3 VA3DVR-14 05/29 14:10:41z Reply Hello from N8VZ!{02
VA3DVR-14 AA3JY-2 05/29 13:47:59z Send another is there a freq. we can work?{56
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:45:06z Reply 30,000 lbs of Bananas' by Harry Chapin{56
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:43:45z Reply Wilkes-Barre,Pa.{55
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:41:42z Reply U remeber that song about 50,000 lbs of bananas coming down into{54
VA3DVR-14 AA3JY-2 05/29 13:39:10z Send another skwished{55
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:39:07z Reply ?
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:38:06z Reply 50,000 lbs of bananas{53
VA3DVR-14 AA3JY-2 05/29 13:37:22z Send another cool{54
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:34:19z Reply I hr ur talk'n to Mr. Grumpy on .21 :}{52
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 13:33:07z Reply Gd Morn..yep back from north Fla doing some cave diving{51
VA3DVR-14 AA3JY-2 05/29 13:11:13z Send another howdy Clay hows the beamer?{53
KD7SUG-9 VA3DVR-14 05/29 00:41:34z Reply rej46
AA3JY-2 VA3DVR-14 05/29 00:25:56z Reply Greetings..long time!{50
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 05/28 01:49:50z Send another nite nite{52
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 05/23 11:16:33z Send another good morning house{51
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 05/23 05:08:54z Send another nite nite{50
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 05/21 22:20:03z Send another hello from Elmira ny.{49
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 05/21 03:54:32z Reply Hi! nothing new here. How about you?{J