VA3DVR-14 messages

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VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 04/16 23:10:39z Reply 146.760 t 131{43
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 04/16 22:42:42z Reply 346.760 t 131{43
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 04/16 22:42:30z Reply 146.760 t 031{43
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 04/16 21:52:56z Reply WHA{41
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 04/16 21:38:28z Send another 444.725{27
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 04/16 21:23:26z Send another hey{26
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 04/16 21:16:37z Send another 52{25
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA-3 04/12 23:29:46z Send another heading home{24
VA3HRA-3 VA3DVR-14 04/12 23:29:44z Reply 73 Harv{4
VA3HRA-3 VA3DVR-14 04/12 23:26:46z Reply enjoy ur travels..{3
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA-3 04/12 23:24:11z Send another howdy{23
VA3HRA-3 VA3DVR-14 04/12 23:16:28z Reply from Exeter..{02}
VA3HRA-3 VA3DVR-14 04/12 23:15:16z Reply Hi Martin.. Just a quick hello{01}
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 04/12 23:04:18z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{80
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 04/12 23:04:12z Send another hi house{22
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 04/12 17:04:11z Send another byc{21
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 04/12 01:19:14z Send another me 2{20
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 04/12 01:18:22z Reply in london hedn home{7
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 04/12 01:17:30z Reply in london hedn home{6
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 04/12 01:15:35z Send another hi{19
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 04/12 01:15:27z Send another boo{18
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 04/12 01:14:18z Reply boo{5
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 04/09 22:31:20z Send another i am rockhn{17
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 04/09 22:29:07z Reply Hi truck r u rolling or r u idling?{79
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 04/09 20:31:20z Send another hi house{16
VA3DVR-14 W4ITG 04/09 20:19:28z Send another bye 73{15
W4ITG VA3DVR-14 04/09 20:08:19z Reply 146.520?{53
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 04/08 10:10:22z Reply sleep. 88 73{78
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 04/08 10:05:08z Reply now making lunches then to bed. Hannah home too. have a good{77
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 04/08 10:03:20z Reply the boys had a rainy soccer practice tonite at springbank. home{76
VA3DVR-14 KB2HWL 04/07 19:59:55z Send another hi{14
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 04/07 19:27:12z Send another day going good and u ? overcast, no rain and mild{13
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 04/07 17:01:17z Reply hope your day is going well. no rain here yet. 88 73{75
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-12 04/07 11:21:21z Send another hi{12
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 04/07 11:19:57z Reply Have a safe trip Martin! - Russ{HF}
VE3LSG-12 VA3DVR-14 04/07 10:18:05z Reply Good norning Nartin!{HD}
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 03/29 09:31:52z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{65
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 03/28 14:49:37z Send another hi house{9
KE5BFE-14 VA3DVR-14 03/27 11:59:58z Reply good morning {28
VA3DVR-14 KE5BFE-14 03/27 11:29:50z Send another good morning{11
KE5BFE-14 VA3DVR-14 03/27 11:29:26z Reply gas on it driver{27
VA3DVR-14 VE3LFS-14 03/26 22:52:38z Send another Sorry tick ticK tick{10
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 03/23 21:56:26z Send another bye{8
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 03/21 23:56:59z Reply catch u om st tms 2nt{Y
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 03/21 22:33:26z Reply next time 73{X
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 03/21 22:28:21z Send another i will b at home in st.t.{7
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 03/21 22:26:20z Reply i will b at husky london drv red volvo JE Culp trsp{W
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 03/21 22:02:04z Send another 442.175 123 pl{6
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 03/21 21:59:09z Reply 444950{V
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 03/21 21:55:10z Reply 444450{U
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 03/21 21:49:58z Reply boo{T
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 03/20 21:01:04z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{63
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 03/20 21:01:01z Send another parked 4 the in WV. how did the meeting go?{5
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 03/20 08:53:28z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{62
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 03/20 08:38:46z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{61
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 03/20 08:38:43z Send another good morning house{3
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 03/19 15:44:00z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{60
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 03/19 15:09:02z Send another hello house{2
KC2ASA-8 VA3DVR-14 03/17 20:35:14z Reply I heard your Voice Alert beacon.{12
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 03/17 08:02:42z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{59
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 03/17 08:02:34z Send another im back{1