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VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/27 12:08:11z Reply Good morin...{01}
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 07/24 15:19:28z Send another gd morin!{55
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/24 11:33:59z Reply and gd morin!{02}
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/24 11:25:30z Reply A well deserved holiday, do enjoy..{01}
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 23:59:00z Reply Well do enjoy!{06}
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 07/23 13:57:27z Send another living the dream, 2 weeks vacation coming.{54
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 13:41:54z Reply Hv a gd day, grass cutin day 73..{05}
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 13:28:45z Reply and you..{04}
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 13:26:42z Reply ya good 4 an old guy{3
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 07/23 13:24:05z Send another sure has. u keeping well ?{53
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 13:01:32z Reply ya hi ben awhilw{2
VA3DVR-14 VA3HRA 07/23 12:59:00z Send another howdy{52
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 12:56:49z Reply ben tring BPQ32 APRS a real pain..{01}
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/23 11:49:12z Reply Mornin Martin!{01}
VE3LSG-3 VA3DVR-14 07/23 11:41:59z Reply GM Martin, have a safe trip! :-){SX}
VA3HRA VA3DVR-14 07/22 23:56:30z Reply Hey big guy how goes it?{02}
VE3LSG-3 VA3DVR-14 07/16 11:53:05z Reply Hello Martin! :-){LO}
VE3LSG-3 VA3DVR-14 07/16 11:52:14z Reply Hello Martin! :-){LN}
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-3 06/29 12:05:36z Send another howdy{51
VE3LSG-3 VA3DVR-14 06/29 12:04:55z Reply Hi Martin!!{BS}
VA3DVR-14 VA3TJS-2 06/26 19:19:51z Send another hi{50
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/25 22:01:15z Reply yer going the wrong way{P59145.35
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/25 22:01:13z Reply yer going the wrong way{P
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 06/25 01:31:18z Reply Can't reply to msg's
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 06/25 01:31:14z Reply rej49
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 06/25 01:31:08z Send another hi{49
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 06/25 01:15:48z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{55
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 06/25 01:14:54z Send another hello house{48
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/25 01:13:17z Send another hurry up, u r going 2 b late 4 supper.{46
VA3DVR-14 VA3TJS-2 06/24 21:50:10z Send another howdy Tim{47
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/24 14:30:35z Send another hurry up, u r going 2 b late 4 supper.{46peatertD
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/24 11:59:11z Send another hur{45
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/12 18:59:15z Send another So{44
VA3DVR-14 VE3MJM-4 06/12 16:08:55z Send another 145.150 - what tone?{43
VE3MJM-4 VA3DVR-14 06/12 16:08:07z Reply 114{XK}
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/12 16:06:35z Reply nope just got an mt.{O
VE3MJM-4 VA3DVR-14 06/12 16:04:12z Reply 145.150 Stratford{XJ}
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/12 15:07:13z Send another u headimg back yet ?{42
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 06/12 14:50:33z Send another Howdy 2 u 2.{41
VA3VA VA3DVR-14 06/12 14:36:07z Reply Howdy{76
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/11 17:22:14z Send another 442.200{40
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/11 15:32:16z Reply dude{N
K8PNW-9 VA3DVR-14 06/09 14:30:55z Reply Hi Martin de Tom{30
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 06/09 11:52:32z Send another alien{39
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 06/08 17:36:17z Send another hi house{38
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 06/08 17:35:21z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{36
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/08 15:39:30z Send another R u lost driver, it's monday and u r e/b not w/b{37
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/08 13:31:28z Send another i did, i did. was in windsor 7:45 am{36
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/08 12:27:05z Reply haha u missed me! sleepy head{M
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 06/08 11:45:10z Send another G.M.{35
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/05 13:50:22z Send another look @ u go{34
VE3LSG-9 VA3DVR-14 06/05 10:53:19z Reply Hi Marty!{TA}
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 06/04 13:12:39z Reply 73{B
VE3LT-12 VA3DVR-14 06/04 13:12:24z Reply driving, try to call me on phone ERA Network
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 06/04 13:09:40z Send another hi{33
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/04 10:31:35z Reply c ya Martin!{L
VA3NDJ VA3DVR-14 06/04 04:31:41z Reply Thomas{11
VA3NDJ VA3DVR-14 06/04 04:31:03z Reply I missed you over the weekend. I was visiting the in-laws in St.{10
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 06/04 00:39:51z Send another headin ur way{32
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/04 00:37:17z Send another bye{31
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 06/04 00:35:21z Send another hello agaim{30
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/03 21:52:01z Reply still{K
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/03 20:37:57z Send another well ?{29
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/03 19:51:29z Send another 442.200{28
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/03 18:38:21z Send another 145.450{27
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/03 17:53:42z Reply crazy{J
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/03 17:50:11z Send another ya ya{26
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/03 16:47:07z Reply boo{I
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-9 06/03 13:01:40z Send another gotin 2 late 2 go.did u meet John ve3izm, a very long time friend?{25
VE3LSG VA3DVR-14 06/03 13:01:02z Reply I think I did{32
VE3LSG-9 VA3DVR-14 06/03 11:07:12z Reply I was at the ST Thomas club meeting last night. Nice bunch of guys!{GZ}
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG-9 06/03 11:06:20z Send another hello{24
VE3LSG-9 VA3DVR-14 06/03 11:02:53z Reply GM Marty!{GY}
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 06/02 22:47:50z Send another howdy{23
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/02 17:13:17z Send another where u going now ?{22
VE3THG-7 VA3DVR-14 06/02 13:44:38z Reply rej18
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/02 00:33:52z Send another how is the peg ?{21
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 06/01 11:18:15z Reply About time you got working. {G
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 06/01 11:10:30z Send another boo{20
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 05/29 15:08:07z Send another hey, how's G R ? tune 444.900 94.8 pl saY hi to k8ihy for me.{19
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 05/29 12:21:58z Send another hi{18
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 05/28 23:54:18z Send another 442.200{17
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 05/28 23:52:04z Send another no u pick{16
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 05/28 23:50:47z Reply im at putnam{D
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 05/28 23:49:55z Reply u pick{C
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 05/28 23:48:48z Send another pick a freq{15
VA3DVR-14 VA3FES-14 05/28 23:47:03z Send another heading home. u turming ?{14
VA3FES-14 VA3DVR-14 05/28 23:44:05z Reply wazzup?{A
VA3DVR VA3DVR-14 05/28 23:41:22z Reply [AA] not at the keyboard, 73 the Girouard's{28
VA3DVR-14 VA3DVR 05/28 23:41:17z Send another heading home{13
VA3DVR-14 VE3THG-7 05/28 15:42:26z Send another howdy{9
VA3DVR-14 VA3VA 05/28 14:12:47z Send another howdy{12
VE3LSG VA3DVR-14 05/28 11:13:19z Reply may it go on for awhile! :-){29
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 05/28 11:12:11z Send another boo{4
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG 05/28 11:11:11z Send another -14 lives again{11
VE3LSG VA3DVR-14 05/28 11:10:14z Reply Ack'd! 73's! Russ!
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG 05/28 11:10:06z Send another "{10
VA3DVR-14 VE3LT-12 05/28 11:09:13z Send another boo{4IP,V
VE3LSG VA3DVR-14 05/28 11:08:59z Reply gm Marty!{28
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG 05/28 11:08:07z Send another hi{8