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VA2RGX-10 VA2LGT 06/25 23:23:30z Send another salut{4
VA2RGX-10 VE2OFC-9 06/24 22:16:06z Send another greetingd{3
VA2RGX-10 VA2KK-9 06/14 18:23:59z Send another salut
VA2RGX-10 CONQUEST 06/11 00:32:14z Send another greetings did you receive this msg?{1
VA2RGX-10 VA2LGT 06/06 23:40:46z Send another salut{3
KA2MHZ VA2RGX-10 06/02 04:25:04z Reply AA:Tnx for message, I am away right now 73
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 06/02 02:51:56z Reply [AA] Thanx & 73! Jim (UI-View32){60
VA2RGX-10 VE3XID 06/02 02:51:53z Send another hello how are you?{5
VA2RGX-10 VE2SPY 06/02 02:29:01z Send another salut michel{1
VA2RGX-10 PU1SSI 06/01 20:35:13z Send another VC recebeu Esta mensagem?{2
VA2RGX-10 PU1SSI 06/01 20:33:26z Send another Bom Dia, estou testando o sistema{1
VA2RGX-10 VE2KHC-5 06/01 20:30:12z Send another hello{2
VA2RGX-10 VE2KHC-7 06/01 20:29:38z Send another hello{1
VA2RGX-10 VA2LGT 06/01 16:13:29z Send another salut{2
VA2RGX-10 VA2LGT 06/01 16:13:29z Send another salit{1
VE2DA VA2RGX-10 06/01 15:58:54z Reply rej1
VE2ONR-10 VA2RGX-10 06/01 15:57:30z Reply Bonsoir{SG}
VE2ONR-10 VA2RGX-10 05/31 23:53:05z Reply AA:Message recu. Il se peut que je ne soit pas devant l'ordi. 73
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 21:50:27z Reply [AA] Thanx & 73! Jim (UI-View32){59
VA2RGX-10 VE3XID 05/31 21:50:24z Send another ;){4
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 21:50:24z Reply [AA] Thanx & 73! Jim (UI-View32){58
VA2RGX-10 VE3XID 05/31 21:50:22z Send another I was on traffic and I could not type{3
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 21:49:47z Reply [AA] Thanx & 73! Jim (UI-View32){57
VA2RGX-10 VE3XID 05/31 21:49:44z Send another hello ve3xid, sorry for delay. it is my first day using aprs{2
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 21:09:58z Reply You can have your Traffic Jams. I don't miss them{56
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:58:09z Reply I grew up in Montreal 40 years ago{55
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:52:49z Reply You're headed for the Decarie Trench{54
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:51:23z Reply You just turned 180ø on Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Paul{53
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:43:52z Reply You're on Boulevard De La Vérendrye now{52
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:40:36z Reply How are things on Rue Lapierre, Renato?{51
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:29:50z Reply G'Day{50
VE3XID VA2RGX-10 05/31 20:29:13z Reply [AA] Thanx & 73! Jim (UI-View32){49
VA2RGX-10 VE2DEW-12 05/31 20:28:04z Send another hello!
VA2RGX-10 VE2DEW-12 05/31 17:09:26z Send another hello!{1
VA2RGX-10 VE2LC-9 05/31 15:17:09z Send another bonjour{1
VA2RGX-10 Caserne8B 05/31 15:09:58z Send another greetings{1
VE2SIL VA2RGX-10 05/31 14:46:29z Reply bon matin 73{03
VA2RGX-10 VE2SIL 05/31 14:44:37z Send another salut{1