UZ7HO-2 messages

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UZ7HO-2 F6EWX-14 04/02 16:02:38z Send another but it was year or two ago either..{90
UZ7HO-2 F6EWX-14 04/02 16:00:47z Send another it seems we had QSO using one of NA nodes{89
UZ7HO-2 F6EWX-14 04/02 15:58:54z Send another VA2 in my list today though{88
UZ7HO-2 F6EWX-14 04/02 15:57:20z Send another I did not hear him for a long time ;){87
F6EWX-14 UZ7HO-2 04/02 15:54:10z Reply Hello my friend{23
UZ7HO-2 F6EWX-14 04/02 15:52:28z Send another Hi Andy!{86
OH7JJT-3 UZ7HO-2 03/11 12:50:25z Reply test{HD}
UZ7HO-2 UZ7HO 03/11 12:34:19z Send another test{85
F6EWX-14 UZ7HO-2 03/09 17:45:22z Reply Hrd 5 sta from NA in the last hour.{06
UZ7HO-2 F6EWX 03/09 17:18:09z Send another yes, the same here{84
F6EWX-14 UZ7HO-2 03/09 17:16:51z Reply yes heard VE,KB,AB{04
UZ7HO-2 F6EWX 03/09 17:15:44z Send another band was open to NA today{83
F6EWX-14 UZ7HO-2 03/09 17:11:41z Reply hello my friend{03