UR5FSV-8 messages

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UR5FSV-8 ON5RZ-5 07/04 14:18:36z Send another have a safe trip! 73{2
ON5RZ-5 UR5FSV-8 07/04 13:57:28z Reply uhm I'm cycling to cherkaj and than north...{1
UR5FSV-8 ON5RZ-5 07/02 18:08:43z Send another welcome to Odessa! HAMs on 145500MHz.{1
WA1GOV-10 UR5FSV-8 06/13 20:33:05z Reply SO-50 over KF04WV AOS 13Jun19 21:45 UTC AZ 358 MaxEL/AZ 26/53
UR5FSV-8 WA1GOV-10 06/13 20:32:53z Send another SO-50{2
UR5FSV-8 WA1GOV-10 06/13 20:32:08z Send another ISS{1
UR5FSV-8 EMAIL 06/13 16:27:31z Send another massini@ukr.net test test test{1
WXBOT UR5FSV-8 06/13 06:45:41z Reply Sorry, unable to get a forecast for location 46.46333/30.71383{MX
UR5FSV-8 WXBOT 06/13 06:45:33z Send another odessa{1