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KC7MG-9 TG5ALY-12 05/08 13:37:01z Reply GOod morning German
EMAIL-2 TG5ALY-12 05/05 03:36:24z Reply Email sent to{76
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL-2 05/05 03:36:24z Send another test via ISS TG5ALY{36
TG5ALY-13 TG5ALY-12 05/04 02:45:48z Reply test via aprs{2
KD4C-11 TG5ALY-12 05/03 14:25:49z Reply Copy you via ISS
KG4WKX-6 TG5ALY-12 04/25 17:41:04z Reply hello from Florida!
REPEAT TG5ALY-12 04/23 21:42:08z Reply Unknown command! Send 'help' message for help{589
REPEAT TG5ALY-12 04/23 21:42:05z Reply Unknown command! Send 'help' message for help{588
REPEAT TG5ALY-12 04/23 21:41:13z Reply Unknown command! Send 'help' message for help{586
TG5ALY-12 REPEAT 04/23 21:41:13z Send another dmo 147.000 free DMR.{26
REPEAT TG5ALY-12 04/23 21:41:04z Reply Unknown command! Send 'help' message for help{585
TG5ALY-12 REPEAT 04/23 21:41:03z Send another dmo 147.000 free DMR.{25
SMSGTE TG5ALY-12 04/23 21:41:01z Reply The number 59050482 is invalid{E3008
TG5ALY-12 SMSGTE 04/23 21:41:00z Send another @59050482 mje via aprs{24
SMSGTE TG5ALY-12 04/23 21:40:58z Reply The number 59050482 is invalid{E3007
TG5ALY-12 SMSGTE 04/23 21:40:57z Send another @59050482 mje via aprs{23
N2EDX-7 TG5ALY-12 04/23 17:15:15z Reply Florida EL99 73 de Phil{10
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/22 18:38:41z Reply Email sent to{389
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/22 18:38:40z Send another via ISSFT400{17
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/22 18:38:38z Reply Email sent to{388
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/22 18:38:37z Send another via ISSFT400{16
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/22 18:38:07z Reply Email sent to{387
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/22 18:38:06z Send another via ISSFT400{22
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/22 18:38:00z Reply Email sent to{386
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/22 18:37:59z Send another via ISSFT400{21
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/22 18:30:24z Reply Email sent to{385
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/22 18:30:24z Send another via ISS FT400{15
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/21 21:14:56z Reply Email sent to{384
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/21 21:11:55z Send another via ISS FT400{13
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/21 21:06:04z Reply Email sent to{383
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/21 21:03:04z Send another via ISS{12
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/21 21:01:43z Reply Email sent to{382
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/21 21:01:40z Reply Email sent to{381
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/21 21:01:30z Reply Email sent to{380
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/21 20:58:42z Send another via ISS FTM400{08
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/21 20:58:39z Send another via ISS FTM400{07
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/21 20:58:29z Send another via ISS FTM400{10
TG5ALY-13 TG5ALY-12 04/20 20:16:07z Reply 73 via iss{2
TG5ALY-13 TG5ALY-12 04/20 20:11:09z Reply 73 via iss{1
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/19 20:58:51z Reply Email sent to{477
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/19 20:58:51z Send another via ISS FTM400{06
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/19 20:29:24z Reply Email sent to{476
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/19 20:29:23z Send another via ISS FTM400{02
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/19 20:27:02z Reply Email sent to{475
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/19 20:27:01z Send another EMIAL VIA ISS FTM 400{01
EMAIL TG5ALY-12 04/19 20:26:58z Reply Invalid Request!{474
TG5ALY-12 EMAIL 04/19 20:26:58z Send another EMAIL via ISS FT400{00
XE1R TG5ALY-12 04/16 21:46:22z Reply SALUDOS
KB2M-4 TG5ALY-12 04/14 11:52:47z Reply good morning fr el99
OM8GRS-7 TG5ALY-12 04/14 05:32:43z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73! Slovakia #OM8GRS
KD8GIJ-5 TG5ALY-12 04/14 03:25:40z Reply N:HOTG happy late #APRSTHURSDAY
K4APR TG5ALY-12 04/14 03:15:17z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday from a Sharp Zaurus
KY4TLS-4 TG5ALY-12 04/14 03:14:21z Reply N:HOTG Checking In from my iPad. #APRSTHURSDAY KY4TLS 73
VE3RXH-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 03:00:50z Reply N:HOTG de VE3RXH
N5TXZ-1 TG5ALY-12 04/14 03:00:34z Reply N:HOTG Exercising the net for #APRSthursday, 73!
VE3RXH-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:59:58z Reply N:HOTG Checkin de VE3RXH with Anytone 878II+
N8JLK-3 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:52:19z Reply N:HOTG WinLink:
N8JLK-3 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:51:47z Reply N:HOTG WiresX 54806 AlStr 48269 EchLnk 44134 DMR TG44134 (TGIF)
N8JLK-3 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:46:39z Reply N:HOTG Greeting N8JLK via RF Yaesu 8900 MobiLinkD TNC3
AJ4VX-7 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:45:59z Reply N:HOTG greetings
N8CNZ-5 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:25:46z Reply N:HOTG APRS Thursday Again!!!
NB0X-10 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:10:56z Reply N:HOTG GE from New Mexico 73!
W6TST-1 TG5ALY-12 04/14 02:05:04z Reply N:HOTG happy thursday 73
W2ZF TG5ALY-12 04/14 01:21:30z Reply N:HOTG Checking in APRS Thursday!
KD8OFT-5 TG5ALY-12 04/14 01:15:16z Reply N:HOTG Quick check in before bed, 73s from Columbus OH
LU1ENI-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 01:06:13z Reply N:HOTG , HELLO
KD8QLN-7 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:59:38z Reply N:HOTG 73 frm dayton. need more aprs nets
LU1ENI-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:59:02z Reply N:HOTG 73 CORDIALES
N2HTE TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:58:58z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday cinci
VA6GAC-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:53:05z Reply N:HOTG ?aprsm-5
KA6TWR-7 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:51:45z Reply N:HOTG UNTIL NEXT WEEK 73!
W0HOH-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:43:36z Reply N:HOTG not sure if on correct day but happy aprs thursday
KB8JIU TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:36:12z Reply N:HOTG From Marty in White Lake, MI, Happy #ARPSTHURSDAY
HK6LRQ-2 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:35:13z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY LIGA RADIO QUINDIO Armenia
KG5FLJ-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:32:59z Reply N:HOTG happy thursday!
WL7CLI TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:30:53z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Iowa
K7XYG-9 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:29:50z Reply N:HOTG the prince of the rodeo requests some quaaludes and a taco
N1NHT TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:29:35z Reply N:HOTG greetings from conway sc
KC1IEN-7 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:27:27z Reply N:HOTG paul from RI
KC1MMC-7 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:09:57z Reply N:HOTG Steven fn34 VT
W0RMT TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:08:46z Reply N:HOTG BUD LOUISVILLE CO VIA JS8 20M
9W2JDY-5 TG5ALY-12 04/14 00:06:21z Reply N:HOTG de OJ13pt
KN6ZEO-7 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:54:42z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday 73 from San Jose,CA
VK4MAX-10 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:52:06z Reply N:HOTG Queensland Australia
KF5WJC-7 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:49:03z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday Hi, Grand Prairie, TX, 73
KH6OWL-9 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:43:54z Reply N:HOTG aloha APRS Thursday 73 KH6owl
HK6LRQ-10 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:40:28z Reply N:HOTG have a nice day #aprsthursday, 73
W5SAB-10 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:39:14z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY & 73s
WH6EAO-9 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:36:45z Reply N:HOTG check-in aloha & 73
J72JNM-9 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:33:42z Reply N:HOTG Hello am just happy to be taking part in the net.
KI5OJI-7 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:26:41z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs from texas
XE2XEH-9 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:18:08z Reply N:HOTG Hi! Fabian from Apodaca DL95vs
VE1RMJ-15 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:12:50z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Oxford NS CAN. FN85br 73.
SM2YUW-7 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:11:51z Reply N:HOTG Happy #aprsthursday!73 de SM2YUW via ft3d in Kiruna, Sweden
KF4DVW-1 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:03:59z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 KF4DVW
K7XYG-9 TG5ALY-12 04/13 23:02:55z Reply N:HOTG find me on ig @ k7xyg_official new followers get $100! JK
J73ESL-7 TG5ALY-12 04/13 22:58:46z Reply N:HOTG Ericson Dominica
W4LKS-7 TG5ALY-12 04/13 22:57:58z Reply N:HOTG Hi from Spokane