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SMSGTE SQ5DM-7 06/19 12:18:51z Send another The number 0048504955488 is invalid{E7279
SQ5DM-7 SMSGTE 06/19 12:13:46z Reply @0048504955488 TEST{023
W5OTR-9 SMSGTE 06/19 11:56:33z Reply @5127346755 headed to gas station{21
KI6PPU-5 SMSGTE 06/19 11:40:40z Reply @corey do u remember command to change beacon message?{553
KI6PPU-5 SMSGTE 06/19 11:15:10z Reply @heidi argh! no sugar or creamer. good morning luv {552
KM4ACK SMSGTE 06/19 11:00:02z Reply @me
2E0WWV-7 SMSGTE 06/19 10:53:17z Reply @g6jef hi Ste de Scot{28
KM4ACK SMSGTE 06/19 10:00:27z Reply @k1ky AK4FA PBX is OFFLINE 20
SMSGTE K7ZGT 06/19 07:41:29z Send another @mth test{M7277
SMSGTE K7ZGT 06/19 07:38:09z Send another @mth Got it tnx{M7278
K7ZGT SMSGTE 06/19 07:35:13z Reply @2067437473 test{M
SMSGTE KE6SLS-2 06/19 07:11:58z Send another @4087103990 de kk6kfb. Msg recieved{M7276
KE6SLS-2 SMSGTE 06/19 06:31:06z Reply @4087103990 I'm guessing these aren't making either :( ke6sls{AB}
KE6SLS-2 SMSGTE 06/19 06:25:33z Reply @4087103990 last ping 22:56{AA}
KE6SLS-2 SMSGTE 06/19 06:20:32z Reply @4087103990 send some pings==ke6sls{A9}
SMSGTE 2E0WWV-7 06/19 04:45:48z Send another @me tyt received tnx{M7274
2E0WWV-7 SMSGTE 06/19 04:45:04z Reply @me TYT test{004
SMSGTE 2E0WWV-7 06/19 04:44:04z Send another The number 2E0WWV-7 is invalid{E7273
2E0WWV-7 SMSGTE 06/19 04:44:04z Reply @2E0WWV-7 TYT test{003
SMSGTE KJ7ZGF-7 06/19 04:39:55z Send another @7148879075 Whoa...that's rad{M7272
SMSGTE AJ6JA 06/19 04:36:54z Send another @AJ6JA ????????????{M7271
SMSGTE 2E0WWV-7 06/19 04:35:29z Send another @me will be qrv from 930{M7270
SMSGTE 2E0WWV 06/19 04:35:29z Send another @me will be qrv from 9:30am ?{M7269
SMSGTE 2E0WWV-7 06/19 04:35:28z Send another @me will be qrv from 9:30am ?{M7268
K6BRW-9 SMSGTE 06/19 04:22:18z Reply @5597708847 testing i this still works{14
KI6PPU-5 SMSGTE 06/19 04:11:00z Reply @mike fixed{551
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 04:05:24z Reply @7148879075 This will be hella cool for the fam. {9
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 04:04:24z Reply @7148879075 Hey, Travis. This is tony over aprs. {8
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:57:46z Reply @7753869330 Hey, Mike. This is cool! Thanks for showing me.{7
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:55:42z Reply @me test{6
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:55:08z Reply @erica test 2{5
SMSGTE 2E0WWV-7 06/19 03:51:36z Send another @me all received{M7267
KJ7YTQ-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:51:15z Reply @6026977571 Text back to this # w/ @KJ7YTQ b4 ur msg{10
KJ7YTQ-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:51:03z Reply @6026977571 Texting you from camp. No cell service here.{09
SMSGTE KF0EBL 06/19 03:50:13z Send another @4022165516 That's cool. Kf0bxc{M7266
SMSGTE KJ7ZGF-7 06/19 03:50:13z Send another The number 4252329497 has been associated with this callsign.{C7265
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:50:13z Reply #mynumber add 4252329497{4
2E0WWV-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:49:20z Reply @me hi Scot{27
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:48:41z Reply @4252329497 test{3
SMSGTE KI6EBU-7 06/19 03:47:42z Send another @9097060792 At 9{M7264
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/19 03:45:22z Send another @heidi Love you too have fun{M7263
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/19 03:44:33z Reply @heidi test love u {79
SMSGTE KJ7ZGF-7 06/19 03:42:29z Send another @4257537298 Hola Dora{M7262
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:41:44z Reply @4257537298 test hello{2
SMSGTE KJ7ZGF-7 06/19 03:40:47z Send another Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E7261
KJ7ZGF-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:40:47z Reply 4257537298 test hello{1
K5RFO SMSGTE 06/19 03:38:07z Reply @me test{02}
SMSGTE W4RTX-7 06/19 03:28:46z Send another SMSGTE>APY03D,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,qAR,W4RTX-10{Q7260
W4RTX-7 SMSGTE 06/19 03:28:46z Reply ?aprst{45
KM6WGS-9 SMSGTE 06/19 03:16:29z Reply @5105862233 i will be home tomorrow.cant wait to see everyone{17
KM6WGS-9 SMSGTE 06/19 03:10:16z Reply @5105863218 im ok. will be home tomo{14
SMSGTE KI6LRB-5 06/19 03:01:13z Send another @kb Yo dude!{M7259
KI6LRB-5 SMSGTE 06/19 03:00:16z Reply @kb 'sup!{F564D
SMSGTE KK6PRV-9 06/19 02:46:27z Send another @7073281796 Mason just called me he's not going to make it tonight {M7258
SMSGTE W1WTP-7 06/19 02:34:09z Send another The number myphone is invalid{E7257
W1WTP-7 SMSGTE 06/19 02:34:08z Reply @myphone Test. This is a politically correct test message{022
SMSGTE W1WTP-7 06/19 02:31:51z Send another The command does not exist{C7256
W1WTP-7 SMSGTE 06/19 02:31:51z Reply #{021
SMSGTE KC9YOD-9 06/19 02:27:20z Send another @mom Yes{M7255
KC9YOD-9 SMSGTE 06/19 02:27:02z Reply @mom can you see this?{4
SMSGTE KJ7YTQ-7 06/19 02:20:08z Send another @9496830070 are you checking in at the 9:00?{M7254
SMSGTE W1WTP-7 06/19 02:18:48z Send another The number myphone is invalid{E7253
W1WTP-7 SMSGTE 06/19 02:18:47z Reply @myphone Test. This is a politically correct test message{020
KJ7YTQ-7 SMSGTE 06/19 01:45:40z Reply @9496830070 You'd like it. Low 80s & falling fast. {08
SMSGTE N7TJH-7 06/19 01:34:23z Send another @3857227637 Chicken butt{M7252
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/19 01:34:13z Send another @5305187310 Nice eating{M7251
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/19 01:31:53z Reply @5305187310 leaving ellis crk{23
SMSGTE KJ7YTQ-7 06/19 01:29:18z Send another @9496830070 sounds like fun wish i was there{M7250
SMSGTE N7TJH-7 06/19 01:24:46z Send another @3857227637 Hello{M7248
KJ7YTQ-7 SMSGTE 06/19 01:23:07z Reply @9496830070 Camping near Mormon Lk. No cell service here!{07
N7TJH-7 SMSGTE 06/19 01:22:42z Reply @3857227637 hello{12
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/19 01:06:16z Send another @5306807585 Getting dinner{M7247
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/19 01:05:00z Reply @5306807585 heading to camp{21
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/19 01:04:45z Send another @5305187310 Hi{M7246
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/19 01:03:56z Reply @5305187310 hi {22
KI6EBU-7 SMSGTE 06/19 01:03:46z Reply @9097749322 Lifestyle disappointed in you rn{24
KI6EBU-7 SMSGTE 06/19 01:02:11z Reply @9097749322 in the heart of Big Bear. One way transmission.{23
KI6EBU-7 SMSGTE 06/19 00:54:42z Reply @9097060792 yo momma call us on big bear{21
SMSGTE KI6EBU-7 06/19 00:52:34z Send another @9093472245 Oh my good what is this{M7245
KI6EBU-7 SMSGTE 06/19 00:52:07z Reply @9093472245 This is Richard. Offgrid in Big Bear. One way message{20
SMSGTE N7TJH-7 06/19 00:26:51z Send another @8014717166 Testing{M7244
SMSGTE W7FSC-7 06/19 00:12:12z Send another @8168057794 :){M7243
W7FSC-7 SMSGTE 06/19 00:11:50z Reply @8168057794 Heading home{75
N7TJH-7 SMSGTE 06/19 00:09:09z Reply @8014717166 hello{07
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/18 23:56:23z Send another @5306807585 Hello{M7242
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/18 23:52:18z Send another @5305187310 Heading to burger hut{M7241
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/18 23:47:58z Reply @5306807585 heading to camp{20
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/18 23:41:40z Reply @5305187310 heading yo camp{19
NP4JJ SMSGTE 06/18 22:56:22z Reply @7872253114 TEST JS8CALL VIA HF 7.078MHZ
NP4JJ SMSGTE 06/18 22:26:48z Reply @7876775028 73 JOSE, JS8 TEST HF 7.078MHZ
NP4JJ SMSGTE 06/18 22:23:22z Reply @9397177335 73 CARLOS, JS8 TEST HF 7.078MHZ
SMSGTE KJ7NVA-1 06/18 22:17:27z Send another @ks9o Nice{M7240
NP4JJ SMSGTE 06/18 22:16:48z Reply @7876401968 JS8CALL TEST VIERNES{02}
M7RWA-7 SMSGTE 06/18 22:06:54z Reply @wife night night time x{002
M7RWA-7 SMSGTE 06/18 22:04:31z Reply @me testing text{001
SMSGTE M7RWA-7 06/18 21:56:25z Send another @me hello{M7239
KJ7NVA-1 SMSGTE 06/18 21:55:43z Reply @ks9o hi!{M0001
K9TQP-7 SMSGTE 06/18 21:37:57z Reply @7608322022 test#2{17
K9TQP-7 SMSGTE 06/18 21:37:51z Reply @7608322022 test{16
SMSGTE K9TQP-7 06/18 21:34:17z Send another @7608322022 test 123{M7238