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SMSGTE K1ADK-3 06/07 00:17:14z Send another @me it worked!{M6276
SMSGTE KK5CM-9 06/07 00:17:08z Send another @3372881335 Message received{M6275
K1ADK-3 SMSGTE 06/07 00:16:31z Reply @me test{8
KK5CM-9 SMSGTE 06/07 00:16:05z Reply @3372881335 TEST before tropical storm{19
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 23:53:06z Reply @5305886846 radio text not woekinf all the time{72
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 23:31:32z Send another @me 5{M6274
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 23:31:00z Send another @5305886846 Thunderstorm in Chico{M6273
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 23:30:31z Send another @me T3{M6272
SMSGTE AC0LX 06/06 23:29:32z Send another @me T2{M6271
SMSGTE AC0LX 06/06 23:28:47z Send another @me T2{M6270
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 23:26:30z Send another Message to me delivered{C6269
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 23:26:28z Reply @me? st{04
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 23:14:33z Send another @me T1{M6268
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 23:09:26z Send another @jim Test reply{M6267
SMSGTE AC0LX 06/06 23:09:25z Send another @me tst{M6266
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 23:05:40z Send another @me RCVD{M6265
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 22:59:17z Reply @jim tst{03
KJ7KSI-7 SMSGTE 06/06 22:58:55z Reply @5413010253 Hello{1
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 22:52:36z Reply @me tst{02
KG7JZH-9 SMSGTE 06/06 22:50:41z Reply @8014274727 leaving the dig site now for delta{11
SMSGTE AB0DE-7 06/06 22:36:19z Send another @ME Hi back to you{M6264
SMSGTE AE0CP-7 06/06 22:35:07z Send another @RW How is it going?{M6263
SMSGTE AE0CP-7 06/06 22:34:05z Send another @RW How is it going?{M6262
SMSGTE AE0CP-7 06/06 22:33:39z Send another @RW "AE0CP-7"{M6261
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 22:31:07z Send another @9169907298 chilly today up there?{M6260
SMSGTE N6YBH-4 06/06 22:13:37z Send another @5304096817 Ok{M6259
SMSGTE N6YBH-4 06/06 22:13:21z Send another @5304096817 Yes :){M6258
N6YBH-4 SMSGTE 06/06 22:12:44z Reply @5304096817 ow stuck at walker{07
SMSGTE KM4ACK-9 06/06 22:08:35z Send another @PJ Be careful!{M6257
SMSGTE KM4ACK-9 06/06 22:08:26z Send another @PJ Ok babe!{M6256
KM4ACK-9 SMSGTE 06/06 21:56:10z Reply @PJ starting down mountain akes hour back to town{70
SMSGTE KM6DTC 06/06 21:40:50z Send another @me Hello there{M6255
SMSGTE KM6DTC 06/06 21:40:11z Send another @me Hello there, how are you?{M6254
KM6DTC SMSGTE 06/06 21:39:47z Reply @8182615296 Test{6
KE0ZBQ-7 SMSGTE 06/06 21:35:59z Reply @janicen no cell signal{30
KE0ZBQ-7 SMSGTE 06/06 21:26:52z Reply @janicen no cell signal{29
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 21:25:34z Reply @5305886846 at buck island{71
KE0ZBQ-7 SMSGTE 06/06 21:25:10z Reply @janicen no cell signal{28
SMSGTE KE0ZBQ-7 06/06 21:23:01z Send another Your position was sent to @janicen{C6253
KE0ZBQ-7 SMSGTE 06/06 21:23:00z Reply #mapme @janicen{27
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 21:22:11z Send another This command is not available from APRS{C6252
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 21:22:11z Reply #password set qwerty{4
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 21:21:08z Send another The number 6122936145 has been associated with this callsign.{C6251
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 21:21:08z Reply #mynumber add 6122936145{3
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 21:17:35z Send another @5305886846 Good to hear!{M6250
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 21:13:40z Reply @5305886846 great {70
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 21:11:30z Reply @5305886846 ok {69
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 21:08:45z Send another @5305886846 How's it going{M6249
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 21:08:05z Reply @5305886846 hi {68
KK5CM-9 SMSGTE 06/06 21:05:23z Reply @8019160405 TAG! You're it, Sano!{18
SMSGTE KI6TMX-9 06/06 20:49:45z Send another @7752291326 She's with JD right now. She'll be back at 5:30.{M6248
SMSGTE NA4A-7 06/06 20:41:48z Send another @hunter What just sending me the email address{M6247
NA4A-7 SMSGTE 06/06 20:35:53z Reply @hunter {82
SMSGTE KK6WCG-7 06/06 20:29:36z Send another Invalid syntax. Please try again.{C6246
KK6WCG-7 SMSGTE 06/06 20:29:36z Reply #alias me 5302133334{37
SMSGTE KC5DLF 06/06 20:25:28z Send another @6619785867 Np{M6245
KJ7KSI-7 SMSGTE 06/06 20:22:27z Reply Light rain and in La Center?{2
KC5DLF-7 SMSGTE 06/06 20:20:08z Reply @6619785867 sorry got busy. Forgot to come back{03
SMSGTE KJ7KSI-7 06/06 20:17:17z Send another @3605241768 Hi KJ7KSI-7 How's the weather in Ridgefield?{M6244
KJ7KSI-7 SMSGTE 06/06 20:16:37z Reply @5413249821 Hello World{1
KJ7KSI-7 SMSGTE 06/06 20:14:10z Reply @3605241768 Hi Jay. Gordon here sending test text over ham radio.{3
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 20:08:17z Send another @6122936145 TEST1{M6243
SMSGTE KJ7KSI-7 06/06 20:02:36z Send another @5413249821 Thanks{M6241
KJ7KSI-7 SMSGTE 06/06 19:58:24z Reply @5413249821 test test{2
KJ7KSI-7 SMSGTE 06/06 19:58:23z Reply @5413249821 test test{1
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 19:51:34z Send another @6122936145 TEST3{M6240
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 19:50:24z Send another @6122936145 TEST2{M6239
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 19:49:47z Send another @6122936145 TEST1{M6238
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 19:47:49z Send another @6122936145 received{M6237
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 19:46:46z Send another Message to 6122936145 delivered{C6236
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 19:46:44z Reply @6122936145? over air test{2
KI6TMX-9 SMSGTE 06/06 19:40:42z Reply @7752291326 checking in. how is elle? -Sarah{26
KI6TMX-9 SMSGTE 06/06 19:38:01z Reply thanks{25
SMSGTE KI6TMX-9 06/06 19:36:12z Send another @dad Mom is there now{M6235
KI6TMX-9 SMSGTE 06/06 19:35:08z Reply @dad did you feed Poke?{24
VE7ODA-7 SMSGTE 06/06 19:01:58z Reply @6047675799 Hi love.From my radio. I love you{40
AA3JY SMSGTE 06/06 18:57:47z Reply @leslie Did u get the ma
AA3JY SMSGTE 06/06 18:57:45z Reply @leslie Did u get the mail?{53
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 18:54:43z Send another @5306807585 how is it going{M6234
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 18:54:34z Send another @5306807585 How is it going{M6233
AE0CP-7 SMSGTE 06/06 18:49:18z Reply @9707290711 to see my loctn go to and search for the above{3
K3EOD SMSGTE 06/06 18:44:17z Reply @7143763209 message test{01
AE0CP-7 SMSGTE 06/06 18:40:46z Reply @9707290711 to reply type "@AE0CP-7" and then reply.{2
AE0CP-7 SMSGTE 06/06 18:31:56z Reply @9707290711 Hi this is Rowen we are all good. see you tomorow.{1
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 18:13:03z Reply @5305886846 thanks {67
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 18:04:02z Send another @5305886846 High of 55. Low of 33. 40% chance of rain at 4 - 5 pm. {M6232
SMSGTE AC0LX-7 06/06 18:03:04z Send another @6122936145 MSG RCVD{M6231
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 18:02:40z Reply @5305886846 what does it say for s. lake Tahow? {66
KF4O-7 SMSGTE 06/06 18:00:51z Reply @9842093222 hi there{1
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 18:00:38z Send another @5305886846 Nice. Tell Jett that Dex and I say hi{M6230
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 17:59:58z Reply @5305886846 not bad {65
AC0LX-7 SMSGTE 06/06 17:58:57z Reply @6122936145 test smsgte{1
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 17:56:12z Send another @5305886846 Is it freezing? It's cooling down and windy here{M6229
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 17:54:43z Reply @5305886846 true sluice {64
SMSGTE PD1JHG-5 06/06 17:42:21z Send another @+31610132236 test to see if your phone bleeps upon receiving an ap{M6228
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 17:04:30z Send another @5305187310 Love u{M6227
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 16:59:34z Reply @5305886846 going -great{63
SMSGTE KO4AXL-7 06/06 16:52:38z Send another @8282283242 reply{M6226
W6JLO SMSGTE 06/06 16:52:35z Reply @5305187310 yes {62
SMSGTE W6JLO 06/06 16:52:05z Send another @5305187310 Have fun{M6225