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SK0BO-1 SM0YOS-8 09/15 10:27:31z Reply test7{aa
SM0YOS-8 SM0GBG-1 08/21 14:46:38z Send another hallo johan{43
SM0YOS-8 SM0GBG-1 08/21 08:47:07z Send another Hallo Johan, Sarso calling 73 Thomas{42
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 17:20:58z Reply ok, frieds called already on it!{48
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 17:19:09z Send another SK0BO-EL is not working on RF just one now sorry{41
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 17:16:23z Reply Thanks! is SK0BO working? can not hear anything from EL!{47
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 17:12:35z Send another ok, have a nice trip{40
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 17:05:48z Reply ok! we are planing to head south via Maelaren&Soedert. this time!{46
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 17:02:10z Send another I have a summer house here but I leave for Stockholm for a few days{39
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 16:57:44z Reply normally they like wet areas! you stay on island for while or back?{45
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 16:52:31z Send another yes and a lot off moskitos....{38
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 16:48:08z Reply was best year for the North! summer here dry&sunny?{44
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 16:45:21z Send another ok i see{37
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 16:40:37z Reply Hi! yes was quite warm this summer,swimming,berries&mountains!here?{43
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 16:37:57z Send another Hi, nice trip in the baltics/Thomas{36
SM0YOS-7 SM0YOS-8 08/12 13:44:07z Reply 6{1
SM0YOS-7 SM0YOS-8 08/12 13:42:34z Reply AA:Kan inte svara nu, kom igen senare
SM0YOS-8 SM0YOS-7 08/12 13:42:27z Send another Hello there{35
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 13:19:04z Send another Hi, you seems to had a nice trip around the baltics{34
SM0YOS-8 DL1HXB-8 08/12 13:09:20z Send another Hi, you seems to had i nice trip around the baltics{33
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/12 11:56:12z Reply Hi! we are back in the South!{41
DL1HXB-8 SM0YOS-8 08/11 19:31:45z Reply Hi! back in Stockholm waters! sailed until Haparanda!{34