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PSAT TG5ALY-15 08/08 01:39:13z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZI}
PSAT TG5ALY-15 08/08 01:35:25z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZH}
PSAT TG5ALY-15 08/08 01:28:50z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZG}
TG5ALY-15 PSAT 08/08 00:51:55z Reply Totonicapan Guatemala TG5ALY EK44{6
PSAT TG5ALY-15 08/08 00:51:17z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZF}
TG5ALY-15 PSAT 08/08 00:50:41z Reply TG5ALY German{5
TG5ALY-15 PSAT 08/08 00:49:52z Reply N 14.5451 W 91.2141{4
PSAT TG5ALY-15 08/08 00:48:44z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZE}
TG5ALY-15 PSAT 08/08 00:46:48z Reply Greetings from Guatemala TG5ALY EK44{3
TG5ALY-15 PSAT 08/08 00:46:18z Reply TG5ALY German EK44 Totonicapan Guatemala{2
PSAT TG5ALY-15 08/08 00:44:13z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZD}
TG5ALY-15 PSAT 08/08 00:41:42z Reply 73 to all TG5ALY Germán{1
M1PUP-10 PSAT 08/07 12:46:01z Reply Hi from Chud in London{1
PSAT M1PUP-10 08/07 03:52:34z Send another AOS 5h03m (0844z) SE^6{ZC}
PSAT M1PUP-10 08/07 03:45:02z Send another AOS 5h05m (0844z) SE^6{ZA}
PSAT M1PUP-10 08/07 03:37:30z Send another AOS 5h06m (0844z) SE^6{YY}
PSAT KB3KBR-1 07/30 23:38:36z Send another NNE^24 NNE^25 E LOS 6m6s{VS}LZ
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 07/30 23:38:36z Reply me{LZ}
PSAT KB2AJM-10 07/30 18:29:20z Send another AOS 13m35s W NW^25 NE 11m{VF}
KB2AJM-10 PSAT 07/30 18:29:20z Reply test{6
PSAT BLN2EUR 07/23 08:33:39z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT BLN1EUR 07/21 22:07:21z Send another AMSAT-UK Colloquium October 13-14, 2018 - Milton Keyn
PSAT BLN0USA 07/20 21:26:44z Send another AMSAT Enigma Event 2018 - [B/RTE] see
PSAT BLN1USA 07/20 21:21:54z Send another ENIGMA experiment - see
PSAT BLN2USA 07/20 21:18:43z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT KB3KBR-11 07/07 04:51:52z Send another AOS 1h16m (0608z) N^10{LD}
KB3KBR-11 PSAT 07/07 04:51:52z Reply me{85
PSAT KB3KBR-1 07/02 19:29:50z Send another AOS 7h40m (03 0310z) SE^23{JQ}TT
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 07/02 19:29:49z Reply me{TT}
PSAT KE4AZZ 06/30 04:17:29z Send another NE^13 NE LOS 2m33s{JC}1y
PSAT KE4AZZ 06/30 04:15:17z Send another NE^22 NE LOS 3m40s{JB}1y
KE4AZZ PSAT 06/30 04:15:17z Reply de ke4azz{1y}JA
PSAT KE4AZZ 06/30 04:14:57z Send another NE^27 NE LOS 4m{JA}1y
KE4AZZ PSAT 06/30 04:14:57z Reply de ke4azz{1y}