PD0RLX messages

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PD0RLX 11/12 07:57:33z Send another B{
PD0RLX PA3GEO 11/05 17:32:39z Send another 73{65
DL6WAB PD0RLX 11/03 06:15:25z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
YO3FVR-6 PD0RLX 10/15 09:52:37z Reply 73 via ISS{1
DL6AP-7 PD0RLX 10/12 15:40:32z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {3
OE5RPP PD0RLX 10/01 17:09:39z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{78
IK8XLD PD0RLX 09/29 22:04:40z Reply 73 Via International Space Stazion - Rocco IK8XLD ik8xld@gmail.com
DM8TA-9 PD0RLX 09/29 09:31:56z Reply Alex G-03
PD0RLX DM8TA-9 09/29 09:31:45z Send another 73{63
SA0BSV PD0RLX 09/28 18:08:09z Reply Greetings from Sweden
G7HCE PD0RLX 09/27 18:57:58z Reply Hi from Exeter IO80gr via ISS
IZ1JPS PD0RLX 09/26 19:50:57z Reply 73 via ISS{91
IZ5PQT PD0RLX 09/19 21:04:54z Reply 73 da Pisa JN53ER
IU2DMI PD0RLX 09/18 20:18:46z Reply ciao 73 via iss
IZ6WLW PD0RLX 09/15 21:18:30z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
F4GVO PD0RLX 09/11 04:50:48z Reply Hello my friend, you're are 599 in JN38JK
F1GBD-6 PD0RLX 09/07 06:43:03z Reply 73 from F1GBD via sat => eQSL.cc