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PD0RLX DL1HXB-9 09/23 06:52:44z Send another Gute 2 meter Repeater in Gent auf 145700 !!
DL1HXB-9 PD0RLX 09/21 13:42:12z Reply Hello!{J
DL1HXB-9 PD0RLX 09/21 13:32:27z Reply Hello!{I
OK2IPW PD0RLX 08/22 10:24:42z Reply 73{91
CT1EBQ PD0RLX 08/22 07:07:13z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo {EBQ18
EA4GII-9 PD0RLX 08/20 07:06:18z Reply 73{0
CT1EBQ PD0RLX 08/20 07:04:35z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo {EBQ44
CT1EBQ PD0RLX 08/20 07:04:28z Reply 73, QSL ask ct1ebq@oitaven.pt {EBQ44
EC4TR PD0RLX 08/19 11:04:40z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{92
G4CKS PD0RLX 08/17 12:41:05z Reply QSL in IO91vl, QSL ?
CT1EBQ PD0RLX 08/17 07:50:07z Reply CQ via ISS QSL? 73 de Ricardo {EBQ44}
CT1EBQ PD0RLX 08/17 07:50:01z Reply 73, QSL ask ct1ebq@oitaven.pt {EBQ44}
EB2CDU PD0RLX 08/12 17:32:09z Reply qsl 59 from im67hg Huelva{5
2E0HDV PD0RLX 08/12 11:48:01z Reply
M0HHF PD0RLX 08/12 11:47:57z Reply nice to meet you via ISS fm Clive m0hhf clivem0hhf@gmail.co [UISS]{00
EB2CDU PD0RLX 08/12 11:45:45z Reply qsl 59 from im67hg Huelva{96
IW7DOL PD0RLX 08/12 10:11:25z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
CT1EBQ PD0RLX 08/10 11:45:59z Reply Heard you via Sat, 73 de Ricardo{49
SV3SMG-2 PD0RLX 08/09 15:51:41z Reply 73 from kalamata Greece{66
HB9EYZ PD0RLX 08/09 15:49:26z Reply QSL and 73 from JN37VL via ISS
YO8RBY-6 PD0RLX 08/08 13:28:16z Reply hello{41
M0OEG PD0RLX 08/04 14:53:48z Reply hello from uk via iss{0
IW7DOL PD0RLX 08/03 12:30:47z Reply 73 QSL?
IK3RIQ PD0RLX 07/27 21:11:37z Reply 73 QSL