PC1L-2 messages

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YO8RBY PC1L-2 01/25 16:33:48z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
ISS PC1L-2 01/25 16:33:13z Reply SSE^41 SSE^41 ENE LOS 5m24s{RE}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/25 16:30:15z Send another PC1L JO20UU{92
ISS PC1L-2 01/25 16:29:28z Reply SSW^33 SSE^41 ENE LOS 6m12s{RD}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/25 16:29:27z Send another PC1L{91
PC1L-2 CT1EBQ 01/25 16:29:24z Send another 1796 KM JO20UU{89
PC1L-2 G4DCQ-2 01/24 17:19:10z Send another 73 PC1L{83
PC1L-2 DL0FHA 01/24 17:17:41z Send another 73 PC1L JO20UU 23,6 KM{81
PC1L-2 CT1EBQ 01/24 17:15:34z Send another {78
PC1L-2 CT1EBQ 01/24 17:14:36z Send another 73 PC1L JO20UU{75
ISS PC1L-2 01/23 19:48:53z Reply E^11 E LOS 2m17s{PU}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/23 19:46:16z Send another {74
PC1L-2 SY2DCI 01/23 19:45:12z Send another 73 PC1L{70
PC1L-2 SP8ETM 01/23 19:44:37z Send another {67
ISS PC1L-2 01/23 19:44:35z Reply E^31 E LOS 3m58s{PT}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/23 19:44:35z Send another PC1L JO20UU{68
PC1L-2 SP8ETM 01/23 19:44:12z Send another 73 PC1L{66
PC1L-2 DJ1NI 01/23 19:44:09z Send another {65
PC1L-2 DJ1NI 01/23 19:43:52z Send another 73 PC1L{64
PC1L-2 M3EAV 01/23 19:42:26z Send another 73 PC1L JO20UU{62
EB2CDU PC1L-2 01/23 19:41:33z Reply QSL FROM IN93AG ROGER?
PC1L-2 EB2CDU 01/23 19:39:51z Send another 1023 KM JO20UU{59
ISS PC1L-2 01/23 18:06:21z Reply SSE^74 ENE LOS 5m23s{PS}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/23 18:06:20z Send another PC1L JO20UU{55
PC1L-2 NA1SS 01/23 18:03:52z Send another TEST 1{52
ISS PC1L-2 01/23 18:02:26z Reply Please Beacon Position{PR}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/23 18:02:26z Send another PC1L JO20UU{49
ISS PC1L-2 01/22 20:34:32z Reply E^48 E LOS 4m37s{BV}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/22 20:31:59z Send another PC1L JO20UU{47
ISS PC1L-2 01/22 20:30:47z Reply Please Beacon Position{BU}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/22 20:30:47z Send another TEST 1{46
PC1L-2 EC5W 01/22 20:28:36z Send another 1483 KM JO20UU{43
PC1L-2 EC5W 01/22 20:28:03z Send another 73 PC1L{42
PC1L-2 EA1CQP 01/22 20:27:56z Send another 1313 KM JO20UU{41
PC1L-2 LA4FPA 01/21 18:06:50z Send another 1050 KM JO20UU{33
PC1L-2 LA4FPA 01/21 18:06:11z Send another 73 PC1L{32
PC1L-2 SQ5GVY 01/21 18:05:44z Send another 1076 KM JO20UU{30
SQ5GVY PC1L-2 01/21 18:05:03z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
PC1L-2 SQ5GVY 01/21 18:04:40z Send another 1076 KM JO20UU{28
ISS PC1L-2 01/21 18:02:59z Reply Please Beacon Position{AZ}
PC1L-2 ISS 01/21 18:02:59z Send another PC1L JO20UU{25
PC1L-2 EA4GMY 01/21 18:02:24z Send another 73 PC1L JO20UU{24
IT9BOF PC1L-2 01/20 18:56:03z Reply tnx for the contact
PC1L-2 ISS 01/20 18:55:06z Send another PC1L JO20UU{23
PC1L-2 IT9BOF 01/20 18:54:53z Send another 1624 KM JO20UU{22
PC1L-2 IT9BOF 01/20 18:54:44z Send another 73 PC1L{21
DJ1NI PC1L-2 01/20 18:54:14z Reply 599 in JO32XG QSL
ISS PC1L-2 01/20 18:53:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{SP}
PC1L-2 EA8CHC 01/20 18:53:37z Send another {19
PC1L-2 EA8CHC 01/20 18:53:12z Send another 1769 KM JO20UU{18
IT9AOI-7 PC1L-2 01/20 18:52:17z Reply qsl excange?
PC1L-2 EA1JN 01/20 18:51:56z Send another 1403 KM JO20UU{15
PC1L-2 EA1JN 01/20 18:51:39z Send another 73 PC1L MAASTRICHT{14
EA8CHC-5 PC1L-2 01/20 18:50:47z Reply 73 from IM67WI{1
PC1L-2 ISS 01/20 18:50:40z Send another TEST{13
PC1L-2 ISS 01/20 18:49:50z Send another PC1L JO20UU{12
PD1JHG-7 PC1L-2 01/10 09:53:17z Reply Qsl maastricht! Haalo van de goede kant v zuid limburg{2
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 14:50:42z Reply Please Beacon Position{IR}
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 14:46:50z Reply Please Beacon Position{IQ}
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 14:40:38z Reply Please Beacon Position{IP}
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 14:36:28z Reply Please Beacon Position{IO}
PC1L-2 YO2DNO 12/10 12:20:20z Send another {05
PC1L-2 YO2DNO 12/10 12:19:55z Send another 73 PC1L{04
EA2Z PC1L-2 12/10 12:19:35z Reply 59 My locator IN91MP Pse k
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 12:19:16z Send another PC1L JO20UU{03
PC1L-2 YO2DNO 12/10 12:18:41z Send another 73 PC1L{02
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 12:17:16z Send another PC1L JO20UU{01
PC1L-2 NA1SS 12/10 12:17:07z Send another {00
PC1L-2 NA1SS 12/10 12:16:43z Send another suc6 with schoolcontact today{99
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 10:51:49z Reply Please Beacon Position{IN}
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 10:47:11z Reply Please Beacon Position{IM}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 10:43:25z Send another {96
ISS PC1L-2 12/10 10:43:15z Reply Please Beacon Position{IL}
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 10:43:09z Send another PC1L JO20UU{95
DO2ZZ PC1L-2 12/10 10:41:52z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS, 73
PC1L-2 IZ1POV 12/10 10:41:35z Send another 73 PC1L{91
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 10:41:00z Send another {90
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 10:40:21z Send another PC1L JO20UU{89
PC1L-2 NA1SS 12/10 10:40:18z Send another {88
PC1L-2 NA1SS 12/10 10:40:01z Send another suc6 with schoolcontacts today{87
PC1L-2 ISS 12/10 10:39:21z Send another PC1L JO20UU{86
PC1L-2 NA1SS 12/10 10:38:39z Send another Suc6 with school contact today{85