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OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 14:02:22z Send another 73{11
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:59:41z Reply 73 Peter{IL}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:59:23z Send another Yes we do{10
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:54:58z Reply We stay at home.{IJ}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:54:29z Reply Same at this end{II}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:53:37z Send another Sun 8c{09
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:51:48z Send another No China-virus{08
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:49:19z Reply UFB{IH}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:48:21z Send another Hope same for you{07
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:47:59z Reply Be well{IG}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:45:14z Send another Fine tnx{06
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:44:15z Send another GA Demetre{05
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:41:25z Reply How RU?{IF}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:40:22z Send another GA Demetre{04
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/22 13:38:54z Send another [AA] QRL, 73{00
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 03/22 13:37:23z Reply Hi Peter{IE}
SV1WE-10 OZ1PMX 03/18 08:59:35z Reply 73 !!!!{HA}
IZ7NTO-10 OZ1PMX 03/15 17:31:21z Reply ?APRST
OZ1PMX SP9MLI-2 03/05 12:30:35z Send another 73 de Peter{03
SA7SKY-3 OZ1PMX 03/03 16:07:26z Reply Hi Peter, nice to see you on 80m. 73 de Helge{II}
OZ1PMX SV1WE-10 03/01 09:08:15z Send another GM 73{02
OZ1PMX SV1WE-10 03/01 09:04:33z Send another GM 73{00
SV1WE-10 OZ1PMX 03/01 08:06:32z Reply 73 !!!{FX}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 02/24 10:46:11z Reply GM. we have snow here{ZY}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 02/23 12:41:44z Send another GA{00
OZ1PMX F4ACU-1 02/23 11:36:50z Send another Directs(1)= EI5HBB-10 F4ACU-1 HB9ZF-10 IR2UFV-5