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ON7XX EMAIL-2 : 03/30 14:05:47z Send another AN.ALLEWAERT@GMAIL.COM TEST APRS{05}
EMAIL-2 ON7XX 03/03 18:25:11z Reply Email sent to jan.allewaert@gmail.com{TS}GC
ON7XX EMAIL-2 03/03 18:25:10z Send another jan.allewaert@gmail.com gaat het nog?{GC}
EMAIL-2 ON7XX 03/03 18:11:14z Reply Email sent to redzabu@telenet.be{TR}FD
ON7XX EMAIL-2 03/03 18:11:14z Send another redzabu@telenet.be Versturen gaat nu prima via aprs.{FD}TQ
EMAIL-2 ON7XX 03/03 18:08:31z Reply Email sent to jan.allewaert@gmail.com{TQ}FC
ON7XX EMAIL-2 03/03 18:08:31z Send another jan.allewaert@gmail.com VERSTUURD VANBIJ OMA SDW.{FC}TP
EMAIL-2 ON7XX 03/03 18:03:52z Reply No email address found!{TP}FB
ON7XX EMAIL-2 03/03 18:03:52z Send another xssqccC{FB}TO
EMAIL-2 ON7XX 03/03 18:03:35z Reply Invalid Request!{TO}FA
ON7XX EMAIL-2 03/03 18:03:34z Send another hello,goed ontvangen.{FA}TN
EMAIL-2 ON7XX 03/03 18:02:55z Reply Email sent to jan.allewaert@gmail.com{TN}EZ
ON7XX EMAIL-2 03/03 18:02:54z Send another jan.allewaert@gmail.com dit is een test met aprs3{EZ}
ON7XX-7 ON7XX 03/01 22:12:44z Reply mijn aprs bericht{1
EMAIL ON7XX 02/28 17:09:38z Reply Email sent to jan.allewaert@gmail.com{446
ON7XX EMAIL 02/28 17:08:38z Send another jan.allewaert@gmail.com APRS{2
ON7XX ON7XX 02/27 21:27:36z Send another findu werkt
ON7XX-4 ON7XX 02/26 12:08:51z Reply Goed om weten.{2
ON7XX-4 ON7XX 02/26 12:08:51z Reply kben nog thuis. aprs test.{1
ON7XX-4 ON7XX 02/26 12:08:22z Reply bericht bis{3
TA5AHO-4 ON7XX 02/21 06:41:58z Reply Greetings From TURKEY Have nice day 73 via Aprs yaesu ft1-xde rf{4656
ON7EQ-10 ON7XX 02/18 17:10:36z Reply No status text available.
ON7XX ON7EQ-10 02/18 17:10:35z Send another ?APRSS