ON4BN messages

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ON4BN ON7KEI-9 04/20 11:49:55z Send another Hello via Space from Jurgen ON4BN JO21qb on4bn@jubeco.be
IT9FTP ON4BN 04/18 11:56:08z Reply Happy HamRadio Day!!!
PC1L-2 ON4BN 04/18 11:55:27z Reply Hallo Jurgen{46
IZ1JPS ON4BN 04/17 21:00:08z Reply 73 via NO-84{60
SV2CPH-1 ON4BN 04/10 10:41:13z Reply 73{73
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN 04/05 20:43:38z Reply 73{83
ON4BN SAT 04/01 09:59:07z Send another Hello All. 73's de ON4BN - JO21qb
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN 03/19 21:44:53z Reply Ok{80
ON4BN SAT 03/19 21:31:22z Send another Hello All.
ON4BN SAT 03/19 21:29:30z Send another QSL and 73's via Buro (NOL) or ON4BN@jubeco.be
IZ1JPS ON4BN 03/17 09:18:46z Reply 73 via NO-84{75
PSAT ON4BN 03/09 11:55:33z Reply Please Beacon Position{HJ}
ON4BN SAT 03/04 13:51:37z Send another 73's to all via SAT - ON4BN Jurgen - on4bn@jubeco.be
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 02/26 14:16:53z Send another Hello All. ON4BN - JO21QB
ON4BN BLNQSL2/2 02/25 23:52:16z Send another ON4CJK-2,PI1SHB
ON4BN BLNQSL1/2 02/25 23:52:14z Send another DB0PBG-5,PI1BDG,ON0RCL-2,ON0AIM,ON0LN-10,ON0LRG-2,DH3PAE-6,
ON4BN RS0ISS 02/22 12:52:05z Send another Hi from Belgium ON4BN{18
ON4BN G8RZZ-9 02/22 09:40:35z Send another hi{13
G7HCE-7 ON4BN 02/21 12:05:20z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr QSL!{1
G7HCE-7 ON4BN 02/21 12:05:03z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr QSL!{0
SV2CPH-1 ON4BN 02/20 14:28:38z Reply 73{68
ON4BN RS0ISS 02/19 13:53:08z Send another hi{9
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 02/19 12:17:17z Send another i{7
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 02/19 10:37:47z Send another hi{6