NE7EE-5 messages

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WX4LTG-7 NE7EE-5 06/16 00:26:14z Reply AA:ACK!
NE7EE-5 WX4LTG-7 06/16 00:25:59z Send another Good Luck and lots of lightning! {3
WX4LTG-7 NE7EE-5 06/10 18:59:56z Reply Ping from Flagstaff!{8
WX4LTG-7 NE7EE-5 06/08 16:40:43z Reply ping{7
WX4LTG-7 NE7EE-5 06/08 02:51:37z Reply Ping!{6
WX4LTG-7 NE7EE-5 06/07 18:56:15z Reply Ping{2
NE7EE-5 WX4LTG-7 06/07 18:42:32z Send another Test 456{2
NE7EE-5 WX4LTG-7 06/07 18:37:43z Send another Test message 123{1
WX4LTG-7 NE7EE-5 06/07 16:55:01z Reply Ping!{5