NA9VY-14 messages

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NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-9 11/11 17:48:12z Send another have you on radar. Runway 2 north clear for landing.
KB9PFM-9 NA9VY-14 11/11 17:33:38z Reply headen YOur way{96
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-9 11/11 17:24:35z Send another hi{8
KB9PFM-15 na9vy-14 11/07 11:32:05z Reply morning chris{05}
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-15 11/07 11:10:54z Send another morning{7
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-15 11/03 18:40:23z Send another u heading 2 ricks?{6
NA9VY-14 NA9VY-1 11/03 16:23:37z Send another ?APRS?
KB9PFM-15 na9vy-14 11/02 11:00:07z Reply morning chris{04}
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-15 10/18 12:47:18z Send another who's life back in the mine?{4
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-5 10/15 18:54:42z Send another chilly up here!{3
KB9PFM-5 NA9VY-14 10/15 14:02:49z Reply yep wont b long{0q}
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-5 10/08 15:46:10z Send another how was TAG?{1
KB9PFM-5 NA9VY-14 10/04 17:42:29z Reply yep wont b long{0q}Z
KB9PFM-5 NA9VY-14 10/04 17:22:32z Reply if u rember throw the tapes u found on board i ll bring that{0r}Z
KB9PFM-5 NA9VY-14 10/04 16:42:28z Reply morning chris{0p}Z
KB9PFM-5 NA9VY-14 10/04 16:36:36z Reply ok thanks wish u were here{0u}Z
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-5 10/04 15:50:34z Send another have a good TAG!{Z
KB9PFM-15 NA9VY-14 09/28 19:55:52z Reply if u rember throw the tapes u found on board i ll bring that{0r}Y
KB9PFM-15 NA9VY-14 09/28 19:31:40z Reply yep wont b long{0q}Y
KB9PFM-15 NA9VY-14 09/28 19:22:09z Reply morning chris{0p}Y
KB9PFM-15 NA9VY-14 09/28 11:00:04z Reply camcorder{0s}Y
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-15 09/28 10:57:14z Send another you about ready to head south?{Y
KB9PFM-15 NA9VY-14 09/28 10:56:03z Reply morning chris{0p}X
NA9VY-14 KB9PFM-15 09/25 11:05:46z Send another morning{X
KB9PFM-15 NA9VY-14 09/22 10:57:37z Reply morning chris{0o}