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N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 06/24 15:06:39z Reply rolling...{3
N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 06/18 15:27:30z Reply Boo you!!{1
NA1CN-2 N1MIE-4 06/18 13:29:10z Send another boo who{J
N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 06/18 13:22:18z Reply Boo!{0
NA1CN-2 N1MIE-4 05/28 21:28:38z Send another shopping with Amy{I
NA1CN-2 N1MIE-4 05/25 11:49:18z Send another i see You{H
N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 05/21 12:21:26z Reply indeed!{82
N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 05/21 11:32:53z Reply me 2{78
N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 05/21 11:28:41z Reply twice for a 0, C to move on so you can reuse a button{77
NA1CN-2 N1MIE-4 05/21 11:26:23z Send another a zero far out{E
NA1CN-2 N1MIE-4 05/21 11:18:12z Send another usally{B
N1MIE-4 NA1CN-2 05/21 11:16:57z Reply is bludog in front or back of pack?{76