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NA1CN NA1CN-7 04/17 18:05:56z Send another hel-loThere{1
W1GTT NA1CN 04/15 00:05:20z Reply Received{43
WXBOT NA1CN 04/14 23:19:42z Reply ight Rain 50% Low 35F{EA
WXBOT NA1CN 04/14 23:19:37z Reply 2 Miles SSW Norwich CT. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Chance L{DZ
WXBOT NA1CN 04/14 23:19:29z Reply ight Rain 50% Low 35F{DY
WXBOT NA1CN 04/14 23:19:24z Reply 2 Miles SSW Norwich CT. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Chance L{DX
NA1CN WXBOT 04/14 23:19:14z Send another Weather please{05
NA1CN W1GTT 04/14 23:13:26z Send another test message running WinXP on UIView{04
NA1CN W1OEM-4 04/14 23:09:39z Send another Old computer running WinXP{03
NA1CN W1OEM-4 04/14 23:06:13z Send another Checking to see if you got this message.{02
NA1CN NA1CN-2 04/14 22:54:23z Send another test message{00
NA1CN WXBOT 03/28 15:22:14z Send another weather request{10
NA1CN WXBOT 03/27 17:12:42z Send another {09
WXBOT NA1CN 03/26 23:51:18z Reply 2 Miles SSW Norwich CT. Tonight,Clear Low 22F{AA
NA1CN WXBOT 03/26 23:51:08z Send another weather request{08
W1GTT NA1CN 03/26 14:22:46z Reply Webpage to use to see if it's working.{42
W1GTT NA1CN 03/26 14:21:47z Reply{41
W1OEM NA1CN 03/20 13:03:15z Reply only see you via internet{20
NA1CN W1GTT 03/19 18:44:23z Send another should be up again, at least for a minute.{04
W1GTT NA1CN 03/19 18:29:35z Reply {39
W1GTT NA1CN 03/19 18:29:13z Reply off again{40
W1GTT NA1CN 03/19 13:30:07z Reply Looking good.{38
NA1CN W1GTT 03/18 23:09:49z Send another going upstairs, will keep an eye on it.{03
NA1CN W1GTT 03/18 23:08:57z Send another installed in the C-uiview folder now{02
NA1CN W1GTT 03/18 23:08:05z Send another i am back to hearing stations again{01
W1GTT NA1CN 03/18 19:53:42z Reply Got it working??{37