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NA1CN N1MIE-4 07/20 18:10:00z Send another he he, you said weiner!{AU}
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 07/20 18:01:32z Reply volume down{11
NA1CN N1MIE-4 07/20 18:01:02z Send another 730!{AT}
NA1CN N1MIE-4 07/20 18:00:51z Send another I see you slinking down the highway but you did not answer me on+{AS}
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 07/13 16:20:20z Reply rolling...vacation!{10
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 07/07 18:52:53z Reply send another msg{9
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 07/07 18:51:04z Reply
NA1CN N1MIE-4 07/07 17:58:46z Send another Here is a test of the Chuck Broadcasting system.{OE}
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 07/07 17:44:59z Reply Got your msg...{8
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/30 23:23:12z Reply pizza time{6
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/29 20:54:11z Reply homeward bound{5
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/19 16:28:31z Reply Rolling...{2
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/16 15:17:05z Reply flying out of Providence{99
NA1CN N1MIE-4 06/16 15:01:24z Send another Pre-check registration for what? Flying out of Groton?{DQ}
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/16 14:35:59z Reply off to pre-check registration{98
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/15 22:42:56z Reply :P{97
N1MIE-4 NA1CN 06/13 22:20:58z Reply Ha!{96