N9XJN-5 messages

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N9XJN-5 KA9I-7 11/17 14:12:52z Send another TEST{UX}
N9XJN-5 KA9I-7 11/17 14:09:08z Send another TESTUX}
N9XJN-5 KA9I-7 11/09 23:59:45z Send another JUST A QUICK TEST{HX}
KE8YNU-5 N9XJN-5 11/07 01:48:11z Reply good evening. just testing this out{1
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 21:11:43z Reply Show south of Earlville about 3 miles right now.{AK}IJ
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:31:08z Reply True{AJ}IJ
N9XJN-5 9WRZ 10/29 20:30:55z Send another ok thank you 73 {II}AB
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:29:43z Send another yes we are not far from each other {IJ}AI
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:28:17z Reply Yes, that could be. I'm EN51 as well.{AI}IH
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:26:15z Send another on my screen shows en51 location {IH}AH
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:25:33z Send another possable it was n9xjn- 15 i put that aprs ap on my phone {IG}AH
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:24:55z Reply fix it up???{AH}IF
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:24:54z Reply transmit. Should as "Move your location here?" select yes, might+{AG}IF
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:24:53z Reply May be able to find your location on the map, click it then hit+{AF}IF
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:24:12z Reply way. I got messed up on QTH location before and frustrating.{AE}IF
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:24:10z Reply Strange it shows you in the East Coast at times, with a line that+{AD}IF
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:23:51z Send another software {IF}AC
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:23:49z Send another i have been updating this radio and antenna ... and playing in the+{IE}AC
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:22:43z Reply appears.{AC}IC
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:22:42z Send another yes and wolf as a driver {ID}AB
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:22:41z Reply All looks good right now, tho. Will drop a note when issues+{AB}IC
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:22:05z Reply You using APRS-IS32?{AA}IC
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:21:33z Send another thanks i will update you {IC}ZZ
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:20:58z Send another bunch i will sort this out {IB}ZZ
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:20:57z Send another into the config file and see what i have nutted up agian thanks a+{IA}ZZ
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:20:56z Send another ok i know it in the software postion is not right .. i will look+{HZ}ZZ
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:18:47z Reply the Boston area in MA as well. I'll drop a note. Good luck. {ZZ}HY
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:18:46z Reply Will do Joe. Brad here. Regularly, there is a line from you to+{ZY}HY
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:17:48z Send another ..looking like beacon settings are suspect{HY}ZT
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:17:46z Send another the base station please will you let me know if it continues+{HX}ZT
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 20:17:45z Send another howdy btw my name is joe i have been working on the software on+{HW}ZT
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:13:15z Reply was by Mendota, then back to Plainfield. Moved back and forth.{ZT}HV
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 20:13:14z Reply Hi there. Your location shows some strange places. At 10:00 a.m.+{ZS}HV
N9XJN-15 N9XJN-5 10/29 19:04:12z Reply T{3
N9XJN-5 KA9WRZ 10/29 16:25:55z Send another yup{HV}ZR
KA9WRZ N9XJN-5 10/29 15:03:45z Reply Knock-Knock--You around??{ZR}
N9XJN-15 N9XJN-5 10/28 01:32:02z Reply Yy{2
N9XJN-15 N9XJN-5 10/28 01:32:02z Reply T{1
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:56:41z Reply ?APRSP
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:54:01z Reply 73 de Pat{ZX}
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:52:44z Reply Odd problem, like 2 stations using same call & SID{ZW}
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:49:23z Reply FALSE.{ZV}
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:49:22z Reply APDW16 = originated by DireWolf; that is DireWolf 1.6's tocall+{ZU}
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:48:23z Reply APWW11 = originated by APRSISCE/32 okay position{ZT}
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:46:02z Reply Your N9XJN-5 sending two positions, one false apparently.{ZS}
N9XJN-5 KA9RES 10/26 16:39:59z Send another 0 Objects Queued
N9XJN-5 KA9RES 10/26 16:39:58z Send another 0 Objects Transmitted
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:39:57z Reply ?APRSO
N9XJN-5 KA9RES 10/26 16:39:31z Send another 2020/05/01 21:21: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 1.5/0.3%
N9XJN-5 KA9RES 10/26 16:39:29z Send another 2020/05/01 21:21: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 0.0/0.3%
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:39:29z Reply ?ver
N9XJN-5 KA9RES 10/26 16:38:35z Send another Support[2/2]:?APRST/?PING? ?ABOUT/?APRSV/?VER ?CPU ?DX ?IGATE
N9XJN-5 KA9RES 10/26 16:38:35z Send another Support[1/2]: ?APRSD ?APRSL ?APRSH ?APRSM ?APRSO ?APRSP ?APRSS
KA9RES N9XJN-5 10/26 16:38:34z Reply ?
N9XJN-5 W9IZ-15 10/23 13:52:00z Send another thank you{MV}
N9XJN-5 KD9YMR 10/15 15:44:09z Send another hi{LB}
N9XJN-5 W9AZ-1 10/15 01:07:05z Send another testing{LA}
N9XJN-5 W9AZ-1 10/14 00:26:17z Send another .{WN}
N9XJN-5 W9AZ-1 10/11 16:09:23z Send another better signal now tnx joe{WS}
N9XJN-5 W8AXP-15 10/11 16:05:09z Send another am i sending a specal message if so let me know joe{WU}
N9XJN-5 N9XJN-5 10/11 14:44:10z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
N9XJN-5 N9XJN-5 10/11 14:44:10z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,10,-1280,0,1,0
N9XJN-5 N9XJN-5 10/11 14:44:10z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,mA,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
N9XJN-5 N9XJN-5 10/11 14:44:10z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,Current,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
N9XJN-5 W9AZ 10/11 13:13:46z Send another much better signal thank you 73 Joe {WR}