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KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/20 10:01:23z Reply gm Matt{27
K9VSO N9NMH 05/20 09:27:12z Reply Hi Matt, 36f @ 0425. 0.22" in the guage{56
N9NMH K9LUK 05/19 12:12:21z Send another GM Lucky! Welcome back!{74
N9NMH K9VSO 05/19 12:10:42z Send another GM Jim!{73
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/19 12:08:27z Send another GM Joe!{72
K9VSO N9NMH 05/18 11:21:55z Reply Hi Matt, 40f @ 6am, dumped 0.24" from the guage.{55
N9NMH K9VSO 05/18 11:08:16z Send another GM Jim! Slept in a bit now to work again! {71
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/18 11:07:51z Send another GM Joe!{70
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/18 10:49:27z Reply gm Matt{21
K9VSO N9NMH 05/17 10:18:32z Reply Hi Matt, 50f and I dumped 0.55" from the guage.{47
K9VSO N9NMH 05/16 09:59:44z Reply Hi Matt, its 53f here. {39
K9VSO N9NMH 05/15 11:02:10z Reply GM, now 43{38
N9NMH K9VSO 05/15 10:59:59z Send another GM Jim!{68
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/15 10:31:25z Reply gm matt{15
K9VSO N9NMH 05/15 10:08:44z Reply Hi Matt, 44f at 5am{37
N9NMH K9VSO 05/14 10:23:43z Send another GM Jim! 45 here this AM! Little better!{63
N9NMH K9LUK 05/14 10:21:55z Send another YEp, not as eaely as some days! LOL!{66
K9VSO N9NMH 05/14 10:21:19z Reply WOW, a heat wave !{29
K9LUK N9NMH 05/14 10:19:17z Reply gm Matt your up early{30
N9NMH K9LUK 05/14 10:17:09z Send another GM Lucky!{64
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/14 10:16:22z Send another GM Joe!{65
K9VSO N9NMH 05/14 10:05:50z Reply Hi Matt, 37f at 5am..{16
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/13 11:43:48z Reply only 57{91
K9VSO N9NMH 05/13 11:07:26z Reply Hope ur MOMS all had a good day{05
N9NMH K9VSO 05/13 11:05:35z Send another LOL!{62
N9NMH K9LUK 05/13 11:01:20z Send another GM Lucky!{61
N9NMH K9VSO 05/13 10:58:48z Send another GM Jim! 35 here this AM!{60
K9VSO N9NMH 05/13 10:57:53z Reply Temp is still 29f rite here. No snow or rain.{04
K9VSO N9NMH 05/13 10:56:10z Reply Nice to see ya up & at 'em @ the crack of NOON :-){03
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/13 10:55:03z Send another GM Joe! {59
K9VSO N9NMH 05/13 09:56:29z Reply Hi Matt, 29f at 5am, no rain or snow{02
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/13 09:51:25z Reply gm Matt{90
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/12 12:10:32z Send another GM Joe! Happy Mother's Day to Arvilla!{58
N9NMH K9VSO 05/12 12:09:19z Send another GM Jim! 41 here on today! {55
N9NMH K9LUK 05/12 12:07:30z Send another GM Lucky!!{56
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/12 12:06:39z Send another GM Joe! Happy Mother's Day to Arvilla!{57
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/12 10:18:14z Reply gm Matt{85
K9VSO N9NMH 05/11 11:29:02z Reply I am on 3.549 with wa0kzl, join us.{99
N9NMH K9VSO 05/11 11:21:55z Send another RR! needs to warm up a bit!{54
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/11 11:06:47z Send another GM Joe!{51
K9VSO N9NMH 05/11 11:04:51z Reply Now a blistering 39f{98
N9NMH K9VSO 05/11 11:04:19z Send another GM Jim! 38 here this AM, Brrr!!{52
N9NMH K9LUK 05/11 11:03:47z Send another GM Lucky!{53
K9VSO N9NMH 05/11 10:28:14z Reply Hi Matt, 37f @ 4am, brrr. No snow{96
K9LUK N9NMH 05/11 10:05:56z Reply gm Matt{22
N9NMH K9LUKcmd: 05/11 10:05:27z Send another :ack22
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/10 22:30:22z Send another WELCOM BACK!!{50
K9VSO N9NMH 05/10 11:08:11z Reply Hi Matt, 32f @ 6am, no snow{92
K9VSO N9NMH 05/09 09:35:23z Reply Hi Matt, 47f @ 0430 Thur.{89
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/09 09:26:16z Reply gm Matt{83
N9NMH KC9LFH-9 05/09 01:32:47z Send another On 135.{49
K9VSO N9NMH 05/08 12:00:05z Reply before ur pushin up the daisies :-){87
N9NMH K9VSO 05/08 11:58:05z Send another You Bet!!! get tot check in tohe BWN also!!{48
K9VSO N9NMH 05/08 11:51:13z Reply Thats ok, enjoy the coffee & smell the roses{86
K9VSO N9NMH 05/08 11:46:31z Reply Thats ok, enjoy the coffee & smell thecmd: roses{86
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/08 11:38:22z Send another GM Joe! Rain coming, could be up to 2 or 2.5 in.{47
N9NMH K9LUK 05/08 11:37:52z Send another GM Lucky!{46
N9NMH K9VSO 05/08 11:37:45z Send another GM Jim! another late start to the day!!{45
K9LUK N9NMH 05/08 10:46:12z Reply gm Matt cmd:drive safe{16
K9LUK N9NMH 05/08 10:46:10z Reply gm Matt drive safe{16
K9VSO N9NMH 05/08 09:57:02z Reply Hi Matt, 37f @ 0449 May 8{82
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/08 09:44:53z Reply gm Matt{78
N9NMH K9VSO 05/07 12:03:29z Send another Yes, it is! 73!{44
K9VSO N9NMH 05/07 11:52:41z Reply Nice to catch a few extra zzz's{81
N9NMH K9VSO 05/07 11:52:31z Send another WHY , Yes I did! work starting later today!! :-){43
K9VSO N9NMH 05/07 11:51:58z Reply U sleep in? I hv ben up since 4am{80
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/07 11:48:14z Send another GM Joe! No early morning today!!{41
N9NMH K9VSO 05/07 11:46:02z Send another GM Jim! No early morning today!!{40
N9NMH K9LUK 05/07 11:45:47z Send another GM Lucky! No early morning today!!{42
K9VSO N9NMH 05/07 11:14:25z Reply Hi M., 40f @ 0614, 0.09" in the guage.{79
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/07 09:47:11z Reply gm Matt{75
K9VSO N9NMH 05/06 11:05:08z Reply Hi Matt, We hit 81f, ystdy. 0.21" in the guage{74
K9LUK N9NMH 05/06 09:52:38z Reply gm Matt{11
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/06 09:47:07z Reply gm Matt{72
K9LUK N9NMH 05/05 10:06:43z Reply GM mATT{02
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/05 09:42:06z Reply gm Matt{69
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:13:07z Reply 73{71
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:12:34z Reply Last concert I went to our gkids sang :-)){70
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 12:11:19z Send another WE HOPE SO! have a good day! 73!{39
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 12:10:20z Send another DARIUS RUCKER (From Hooty and the Blow Fish){38
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:09:51z Reply That shud be a GOOD one :-){69
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 12:09:11z Send another GArth Brooks and Derious Rucker{37
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:08:00z Reply What concert is in MN ?{68
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 12:06:47z Send another Me Too! just not a fishermen!{36
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:06:05z Reply I like to EAT fish :-)) >--<>{67
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:05:49z Reply better day to go fishing :-){66
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 12:05:29z Send another Yes! if you like to Fish!{35
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 12:05:21z Send another Good day to go to MN for a concert!!!!{34
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 12:01:29z Reply Gooday for the Ky derby :-){65
N9NMH K9LUK 05/04 12:00:19z Send another GM Lucky!{33
N9NMH K9VSO 05/04 11:59:28z Send another GM Jim! 44 and Sunny this Mornng! :-){32
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/04 11:58:39z Send another GM Joe!{31
K9LUK N9NMH 05/04 11:48:39z Reply GM mATT{01
K9VSO N9NMH 05/04 09:56:30z Reply Hi Matt, 35f @ 0452. 1st mow, ystdy.{63
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/04 09:42:32z Reply gm Matt{66
KG9B-8 N9NMH 05/03 22:54:11z Reply enjoy the weekend Matt{65
N9NMH KG9B-8 05/03 22:53:29z Send another GE Joe! TGIF!!! another long week almost 60 hours.{30
N9NMH K9LUK 05/03 22:53:08z Send another GE Lucky! Back home for the day! Minn. tomorrow, personal stuff!{29
N9NMH K9LUK 05/03 22:52:22z Send another GE Mac! Back home for thje day! Minn. tomorrow, Personal stuff!{28
K9VSO N9NMH 05/03 10:01:00z Reply Hi Matt, 37f & 0.03" in the guage{56