N8OCJ-9 messages

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SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 02/01 17:10:12z Reply @N8OCJ surviving the snow?{M5295
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/22 16:23:24z Reply Your position was sent to 6147361315{C4641
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/22 16:23:23z Send another #mapme 6147361315{07
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/22 16:17:58z Send another #mapme @sonya{06
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/22 16:17:11z Reply Your position was sent to @sonya{C4640
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/15 22:15:59z Reply @N8OCJ received your message.{R4268
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/15 22:15:58z Send another ?aprsm
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/15 22:06:44z Send another #list{05
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/15 22:06:43z Reply The command list does not exist{C4267
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/15 21:45:08z Send another @sonya on my way{04
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/15 02:45:02z Reply @N8OCJ received your message.{M4212
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/14 15:50:48z Reply The alias sonya can now be used instead of 6143643001{C4183
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/14 15:50:47z Send another #alias add sonya 6143643001{03
SMSGTE N8OCJ-9 01/14 15:45:14z Reply The number 6147361315 has been associated with this callsign.{C4182
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/14 15:45:14z Send another #mynumber add 6147361315{02
N8OCJ-9 SMSGTE 01/14 15:41:30z Send another @6147361315 test text message{01