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N8ZSA N8NOE-15 01/12 14:15:00z Reply You moving?{UA}PK
N8NOE-15 N8ZSA 01/12 13:53:24z Send another dan will be vagas 21st, me in reno 22nd{PK}TZ
N8NOE-15 N8ZSA 01/12 13:46:50z Send another and others{PJ}TZ
N8NOE-15 N8ZSA 01/12 13:45:35z Send another I'll leave house about 9pm. Pavilion at shortys, dan, joe, nick+{PI}TZ
N8ZSA N8NOE-15 01/12 13:40:57z Reply Not sure what my whole day has planned I will keep it in mind{TZ}PH
N8NOE-15 N8ZSA 01/12 13:38:58z Send another Hey. Metting a bunch out later if you able for Cigar..{PH}TY
N8ZSA N8NOE-15 01/12 12:20:59z Reply Quack{TY}
N1MHV N8NOE-15 01/12 01:43:41z Reply QRZ?{FF}
N8ZSA N8NOE-15 01/10 17:19:29z Reply Quack{SZ}
N8NOE-15 ALL 01/10 16:47:32z Send another ?APRS?
KB1EJH N8NOE-15 01/02 22:42:27z Reply no problem, thanks for updating.{US}EG
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:40:16z Send another QSL, Thanks For Heads UP!..{EG}UR
KB1EJH N8NOE-15 01/02 22:38:00z Reply direct is working fine to fm28, tnx.{UR}UV
KB1EJH N8NOE-15 01/02 22:24:08z Reply my beacon path been blank and it works fine.{UQ}UV
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:21:40z Send another I'll get on it.{UV}UP
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:21:05z Send another BLANK? Nothing. I'd think I had to have Wide anyway, CONFIRM and+{UU}UP
KB1EJH N8NOE-15 01/02 22:10:21z Reply interference on hf @300b.{UP}UT
KB1EJH N8NOE-15 01/02 22:10:12z Reply blank, we don't digipeat fixed stations on RPR, no need to cause+{UO}UT
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:02:57z Send another FYI: Icon is for Backbone DXcluster node running here.{UT}UN
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:02:29z Send another and loose most afternoon and AM.{US}UN
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:02:12z Send another Put it to WIDE, but shoudl it be APRS,WIDE1-1? Low Profile here+{UR}UN
N8NOE-15 KB1EJH 01/02 22:01:44z Send another I Will have to Check, Was trying to get RMS woring today to. Just+{UQ}UN
KB1EJH N8NOE-15 01/02 20:42:40z Reply Why is your path wide wide?{UN}
EMAIL-2 N8NOE-15 01/02 20:29:20z Reply Email sent to N8NOE@ARRL.NET{O2}UP
N8NOE-15 EMAIL-2 01/02 20:29:20z Send another N8NOE@ARRL.NET Testing APRSIS de RPN{UP}
K7MT-8 N8NOE-15 11/25 21:23:47z Reply GA FROM BILL IN HELENA, MT{CN}