N8DMH-10 messages

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N8DMH-10 WA4HEI 03/30 22:57:07z Send another Greetings{ZL}
N8DMH-10 WA4HEI 03/30 22:56:17z Send another Greetings{ZX}
N8DMH-10 WA4HEI-1 03/29 13:26:41z Send another Greetings from the Pinkie!{ZK}
N8DMH-10 KE8RDV-5 03/26 00:28:29z Send another Got it this time!{HM}
N8DMH-10 N8DMH 03/26 00:28:17z Send another Got it this time!{HL}
N8DMH-10 BLN1 03/24 12:36:23z Send another Low Power Repeater 444.350 PL 107.2/DMR/Fusion
N8DMH-10 N8DMH-6 03/23 22:46:08z Send another Test{HK}
N8DMH-10 N8DMH-6 03/23 21:18:04z Send another test{HJ}
N8DMH-6 N8DMH-10 03/23 21:16:06z Reply test{D
N8DMH-6 N8DMH-10 03/23 21:07:52z Reply test{C
N8DMH-6 N8DMH-10 03/23 21:07:05z Reply test{B
N8DMH-10 N8DMH-6 03/23 21:06:42z Send another test{HI}
W8CCE-10 N8DMH-10 03/23 11:49:52z Reply test{SH}
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:27:00z Send another cool beans. later!{HH}EB
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:22:54z Reply Catch on the waves later {EB}CD
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:22:08z Reply True dat{EA}CA
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:21:17z Send another More users makes it more fun.{HG}E6
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:21:12z Send another Ah, cool. Well, Pete has a digipeater on his tower in mancelona.+{HF}E6
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:19:22z Reply I’ve had it for a long time haven’t used it in probably five years {E6}B7
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:17:34z Send another Some of the GMRS guys are getting their ham tickets too.{HD}E1
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:17:34z Send another Same here. {HC}E1
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:17:34z Send another For sure. I'm sending you messsages over RF right now if you+{HA}E0
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:17:34z Send another Yes he does. He has a repeater in TC on the harris tower on 600+{GY}DF
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:17:20z Send another I agree. What brought you to APRS?{HE}E3
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:16:39z Reply Great news{E3}B1
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:14:43z Reply I can hear both those towers{E1}A1
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:14:36z Send another haven't noticed.{HB}E0
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:13:55z Reply Oh wow interesting {E0}A0
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:13:19z Send another and he has the 700 repeater in south boardman.{GZ}DF
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:12:20z Reply Does Brad Mellberg have it too I think I heard him the other day{DF}92
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:12:06z Send another There is a repeater in south boardman now I believe.{GX}DE
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:11:21z Send another I do, WRKU998. Rarely use it.{GW}DD
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:11:11z Reply I just heard activity on 700{DE}90
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:10:40z Reply Do you have a gmrs permit {DD}8F
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:10:17z Send another 144.390 is going crazy at the moment.{GV}DC
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:09:26z Reply Gotcha {DC}82
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:08:53z Send another being difficult at the moment.{GU}DA
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:08:47z Send another Well, I'm not working on the antenna problem. The WiresX node is+{GT}DA
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:07:29z Reply Are they going to get a climber to work on it{DA}7D
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:06:46z Send another the 442.5.. Needs more work.{GS}D9
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:06:41z Send another I threw out my call for a test and still didn't hear anything over+{GR}D9
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:05:54z Reply Gotcha {D9}6F
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:05:25z Send another Not sure. Windows did updates and broke things over here.{GQ}D8
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:05:02z Reply Mine is working isn’t it{D8}61
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 14:04:29z Send another WiresX isn't working over here.{GP}CB
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:01:12z Reply Sunny{C3}2B
N8JNA N8DMH-10 03/20 14:00:53z Reply Not to much here just got off of west Michigan connect with W8ffg and n8nbu{C2}2A
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 13:59:24z Send another what's up in K town?{GO}
N8DMH-10 N8JNA 03/20 13:59:10z Send another Not much man. What'{GN}