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KB7UVC N7YGE-7 11/24 21:28:15z Reply Missed you going hunting this afternoon{02
KB7UVC N7YGE-7 11/24 20:48:01z Reply Heading to Belfair right now. Safeway?\{01
N7YGE-7 KB7UVC 11/09 19:38:50z Send another TheT a boy. {40
KB7UVC N7YGE-7 11/09 19:33:43z Reply Its beer time to celebrate{02
KB7UVC N7YGE-7 11/09 19:33:13z Reply Finshed harvesting, now clean them up{01
N7YGE-7 KB7UVC 11/09 19:14:51z Send another Keep wofking those bees.{39
N7YGE-7 EMAIL 10/24 16:18:03z Send another gl@hctc.com On our way.{38
EMAIL N7YGE-7 10/24 16:17:12z Reply Email sent to gl@hctc.com{835
N7YGE-7 KB7UVC 10/13 17:50:58z Send another hello from the BOLT.{37
N7YGE-7 KD7UXT 10/13 17:49:57z Send another kd7uxt hello from the BOLT.{36
N7YGE-7 KD7UXT 10/13 17:48:55z Send another kd7uxt hello from the BOLT.36
KK7PW-9 N7YGE-7 10/10 23:54:43z Reply Hello, Any copy? 73 from SeattleSent via FTM-400 WNLNK & VARac{42