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N7YGE AC7VA-9 12/06 16:37:01z Send another You are a long ways from home Gary.{05
N7YGE AC7VA-9 12/06 16:14:44z Send another You passed the bakeryand did not stop.{04
N7YGE AC7VA-9 12/06 15:59:19z Send another On the road again just me and my friends.{03
N7YGE AC7VA-9 12/06 15:54:20z Send another Glad to see you are out and about.{02
N7YGE AC7VA-9 12/06 15:49:52z Send another Looks like you are on the road today.{01
N7YGE KD7UXT 11/13 19:06:14z Send another No luck{02
N7YGE KD7UXT 11/13 12:58:49z Send another No go looks like{01
N7YGE KD7UXT 11/13 00:50:38z Send another Test{70
EMAIL-2 N7YGE 10/23 15:43:49z Reply Email sent to n7yge@hctc.com{949
N7YGE EMAIL-2 10/23 15:43:49z Send another n7yge@hctc.com Testing{71
N7YGE KD7UXT 10/11 14:15:32z Send another Go message{02
N7YGE KD7UXT 10/11 03:18:35z Send another test{01
N7YGE KD7UXT 10/11 02:17:17z Send another Glad you made it to EWA{70