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N7TAU-3 K7KCA-3 06/11 17:51:43z Send another Awesome. Thanks{1m}2b
K7KCA-3 N7TAU-3 06/11 17:50:26z Reply Looks good here.{2b}1k
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/11 06:24:28z Send another so you measured SWR again on the BS450XL6-B?{1l}
N7TAU-3 K7KCA-3 06/11 04:36:52z Send another restarted pi.seems to be working now{1k}
N7TAU-3 K7KCA-3 06/11 04:35:49z Send another test test been having trouble{1j}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/11 01:06:54z Send another test test today not working?{1i}23
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/10 17:50:44z Send another So you measured the SWR on the BS450XL6-B again?{1h}23
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/09 22:39:21z Send another fo=to{1f}23
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 06/09 22:39:16z Reply OK{23}1e
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/09 22:38:51z Send another fo find the sweet spot.{1e}22
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/09 22:38:38z Send another DRAWS mgr and turned up digital gain.BOOM, worked.May need testing{1d}22
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 06/09 22:37:21z Reply looks good{22}1c
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/09 22:37:00z Send another test test 15:31 190609{1c}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 06/09 22:36:50z Send another test test 15:19 190609{1a}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 17:54:45z Send another Might try JNBBS on NET21, but afraid of Wayne telling me something{1Y}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 17:54:38z Send another Also connected to JNBBS on NET-16, but couldn't read freq list.{1X}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 17:54:35z Send another Changed deviation with DRAWS mgr, THEN connected to N7NIX-10 RMS!{1W}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 17:54:21z Send another I don't understand.{1Z}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:12:07z Send another But I am not RMS gateway.{1U}1x
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:11:49z Send another mUST E AN ax25 SETTIING THAT i SCREWED UP.{1T}1w
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 01:11:28z Reply I do the same but I am an RMS gateway{1x}1T
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:10:35z Send another Hmmmm.Wayne sez I tx N7TAU-10 when trying to connect JNBBS 220NET21{1S}1w
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 01:08:55z Reply Not coming from me. Looks like n7nip-10{1w}1R
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:08:12z Send another That is particial of sets of 5 tx from you to here.{1R}1v
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:07:29z Send another getting:>Look i$GPRMn,0101 2.00,y,4758o45615uN,121r9,387,W0,etc,etc{1Q}1v
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 01:05:05z Reply Look in manuals or copy what the values are at sta41{1v}1P
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:03:17z Send another Could you be transmitting GPS positions here?{1P}1t
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 01:02:29z Send another I'm trying to set TM-V71 and Alinco,Wayne said Alinco dev too low.{1O}1t
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 01:01:32z Reply Look i$GPRMn,0101 2.00,y,4758o45615uN,121r9.387 ,W,0.r88,,2a0519,d,A*66i
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 01:01:19z Reply What radio are you using?{1u}1N
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 01:01:07z Reply Look in your radio manual for p-p or rms volts required.{1t}1N
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 00:59:36z Send another I can set ouput gain there?WOW!Any suggestions for my settings?{1N}1s
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 00:52:53z Reply Use draws manager in browser: url=localhost:8080{1s}1M
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 00:51:28z Send another I see where can generate a tone,but not sure what to do with it.{1M}1r
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 00:50:54z Send another Been reading github.Pls tell where calc the output signal is.{1L}1r
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 00:50:15z Reply Progress. If you are usiing draws you can calc the output signal{1q}1K
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 00:49:56z Reply required
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 00:49:53z Reply required{1r}1K
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 00:49:00z Reply $GPRMa,0049c0.00,k,4758146898KN,121}9.3521,W,0.p18,,2
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 00:48:16z Send another OOPPS!Sorry just caught mistake.Erased msg history.Pls send last ag{1K}1p
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/26 00:39:49z Reply Progress. If you are using draws you can calc the output required{1p}1J
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/26 00:38:22z Send another Hey!Just increased deviation (mic sens to H) and connected n7nix-10{1J}1f
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 20:05:55z Send another Yes,using Appliance.Not hitting JNBBS or N7Nix-10 (2M) from here.{1I}1f
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 19:47:21z Send another NET-16 N7NIX-10 RMS from Sta 42.Did not try RMS on NET-21 here yet.{1H}1f
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:40:34z Reply Sounds like things are working. Are you using 'The Appliance'{1f}1G
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:39:45z Reply Wich RMS Gateway did you use for WL2K{1e}1G
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:39:44z Reply Wich RMS Gateway did you use for WL2K{1e}1F
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 19:39:28z Send another Here at home was able to access NET-21 and connect JNBBS.{1G}1d
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 19:38:30z Send another Friom STA42 could access JNBBS and WL@K.{1F}1d
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 19:37:46z Send another Didn't mean to use NET-16 for APRS.Shit happens.{1E}1b
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:37:37z Reply All your msgs just got ACKed{1d}1D
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 19:37:18z Send another Yes.At station 42 I made the mistake.But I went back to APRS and tr{1D}1b
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:36:13z Reply I saw a msg from N7TAU-3 semt on NET-16 in packet spy. Please use{1a}1C
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:35:56z Reply You are not ACKing any of my messages{1c}1C
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:35:51z Reply APRS frequency.{1b}1C
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 19:35:20z Reply Why are you using NET-16 for APRS??{1Z}1C
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/21 19:27:40z Send another Sent aprs msg to you from station 42.No ack. Copy?{1C}
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/21 18:30:17z Reply Why are you using NET-16 for APRS??{1Z}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/20 03:44:35z Send another I'm not seeing NET-19 K7KCA-10? on the new list.{19}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/14 20:35:29z Send another HUH, Radio went into trx mode. Interesting.{18}1Y
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/14 20:34:13z Reply I did NOT see any packets on 2M NET-16{1Y}17
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/14 20:33:07z Send another OK. Back to APRS. No joy on BBS.{17}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/12 22:24:57z Send another k. tnx{16}1X
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/12 22:24:35z Reply Yes I copy you fine{1X}15
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/12 22:24:07z Send another test test copy?{15}
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 05/12 04:35:47z Reply :ack14}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 05/12 04:33:08z Send another Test Test GO SHARKS!!!!!{14}
K7KCA-3 N7TAU-3 04/29 17:41:52z Reply Test was good. 4/29 10:41{2j}12
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/26 23:44:25z Send another test test see u tomorrow{13}
N7TAU-3 K7KCA-3 04/26 14:59:07z Send another test test from Monte{12}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/26 03:32:51z Send another test test{11}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/25 20:24:52z Send another I think my flakey APRA track is due to very poor antenna.{10}
N7TAU-3 N7TAU-2 04/19 18:34:03z Send another got it got it{0z}3
N7TAU-3 N7TAU-2 04/19 17:16:12z Send another got it from Linktn{0y}3
N7TAU-2 N7TAU-3 04/19 17:13:35z Reply trying to get responses{3
N7TAU-3 N7TAU-2 04/19 17:08:39z Send another got it from Linktn{0y}2
N7TAU-2 N7TAU-3 04/19 17:07:31z Reply Got your message{2
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/19 16:23:40z Send another Morning!Tnx fr "Verifying CORE..."I want to work through it soon.{0x}1$GPRMO,1623
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/19 16:19:45z Send another Morning!Tnx fr "Verifying CORE..."I want to work through it soon.{0x}1O
N7TAU-3 K9QJS 04/19 04:01:57z Send another No.That's very old. Wonder were that mesg was hiding.{0w}
N7TAU-3 N7TAU-15 04/18 22:24:08z Send another OK. This works on iPhone. Just remember ssid.{0v}AA
N7TAU-15 N7TAU-3 04/18 22:23:04z Reply Got reply to iPhone from someone {AA}8A
N7TAU-3 N7TAU-2 04/18 21:27:20z Send another Got your message{0u}1
N7TAU-2 N7TAU-3 04/18 21:25:08z Reply sent from droid{1
N7TAU-3 WA7FUS 04/18 19:18:38z Send another Got msg.What software are you using?{0t}
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:25:24z Send another interesting{0s}1O
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 04/18 17:22:05z Reply Looked on aprs.fi, he is using yaac{1O}0r
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 04/18 17:19:00z Reply Not sure why he is not using correct SSID.{1L}0r
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:17:44z Send another Hoop msg says "(Sent to:N7TAU) Monte - 1..." like using Winlink or?{0r}1K
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 04/18 17:16:13z Reply Sent to you via email{1K}0q
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:16:04z Send another batt #?{0q}1J
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:13:47z Send another Please $GPRMt,1713e6.00,l,4758l45322 N,121m9.905e,W,0. 22,,1b0419,a,A*6Et
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:13:31z Send another Please tell me battery # for DRAWS so I can get one tomorrow.{0p}1J
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:13:24z Send another Please tell me battery # for DRAWS so I can get one tomorrow.{0p}1I
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 04/18 17:13:20z Reply I see QJS aprs house icon on map{1J}0o
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:12:59z Send another No antenna.I will eventually get one so I can go portable.{0o}1I
N7NIX-3 N7TAU-3 04/18 17:12:15z Reply Do you have the GPS antenna installed?{1I}0n
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:12:07z Send another But not anxious to do so.{0n}1H
N7TAU-3 N7NIX-3 04/18 17:11:39z Send another Guess for me "if aint broke..." I can prolly install new image.{0m}1H
N7TAU-3 NNIX-3 : 04/18 17:09:49z Send another ck1H}0l