N7FMH-15 messages

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N7FMH-15 VE2AIU 12/07 22:38:26z Send another Howdy!{FF}
N7FMH-15 KI7SOX 12/05 17:22:57z Send another Greetings!
N7FMH-15 KI7SOX 12/05 17:22:55z Send another Greetings!{FE}
N7FMH-15 KC6VVT 11/13 01:45:45z Send another Oh well, trip is done. Kids are now in VT.{WG}
N7FMH-15 KC6VVT 11/13 01:45:20z Send another Son in laws parents place. But was supposed to head to mine.{WF}
N7FMH-15 KC6VVT 11/13 01:44:44z Send another I thought we were headed to VT.{WE}
N7FMH-15 KC6VVT 11/13 01:44:18z Send another West of our place there is little cell coverage.{WD}
N7FMH-15 KC6VVT 11/13 01:42:44z Send another Back home. Finally!{WC}
KJ4ERJ-AP N7FMH-15 11/05 21:03:07z Reply Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!{CW}
N7FMH-15 VE3EFQ 11/05 15:09:34z Send another ?APRSP
N7FMH-15 NT1I-7 10/09 21:41:26z Send another Howdy!{MU}