N7DUD-9 messages

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KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 05/13 23:13:15z Reply beautiful day! have a good one{0s}
N7DUD-9 KL3RR-2 04/14 03:59:55z Send another u 2{19
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 04/14 03:59:05z Reply have a nice evening!{0Y}18
N7DUD-9 KL3RR-2 04/14 03:53:52z Send another hola{18
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 04/14 03:46:58z Reply arrow jpole -> diamond x50{0X}
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 04/14 03:46:37z Reply hello from my new antenna!{0W}