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TA5AHO-4 N7DUD-9 03/16 23:14:58z Reply Hi Mr WILLIAM from TURKEY{7899
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 02/13 06:41:13z Reply hello, good evening!{0E}09
KL7AA-15 N7DUD-9 02/13 05:08:05z Reply Thanks{ZX}
KL7AA-15 N7DUD-9 02/13 05:07:59z Reply Your login time is 2007L{ZW}
N7DUD-9 KL7AA-15 02/13 05:07:08z Send another sure{10
KL7AA-15 N7DUD-9 02/13 05:05:44z Reply Can I check you into the net?{ZV}
N7DUD-9 KL3RR-2 02/13 04:43:59z Send another HELLO{09
KL7AA-15 N7DUD-9 02/13 04:10:35z Reply You gonna check in to the net tonight?{ZT}
TA5AHO-4 N7DUD-9 02/11 01:10:11z Reply Greetings From TURKEY Have nice day 73 via Aprs yaesu ft1-xde rf{2622
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 02/07 03:40:09z Reply Good luck tonight-I'm free after 8pm, so likely not make this one.{04}
KL7AA-15 N7DUD-9 01/30 05:16:42z Reply Can I check you in to the net?{DX}