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WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:29:20z Reply w 28{EN
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:29:15z Reply Grayson KY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Lo{EM
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:28:19z Reply w 28{EL
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:28:14z Reply Grayson KY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Lo{EK
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:27:13z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Low 28{EJ
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:26:20z Reply w 28{EI
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:26:15z Reply Grayson KY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Lo{EH
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:25:17z Reply w 28{EG
WXBOT N4PWH 03/22 22:25:12z Reply Grayson KY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Lo{EF
N4PWH WXBOT 03/22 22:25:10z Send another 41143{0
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/22 22:09:43z Send another Good to know! I'll add your echo link node to my favorites
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/22 04:19:48z Reply Have 74 running 24/7. Have AllStar 48269 and Echolink runng 44134 {0
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/20 04:01:55z Reply glad to hear!{0
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/20 00:43:31z Reply Working good! {1
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/20 00:38:38z Reply Working good! {0
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 15:56:39z Reply 73 {0
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 05:38:21z Reply ok {5
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/19 04:10:17z Send another try again pls{6
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/19 04:07:34z Send another AA:73 de N4PWH
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 04:07:27z Reply seeing if you autoreply.{4
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 03:58:32z Reply ok! 73{3
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/19 03:55:36z Send another look on FB i posteda pic{5
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 03:55:27z Reply get txt with grid?{2
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 03:52:27z Reply Manual,unfortunetly.{1
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/19 03:52:08z Send another I think it worked{4
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 03:50:11z Reply Helo Chris! -Jerry{0
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/19 03:49:30z Send another was that auto?{3
W8KDG-6 N4PWH 03/19 03:46:20z Reply AA:73 de W8KDG - EN91
N4PWH W8KDG-6 03/19 03:42:01z Send another Hi this Chris from facebook{2
N4PWH N4PWH-1 03/19 02:09:26z Send another hi{1
N4PWH-1 N4PWH 03/19 02:08:44z Reply Hello
KI4PKX N4PWH 03/19 02:03:33z Reply Test your call
KI4PKX N4PWH 03/19 02:00:56z Reply Test121234
N4PWH N4PWH-7 03/19 01:54:05z Send another yep{0
N4PWH-7 N4PWH 03/19 01:53:43z Reply Test
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 13:26:15z Send another @8598064616 test{1
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 13:07:47z Send another @6143819188 Check this! Sent from my HT via APRS{0
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 11:33:47z Send another hi{0
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 11:31:04z Reply @8599485707 Hello{M7865
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 11:30:37z Reply @8599485707 Hello{M7864
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 04:43:14z Send another nite{6
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 04:42:45z Reply @8599485707 Goodnight{M7863
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 04:20:02z Reply @8599485707 Test 2{M7862
N4PWH EMAIL 03/18 03:51:22z Send another n4pwh.ar@gmail.com hi test{5
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 03:42:19z Send another yes{4
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 03:41:37z Reply @8599485707 ????{M7848
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 03:41:21z Reply @8599485707 Pretty cool!{M7847
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 03:40:16z Reply @8599485707 Awesome{M7846
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 03:39:52z Send another @8599485707 test{3
SMSGTE N4PWH 03/18 03:39:12z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit smsgte.wix.com/smsgte for help.{E7845
N4PWH SMSGTE 03/18 03:39:12z Send another 8599485707 test{2
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 03:14:27z Reply 6 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 20%.{VF
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 03:14:22z Reply y cloudy, with a low around 29. Calm wind becoming northwest around{VE
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 03:14:17z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,A slight chance of rain before midnight. Mostl{VD
N4PWH WXBOT 03/18 03:14:10z Send another n4pwh full{1
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 03:02:56z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,Mostly Cloudy Low 29{VC
N4PWH WXBOT 03/18 03:02:54z Send another N4PWH{0
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 03:01:56z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,Slight Chance Rain 20% Low 29{VB
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 03:00:55z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,Mostly Cloudy Low 29{VA
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 02:59:59z Reply 9{UZ
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 02:59:54z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,Slight Chance Rain then Mostly Cloudy 20% Low 2{UY
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 02:58:59z Reply 9{UX
WXBOT N4PWH 03/18 02:58:54z Reply Grayson KY. Tonight,Slight Chance Rain then Mostly Cloudy 20% Low 2{UW
N4PWH-5 N4PWH 03/07 21:14:42z Reply Hi
N4PWH N4PWH-5 03/07 21:14:20z Send another hj{2
N4PWH N4PWH-5 03/07 21:13:19z Send another cm{3
N4PWH-5 N4PWH 03/07 21:12:26z Reply Tygg
N4PWH-5 N4PWH 03/07 21:11:34z Reply Ye {00003
N4PWH N4PWH-5 03/07 21:10:13z Send another yes{1
N4PWH-5 N4PWH 03/07 21:09:33z Reply Test1{00002
N4PWH N4PWH-5 03/07 20:52:40z Send another test{0
N4PWH-10 N4PWH 03/07 20:51:14z Reply Trst
N4PWH N4PWH 03/07 20:47:02z Send another Test{00001
N4PWH W2GNR 02/11 17:34:50z Send another ha{0
W2GNR N4PWH 02/11 17:34:19z Reply got it{0
N4PWH W2GNR 02/09 19:22:12z Send another 63tg{0
W2GNR N4PWH 02/09 19:21:46z Reply 609{0
N4PWH KM4BJZ 01/17 02:05:52z Send another You`re welcome. 73{0