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WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 08/06 23:13:02z Reply back in wyoming!{1
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/30 17:31:22z Reply don't forget to get some potatoes :-){1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/27 20:36:52z Reply ah well thats where it showed don't get radioactive at Atomic City {1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/27 20:24:50z Send another Noodle{4710D
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/27 20:24:11z Send another Nope{74DD8
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/27 20:19:57z Reply went to chick-fil-a eh? :-){1
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/25 19:17:27z Reply round-n-round he goes where he stops noone knows :-){1
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/23 22:13:47z Reply on the road again :-){1
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/19 16:50:52z Reply plse phone home no emergency{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/18 21:59:38z Reply ok just got upstairs{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/18 21:59:00z Send another On radio till camping{5F3B6
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/13 20:51:26z Reply temp any cooler up there? :-){1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/12 21:10:17z Reply ok you've been all over supper here{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/12 21:07:54z Send another Up at old ghost town{4B139
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/12 18:00:03z Reply just seeing these two posts from last night{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/12 00:29:58z Send another Anywhere else in the area{C5AA2
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/12 00:29:49z Send another Here for the next few days. Internet only at campground. No cell{635CF
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/09 17:10:43z Reply just got back from shul going to lie down{1
N4MDU-9 W6ZAR-7 07/09 16:03:51z Send another Hello received your test{03DE6
N4MDU-9 W6ZAR-7 07/09 03:43:19z Send another Hello received your test{58C6B
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/08 22:03:54z Send another Won't be back for a bit.{EE58E
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/08 21:56:05z Reply going down 4 supper phone home{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/08 21:11:06z Send another On radio again{F0E21
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/08 19:57:28z Reply looks like u r back on the air? phone home{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/08 19:43:11z Reply phone home{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/08 19:22:11z Reply check now 1522 EDT{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/08 18:53:02z Reply shortly will let you know when to call in{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/08 18:52:34z Send another Let me know if I need to get on internet thanks{DEAC2
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/08 18:19:04z Reply map shows you but not connected 2 anyone{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/08 18:18:01z Reply okie dokie{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/08 18:17:37z Send another On radio now{3A863
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/08 17:12:21z Reply aprs.fi shows you last heard 14h 15m{1
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/08 17:10:21z Reply test test test{1
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/07 22:56:11z Reply get some pix of your campsite{1
W6ZAR-7 N4MDU-9 07/05 19:24:41z Reply hello test{07
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/05 13:29:07z Reply good morning{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/05 00:48:06z Reply on my end coming to me on 2m instead of direct internet{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/05 00:47:42z Reply you're connected to GOODMN on the map on my end {1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/05 00:46:48z Send another Yes it's going over cell network{21174
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/05 00:45:38z Reply happy 4th{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/05 00:45:04z Reply interesting your replies are coming to me on RFlocally{1
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/05 00:39:28z Reply yes I see you connected to GOODMN{1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/05 00:39:10z Send another We happen to have signal here{30DFA
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/05 00:38:26z Send another Yeah{8CC48
WA4ZLW-5 N4MDU-9 07/05 00:38:18z Reply back in business :-){1
N4MDU-9 WA4ZLW-5 07/05 00:37:57z Send another Yes got this{8A100
WA4ZLW-5 n4mdu-9 07/05 00:37:02z Reply take 3 i think i got this working again see u on the move leon{1