N4GMF-5 messages

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KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:21:43z Reply Philip in Jackson, TN{3
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:21:43z Send another Test #1{66
KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:21:20z Reply Maybe it works now!!!{2
KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:14:02z Reply Philip in Jackson, TN{12
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:14:02z Send another hello internet {65
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:13:24z Send another hello back{64
KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:13:06z Reply hello
KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:11:54z Reply Philip in Jackson, TN{11
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:11:54z Send another 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0{63
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:11:22z Send another test 9:11{62
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:10:48z Send another test 9:10{61
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:09:53z Send another Test 9:09{60
N4GMF-5 N4GMW-10 02/18 03:09:31z Send another test{59
N4GMF-5 N4GMW-10 02/18 03:09:07z Send another test{58
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:06:29z Send another test from N4GMF{57
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-3 02/18 03:06:00z Send another Test{56
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:05:39z Send another Test from N4Gmf{55
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-4 02/18 03:04:44z Send another Test to -4 from N4GMF{54
KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:03:55z Reply Philip in Jackson, TN{9
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-11 02/18 03:03:55z Send another Test to -11 from N4GMF{53
KG4NVN-11 N4GMF-5 02/18 03:02:11z Reply Philip in Jackson, TN{7
N4GMF-5 KG4NVN-4 02/18 03:02:10z Send another N4GMF Test{52